Stuart SC6 Plus Colony Counter

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  • Digital Colony counter
  • Works with felt tip markers for pressure-sensitive counting
  • BioCote antimicrobial protection

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The Stuart SC6 Plus comes complete with two Wolffhuegel graticules and dish centring adapters to enable use with 50mm to 90mm Petri dishes. Register a count using any suitable implement; typically, a felt tip pen applied to the petri dish.  The electronic pressure pad beneath the dish registers the count. The pressure needed for registering a count can be adjusted to suit the operator. Confirmation of a count is indicated by an audible tone which can be switched on or off. There is an averaging facility providing the facility to count colonies over multiple plates. Results with standard deviation can be sent to a computer or printer by the included USB cable.

Sub-stage illumination by low energy bright LED’s allows glare-free optimum viewing. The background can be changed to black to enhance the visualisation of translucent and hard to see colonies. A further enhancement is possible by the optional 1.7x and 3x magnification adapters making small colonies visible.

  • Lighting White LED array
  • Digital display three digits LED
  • Count 0 to 999
  • Electrical supply 90 to 240V, 50/ 60Hz, 70W
  • Size W 31 x D 30 x H 14 cm. Weight 1.5kg

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WZ-14212-04 SC6Plus  90- 220VAC
WZ-14212-06 SC6Plus  90- 220VAC with IQ/OQ documents


SC6/1  1.7x magnifier
SC6/1/3  3x magnifier
SC6/2 Wolfhuegel graticule and segmentation discs (pack of 10)
SC6/3 Spare dish centring adaptors (pack of 2)
SC6/4 Clear protective discs (pack of 5)
SC6/5 Spare receiving dish
SMP30/1 Accessory Printer

Formerly by Bibby Scientific.

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