Stuart SMP50 Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

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  • Melting Point Captured on Video
  • Colour Touchscreen operation
  • High end offering

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Stuart SMP50 Automatic Melting Point Apparatus by Cole Parmer is the advanced model in the range, with 400°C maximum temperature capability. Replaces model SMP40.

The melting process can take place without operator supervision. A high-resolution digital camera records the whole process, temperature stamping the actual melting point. Intelligent melt algorithm identifies the smallest changes within the sample, accurately and reliably determining the melting point of up to three samples simultaneously, providing proof of measurement for traceability, meaning scientists can trust the results.

The process can be watched live on the 7″ (17.8 cm) touch-screen display or after the melt. Additional measurement tags can be added during post melt review, such as meniscus point, or the automatically obtained result can be overwritten.

8GB of storage allows 300 sample results to be stored as videos files which can be transferred to a PC or USB stick. Results can also be printed these using the optional SMP50 printer.

Operated by touchscreen, the SMP 50 runs on an Android operating system. User permissions can be set, new measurements can be quickly programmed or processed by editing saved methods. For those samples that you haven’t managed to identify and therefore cannot set a plateau temperature, you can use the rapid ramp mode. The entire temperature range is quickly scanned through at 20°C/min until your sample melts, providing users with the data required to set up another more accurate measurement.

The housing includes a draw for storing unused capillaries. A glass cutter is supplied, giving a clean cut in the centre of the tube, making it safe to handle, ideal for users who do not want to use whole tubes. The sample chamber is protected by a safety hood that not only protects your sample from accidental sideswipes but also acts as a light shield, ensuring that any adjustments to the ambient lighting conditions don’t affect the automatic melting point determination.

In compliance with US Pharmacopeia (USP) and GLP stipulations.  Supplied with calibration certificate traceable to instrument serial number with glass capillaries and power cord.

Suitable for use pharmaceutical, raw material, and quality control processes.

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03013-02 SMP50 Automatic melting point, 120-230v
03013-03 SMP50/IQOQ As above with IQ / OQ documentation
83056-79 SMP50/Printer
99959-81 thermal printing paper
03013-64 SMP10/1 Glass melting tubes, closed at one end, pack of 100
03013-65 SMP2/1 Glass melting tubes, closed at both ends, pack of 100
99967-49 SMP-KIT Melting point calibration kit, with WHO-approved standards, caffeine, vanillin and sulphanilamide with purity certificates

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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg


No of samples 3 simultaneously
Temperature range Ambient to 400 °C
Temperature resolution 0.1 °C
Display 7 inch HD Colour
Ramp rates 0.1-20°C in 0.1°C increments
Temperature sensor PT1000 Platinum resistance
Memory 8GB (approx. 300 results with video)
Cool down time 350-50°C ~12 mins
Heat up time 50-350°C ~ 6 mins
Oven control Closed loop PID
Data transfer USB Flash drive
Sample level 2-3mm in 50mm or 100mm length capillaries
Electrical supply 120V 230V, 50-60Hz
Temperature units °C or °F
Size (h x d x w) 164 x 360 x 300mm
Net Weight 4.6Kg
Languages English, French

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