Stuart SSM5 Microtitre Plate Shaker

Code: SSM5
  • Digital selection of speed & time using the control knob
  • High speed, small orbiting action
  • Capacity four microtitre plates

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The Stuart SSM5 Microtitre Plate Shaker is designed for use with well plates and microcentrifuge tubes. High speed combined with a tiny orbit creates the vibrational shaking action required for mixing small volumes. Speed range is 250 to 1,250 rpm set in 10rpm increments.

The adjustable digital timer automatically stops after the set time (1 to 9999 minutes, 1 second to 90 minutes or 1 minute to 9 hours) or set for continuous operation. All settings are controlled using the bright digital LED display.

For samples requiring controlled temperature or humidity conditions, the SSM5 small footprint is ideal for placement inside CO2 incubators.

The SSM5 mixes four plates simultaneously and has a platform of 220x 220 mm; minimal bench space is used. Plates are held via the nonslip mat and platform lip, and optional microcentrifuge tubes holders are available in sizes 1.5ml, 0.5ml and 0.2ml; two tube holders can be used simultaneously.

Technical Specification

  • Platform dimensions (w x l) 220 x 220 mm
  • Number of plate positions 4
  • Speed range 250 to 1250 rpm
  • Orbit diameter, mm 1.5
  • Maximum load of 1kg
  • Operational temperature range +4 to +40°C
  • Maximum permissible humidity 80%
  • Dimensions, (w x d x h) 240 x 300 x 160mm
  • Net weight 5kg
  • Electrical supply 230V, 50Hz,
  • IP rating 31

Order Information

51707-06 SSM5 mini microtitre shaker, 230V
51707-08 as above 120V

Tube Holders

51900-97 SSM5/1 50 x 1.5ml tubes
51900-98 SSM5/2 50 x 0.5ml tubes
51900-99 SSM5/3 50 x 0.2ml tubes

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