Stuart RE400 Rotary Evaporator

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  • Digital Control
  • Can be set for left or right handed use
  • Counterbalanced lift mechanism 180mm

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Stuart RE400 Rotary Evaporators by Cole Parmer are distillation instruments, including a condenser. The Florentine flask containing the sample rotates, resulting in liquid dispersion across the whole surface area, aiding the evaporation process, which can be expedited by adding a heated water bath to the sample flask. A vacuum-tight system with a 3 mm Hg pressure increased by connecting an optional vacuum pump, minimising pressure in the system, which reduces the boiling point of solvents and removes the vapour phase for maximum efficiency.

Included are a vacuum release and continuous feed system, providing increased solvent feed into the rotating Florentine flask without pausing operation. Plastic-coated variations of each model are available, protecting the operator from glass failure under vacuum and allowing time to transfer any dangerous chemicals to a vessel without spillage. These versions are limited to a maximum temperature of 80°c.

The unit has a rotating speed range adjustable between 10 to 310rpm. Typical laboratory applications are Reclamation of solvents, Vacuum drying of wet solids and Degassing liquids.

  • PTFE/glass liquid pathway for chemical inertness
  • Long-life graphite-impregnated PTFE vacuum seal
  • Efficient flask and vapour tube ejection system

Order Information

The RE400 rotary evaporator has a diagonally orientated glass condenser for standard distillations. Supplied with Glass set 00, which includes Diagonal coil condenser, vapour tube for the diagonal condenser, receiving flask 1000ml, Florentine flask 1000ml, feed tube with stopcock, vacuum seal, conical joint clip, spherical joint clip. RE400P is the same but with a Florentine flask and Receiving flask plastic coated, set 00p.

RE401 rotary evaporator as RE400 except supplied with a vertically orientated glass condenser for the distillation of solvents with higher boiling points. Glass set 01. 20% narrower than RE400, saving space. RE401P is the same but with a Florentine flask and Receiving flask plastic coated, set 01p.

RE402 rotary evaporator supplied with glassware set 02, as in the above descriptions, with a vertically orientated, cold finger glass condenser for use with ice or dry ice for volatile or low boiling solvents. Providing a cooling solution, dispensing the need for a cold water supply for temperature reduction. RE402P is the same but with a Florentine flask and Receiving flask plastic coated, set 02p.

Size: 385 x 335 x 470-610mm, without glassware,  power 100-240V, 50/60Hz



RE400DB Digital water bath to 90°c
RE400OB Digital oil bath to 180°c -unsuitable for use with plastic-coated flasks

Pumps flow 18l/min

RE3011C Vacuum pump, fixed pressure, eight mbar
RE3022C Vacuum pump, variable vacuum, twelve mbar

Recirculating Coolers -20 to +30ºC

SRC4 Recirculating cooler, 3-litre capacity
SRC14 Recirculating cooler, 16.5-litre capacity, rationalised replacement SRC15

The RE400 series replaces previous models RE300, RE301 and RE302.

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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg

Accessories & Spares

Evaporating (Florentine) flasks

FD50/4RE Evaporating flask 50ml
FD100/4RE Evaporating flask 100ml
FD250/4RE Evaporating flask 250ml
FD500/4RE Evaporating flask 500ml
FD500/4REP Evaporating flask 500ml plastic coated
FD1L/4RE Evaporating flask 1000ml
FD1L/4REP Evaporating flask 1000ml plastic coated
FD2L/4RE Evaporating flask 2000ml
FD2L/4REP Evaporating flask 2000ml plastic coated

Receiving flasks S35 spherical socket

RE100/RF/50 Receiving flask 50ml
RE100/RF/100 Receiving flask 100ml
RE100/RF/250 Receiving flask 250ml
RE100/RF/500 Receiving flask 500ml
RE100/RF/500P Receiving flask 500ml plastic coated
RE100/RF/1L Receiving flask 1000ml
RE100/RF/1LP Receiving flask 1000ml plastic coated

Glassware Accessories and Spares

RE400/CO Diagonal condenser, glass set 00
RE400/COP Diagonal condenser, plastic coated, glass set 00P
RE400/VC Vertical condenser, glass set 01
RE400/VCP Vertical condenser, plastic coated, glass set 01P
RE400/CF Cold finger condenser, glass set 02
RE400/CFP Cold finger condenser, plastic coated, glass set 02P
RE400/VR Feed tube/ vacuum release, all glass sets
RE100/VT Vapour tube diagonal condensers, glass sets 00 & 00P
RE400/VT/CF Vapour tube for vertical coil condensers, glass sets 01, 01P, 02, 02P
RE100/VS Vacuum seal, all glass sets
RE400/CONNECT PTFE screwthread connectors, all glass sets, pack of 2
JC35/1 Spherical joint clip for receiving flask, all glass sets
KCM29 Plastic joint clip for evaporating flask, all glass sets
RE400/ADPT Adaptor for VC/CF condenser

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