Stuart STR4 Rotator Driver Unit

Code: STR4
  • Variable speed rotator
  • Simple analogue two knob operation
  • Adaptable for tubes and containers

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The Stuart STR4 Rotator by Cole Parmer is a rotator drive unit that can be used with five separate drums to mix different sizes and types of vessels. Each drum provides a different mixing action; the maximum permittable load is 3kg. Speed is adjustable between 6 to 60 rpm, and the analogue timer can be set to allow operation between 10 to 60 minutes, or the user can choose to run rotations continually. The driver must be ordered with at least one drum.

Technical Specification

  • Maximum load of 3kg
  • Rotation speed 6 to 60rpm
  • Dimensions w x d x h  650 x 250 x 250mm
  • Net weight 6.4kg
  • Electrical Supply 230V, 50Hz, 50W
  • IP Rating 31

Order Information

51600-06 STR4 Rotator driver unit, size W 650 x  D 250 x H 250mm, weight 6.4kg.  IP Rating 31. Power 230 volts, 50hz, 50 watts. stock code
51600-04 As above but 220v, 60hz
51600-02 As Above but 120v 60hz


51600-95 STR4/1 Drum to hold test tube clip plates
Designed to rotate test-tubes in an end-over-end movement. A square metal drum can have four different clip plates for varying tubes sizes, as detailed below. Up to four plates can be mounted on the drum. Easy fitting via a push-button mechanism.

STR 4/1

51600-91 STR1/1 Clip plates for 12 x 12mm tubes (per pair)
51600-92 STR1/2 Clip plates for 10 x 16mm tubes (per pair)
51600-93 STR1/3 Clip plates for 8 x 19mm tubes (per pair)
51600-94 STR1/4 Clip plates for 7 x 24mm tubes (per pair)

51600-96 STR4/2 Drum with two platforms to hold flasks or bottles
Drum accepts 2 x 250ml conical flasks or reagent bottles for end over end mixing. Held in place by a collar that fits around the flask’s neck or bottle and is secured by two washers.

51600-97 STR4/3 Drum, figure 8 mixing

STR 4/3
STR 4/3

Drum holds the vessel at a 45º angle, so it is rolled and turned end over end simultaneously, giving a vigorous figure of 8 mixing actions. A sturdy Velcro strap retains the sample container. Accepts most containers, including reagent bottles, powder jars and paint tins up to 200mm in length and 120mm diameter.

51600-98 STR4/4 Drum with four-segment cradles holding up to four bottles
The drum consists of a four-segment Perspex cradle. Each segment is fitted with a fully adjustable Velcro strap to hold bottles and other containers up to 120mm in diameter and 300mm in length.

51600-99 STR4/5 Drum with four-segment cradles and four tube racks
Designed to rotate test-tubes in an end-over-end movement. Comprises a square metal drum that can accommodate a choice of plates fitted with tube clips. Up to four plates can be mounted on the drum. Easy fitting via a push-button mechanism. SW2/1 Spare rack for 60 x 1.5ml tubes.

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