Stuart CD162 Stirring Hotplate

Code: CD162
  • 450°C Digital Stirring Hotplate
  • High Accuracy
  • Ceramic Top

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The Stuart CD162 Stirring Hotplate by Cole Parmer has plate dimensions of 160mm by 160mm, heated area is 120mm by 120mm.  The PTFE coated probe supplied can be placed into the liquid to control sample temperature within ±0.5°C accurately.  A vacuum fluorescent display shows the actual sample temperature and set temperature. The surface plate temperature is displayed for warming microscope slides or microarrays and specialist electronics on removing the probe.

Driven by powerful magnets and a motor, stirring speed is adjustable between 200 to 1300 rpm, mixing volumes up to fifteen litres for single stirring operation only. The surface plate is made from chemically resistant easy clean, rapid heating Glass Ceramic; maximum temperature is 450C. The plate edges stay cool to help avoid accidental burns. Further safety features include a flashing warning light when the temperature climbs above 50°C.  Over-temperature protection kicks in when the temperature rises 20ºC above the set temperature, automatically shutting down the heating, for unsupervised operation. Supplied in corrosion-resistant coating for internal electronics protection.

The advanced microprocessor determines capacity and sample composition s (e.g. oil or aqueous) as the hotplate heats the sample to the set temperature. Optimisation of the heating rate automatically occurs minimising overheating and set point time. An audible alert signifies set temperature attainment. As the liquid is mixed well by stirring excellent temperature uniformity is achieved when heating.

Temperature and Stirring speed control are digitally operated by the push button dial setting knobs at the stirrer hotplate’s front. Accurate repeatability is possible when dealing with work involving multiple samples. Supplied complete PTFE probe and fitting for retort rod, 2 x 25mm PTFE coated stir bars and power cord.

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WZ-04805-61 CD162 230 VAC
WZ-04805-59 CD162 120 VAC


WZ-04805-91 SR1 Retort rod, 600 x 12mm
WZ-04805-99  CD162/1 Temperature Probe for Digital Stirring Hot Plates, PTFE – supplied as spare or replacement

Formerly supplied by Bibby Scientific.

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CD162 & SD162 digital_hotplate_stirrers 2 MB

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg



Plate material

Glass ceramic

Plate dimensions, mm

160 x 160

Heated area, mm

120 x 120

Heater power, W


Display resolution °C


Max. plate temp. °C with probe °C


Stirrer speed


Control accuracy with probe °C


Stirrer speed, rpm

200 to 1300

Max. stirring capacity, litres


Net weight, kg


Overall dimensions (w x d x h)

190 x 300 x 110

Electrical supply

230V, 50Hz

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