Simtronics GD10PE Infrared Point Extended Gas Detector

Code: GD10PE
  • Gases Methane or Ethylene
  • Detect flammable gas in large volumes of air
  • Selectable response rate

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The GD10PE has a Methane detection range of 0-20% LEL (0-1% vol) or Ethylene 5000 ppm. Ultrasensitive to detect low gas concentrations at high velocity. Used in ventilation applications, for example, HVAC air intakes for office, factory or living quarters, combustion air inlets for turbines, and ventilation air extract ducts.

The independently heated mirror and lens provide high-performance detection in rough environmental conditions and guarantee continuous operations at 85°C, which makes this instrument suitable for turbine ventilation extract ducts.

This infrared gas detector utilises silicon-based solid-state infrared sources. The complete optomechanical design and construction are so stable that an ultra-fast speed of response can be achieved while providing unparalleled service life and detector stability, thus saving on maintenance and service costs.

The GD10PE has a HART interface, 4-20mA output and fail-safe operation. The P model can be used for applications without high volumes of air.


  • Solid-state IR sources (SimSourceTM) for superior long-term performance compared to filament lamps
  • 50cm long nose for Duct monitoring applications
  • No field recalibration is needed
  • Monitors and accounts for all changes in optical path thanks to a true dual path, double compensation optical design
  • Dual-layer weather protector (No mesh, gauze, hydrophobic filters or sinters = No delay, no failure on demand)
  • Early dirty optics warning for improved preventative maintenance
  • Approvals: ATEX, CSA, IECEx & INMETRO
  • HS code 90271010,  country of origin France
  • Manufacturer Teledyne/Oldham. Brand Simtronics/Simrad

Order Information

GD10-PE0-03AM-0XH-00 GD10PE Detector C2H4 Ethylene 5000 ppm, SS 316L, ATEX, IECEx,4-20mA, source, HART (Config 2913)
GD10-PE0-17DE-0BH-00 GD10PE Detector CH4 Methane 20% LEL, SS 316L, CSA, 4-20mA, source, HART (Config 2921)
GD10-PE0-17DE-0XH-00 GD10PE Detector CH4 Methane 20% LEL, SS 316L, ATEX, IECEx,4-20mA, source, HART (Config 2921)
GD10-PE0-17DE-0XJ-00 GD10PE Detector CH4 Methane 20% LEL, SS 316L, ATEX, IECEx, 4-20mA, sink, HART (Config 2962)


140-816580 Handheld terminal. Special tool – subject to training. Supplied in carrying case. RS485 connection, not HART
499-815733 Sample flow housing,
499-815271 Duct Mounting Flange
499-815430 Weather Protection
499-815712 Sunshade

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