Seaward PR33D/PH3 Phasing Unit

Code: 109A913
  • Phasing
  • 33kV
  • Digital Voltage Reading

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Seaward PR33D/PH3 Phasing Unit is designed to provide phase comparison at the point of paralleling two circuits without needing voltage transformers or secondary wiring circuits. It will also indicate if a voltage is present and give a measurement reading. The phasing and digital legs make up a set. Supplied with detachable earthing lead, which allows the digital leg to act as a voltage meter without using the phasing leg. Suitable for earthed neutral circuits up to 33kV. Supplied with a calibration certificate.

The digital rod has an integral rechargeable battery, supplied with a charger and H3 proving unit, to test operation before and after deployment. Like all models in the series, the PR33D is constructed from high-grade PVC tubing and includes encapsulated resistor chains.

  • Phase angle comparison
  • Chart provides a means of checking phase angle difference of circuits paralleled
  • Two overhead Line Extensions of 1.5m included
  • Digital Readout
  • Suitable for AC and DC
  • Phasing and Voltage measurement
  • Supplied in tough housing
  • Included carrying case holds the unit and all accessories
  • Domed contact electrode
  • Lengths in conformance with creepage and safety regulations
System voltage 33kV maximum
Maximum voltage to earth 19kV
Measurement range 0.00kV to 19kV
Resolution 100V

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Part number: 109A913 Model: PR33D/PH3 Digital Phasing Unit up to 33KV & Proving Unit


141A901 1.5m Extension Rod for overhead lines

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PR33D Digital Leg Phasing Leg
Maximum System Voltage 33kV 33kV
Maximum Voltage to Earth 19kV 19kV
Measuring Range 0.00kV-19kV
Resolution 100V
Sensitivity AC/DC
Circuit Current

(IEC 61234-2)

0.9mA nominal @ 33kV 0.9mA nominal @ 33kV
Dielectric Leakage Current

(IEC 61234-2)

23μA nominal @ 18kV 17μA nominal @ 18kV
Length (mm) 600 670
Diameter (mm) 25 25
Handle Length (mm) 235 240
Hand Guard Height (mm) 23.5 23.5
Contact Electrode Type Domed Domed

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