Stuart SMP30 Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Code: SMP30
  • Maximum temperature of 400°C
  • Integrated cooling 350°C to 50°C in 10 minutes
  • 0.1°C resolution

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Stuart SMP30 by Cole Parmer

Load three samples simultaneously into the heating block of the SMP30 and heat up to 400°C. A plateau facility is included with a variable ramp rate between 0.5 and 10°C in 0.1°C increments. The tubes are illuminated with bright white LED’s to give the most transparent view of the samples during the melt. The block has been designed for easy access for cleaning; the head’s front is fully removable to allow full access to the micro furnace.

The SMP30 has a large clear, backlit alphanumeric LCD running the menu system, which guides you through the melting process with comprehensive directions. Record up to 8 time-stamped events in memory for each of the three sample tubes.

A head-up display shows a floating image of the block temperature, visible through the eyepiece in front of the tubes,  eliminating the user’s need to keep switching their gaze between the tubes and the temperature display.

For the most comfortable viewing angle, the SMP30 features a two-stage head adjustment. The head can then be stored safely back within the body of the unit for storage. The unit’s design has many other useful features, such as slots for storing pre-prepared samples and a storage draw to hold a container of capillary tubes.

An accessory printer is available separately to produce a written record of the melt, and all units are supplied with a calibration certificate showing individual serial numbers for traceability.

Melting tubes are Soda glass, broken into two and sealed with a Bunsen flame, dimensions: length 100mm, overall diameter 1.9mm, inner diameter 1.3mm, wall thickness 0.3mm.

Order Information

03011-49 SMP30 Melting point apparatus, 1ºC resolution, complete with a pack of 100 melting point tubes, closed at one end, 120/230v
00393-TM SMP30/IQOQ Melting point apparatus, 1ºC resolution, IQOQ, with a pack of 100 melting point tubes, closed at one end, 120/230v
03012-99 SMP30 /1 Accessory printer with power supply
03013-64 SMP10/1 Glass melting tubes, closed at one end, pack of 100
03013-65 SMP2/ 1 Glass melting tubes, closed at both ends, pack of 100
03013-63 SMP1/4 Glass melting tubes, open at both ends, pack of 100

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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg


No of samples


Temperature range

Ambient to 400°C

Temperature resolution


Temperature accuracy

± 0.5 at 50°C, ± 1.0 at 100°C, ± 2.5 at 360°C


40 x 4 LCD

Ramp rates

0.5-10°C in 0.1°C increments

Temperature sensor

PT1000 Platinum resistance


7 results per tube

Accessory printer available


Datetime display


Cool down time 350-50°C

~ 10 mins

Heat up time 50-350°C

~ 6 mins

Electrical supply

120V,230V, 50Hz

Language variants

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Temperature units


Size (h x d x w)

325 x 200 x 170mm

Net Weight


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