SafeAir Heatstream Flame Free Heating

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  • Flame Free Heating
  • Safe Suitable For Dentists
  • Portable

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The SafeAir Heatstream is flame free, used widely in dental applications, formerly the Carbolite safe air heater.

Used instead of a bunsen burner producing a stream of air up to around 400°C.  Electric powered, no gas source required.

Applications include Softening, Melting and Modelling dental wax, Softening thermoplastic impression materials used in custom registration trays, Heating rim formers and wax modelling tools and for clinical or domiciliary use.

Featuring an angled nozzle to prevent waste from entering the device, while directing airflow away from the operator.

To prevent cross-contamination of blood and body fluid, dental practitioners use gloves made from latex, vinyl and neoprene. When exposed to flame, these gloves represent a fire hazard, to solve this problem, the safe air heatstream was created as a flame-free heating source—tested according to BS EN ISO 61010 part 1.

When turned on the power switch lights up. Heat is provided by the hot air outlet, underneath a red hot zone highlighter illuminates the working area. The unit heats and cools quickly due to its low thermal mass.  A detachable drip tray is supplied to work on and is easily cleanable. Also provided is a carry case.

  • Small Footprint Portable
  • Illuminated hot zone
  • Electric no hazardous gas
  • Flame Free Heating
  • Tools can be heated fast 10 seconds and wax melted


  • Power Voltage 220 – 240VAC 50/60 Hz, Current 1.4A & Maximum Power 336W
  • Dimensions: Height 220 x Width 220  x Length 420 mm
  • Weight 1.6kg

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