Seaward PR15D/PH3 Phasing Unit

Code: PR15D/PH3
  • Phasing
  • 15kV
  • Digital Voltage Reading

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Seaward PR15D/PH3 Phasing Unit is designed to provide phase comparison at the point of paralleling two circuits, without the need for voltage transformers or secondary wiring circuits. It will also indicate if voltage is present and provide a measurement reading. The phasing and digital legs make up the set. Supplied with detachable earthing lead which allows the digital leg to act as a voltage meter without the use of the phasing leg.  Suitable for earthed neutral circuits up to 15kV. Supplied with calibration certificate.

The digital rod comprises of an integral rechargeable battery, supplied with charger and H3 proving unit, to test operation before and after deployment. Like all models in the series the PR15D is constructed from high grade PVC tubing and include encapsulated resistor chains.

  • Phase angle comparison
  • Chart provides a means of checking phase angle difference of circuits paralleled
  • Two overhead Line Extensions 1.5m included
  • Digital Readout
  • Suitable for AC and DC
  • Phasing and Voltage measurement
  • Supplied in tough housing
  • Included carrying case holds the unit and all accessories
  • Domed contact electrode
  • Lengths in conformance with creepage and safety regulations
System voltage 15kV maximum
Maximum voltage to earth 8.6kV
Measurement range 0.00kV to 8.6kV
Resolution 10V

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Part number: 109A912 Model: PR15D/PH3 Digital Phasing Unit up to 15KV & Proving Unit


141A901 1.5m Extension Rod for overhead lines

141A912 120 degree Bent End Adaptor
141A900 90 degree Bent End Adaptor
Suitable for use on vertical type switch gear

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PR15D Digital Leg Phasing Leg
Maximum System Voltage 15kV 15kV
Maximum Voltage to Earth 8.6kV 8.6kV
Measuring Range 0.00kV-8.6kV
Resolution 10V
Sensitivity AC/DC
Circuit Current

(IEC 61234-2)

0.9mA nominal @ 15kV 0.9mA nominal @ 15kV
Dielectric Leakage Current

(IEC 61234-2)

7μA nominal @ 18kV 7μA nominal @ 18kV
Length (mm) 600 670
Diameter (mm) 25 25
Handle Length (mm) 235 240
Hand Guard Height (mm) 23.5 23.5
Contact Electrode Type Domed Domed

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