Stuart SB162-3 Hotplate Stirrer 3 Position

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  • Three in one hotplate stirrer
  • Independent controls
  • Compact

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The Stuart SB162-3 Hotplate Stirrer by Cole Parmer will accommodate three vessels for simultaneous stirring and heating. Three two-litre beakers will fit with ease. Three independent plates, 160mm by 160mm are integrated into one unit with a small footprint to save space. Maximum heating temperature is 325°C. Each of the three positions can heat and mix liquid volumes up to 15 litres.

Each independent plate has a flashing warning light activated once the temperature exceeds 50°c, notifying the operator of heat to prevent accidental burns. The light continues to display even if the multi hot plate stirrer is switched off, providing mains power is still connected. Only one power source is needed.

Powerful magnets and motor induce stirring. Speed can be the set by the operator between 100 to 1500 rpm. The surface plate is made from aluminium-silicon alloy, conductive providing uniform temperature distribution across the whole area of each plate.

Used in quality control work where multiple samples require processing under the same conditions or where repeatability is needed.

Temperature and stirring speed can be controlled for each of the three positions, by analogue control knobs, two for each position and supplied complete with 3 x 25mm PTFE coated stir bars and power cord.

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WZ-51600-08 SB162-3 230VAC


WZ-04805-91 SR1 Retort rod, 600 x 12mm
WZ-04805-96 SR3 Retort rod bracket

Previously by Bibby Scientific.

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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg



Plate material

Al/Si alloy

Individual plate dimensions, mm

160 x 160

Heater power, W

3 x 700

Maximum plate temperature. °C


Speed range, rpm

100 to 1500

Overall dimensions (w x d x h), mm

600 x 270 x 110

Net weight, kg


Electricity supply

230V, 50Hz, 2250W

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