RAEPoint Fixed-Head Wireless Infrastructure

Code: RAEPoint
  • Multi-function, fixed-head wireless infrastructure component
  • Use as a wireless router or remote relay
  • Wireless alarm bar accessories available

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RAEPoint Fixed Head Wireless Relay by Honeywell Analytics is an explosion-proof wireless device that extends the range and enables remote relay functionality across a wireless mesh network. RAEPoint communicates with wireless detectors and controllers and can use any of its five internal relays to trigger audible and visible alarms to provide additional alert notifications in hazardous locations.

Alarms can now be displayed both at gas monitors and the host controller and remote locations via wireless relay switches. RAEPoint can also be wirelessly configured via the system controller, serve as a wireless host, and communicate directly with detectors. The user provides 12-28VDC input.

Key Features

  • Compatible with MeshGuard detectors
  • Provides wireless remote relays that can be used to trigger alarm notification devices or process controls
  • Five internal SPDT relays, rated at 2A@24VDC
  • Wireless transmission distance of 300 m (1000 ft) point-to-point. The range can be extended by using wireless routers
  • Continuously powered by standard 12-28VDC input
  • Class 1, Division 1 (ATEX Zone 1 hazardous area certification
  • (cCSAus certified)
  • Available as a stand-alone unit or as a turn-key wireless alarm bar solution mounted and pre-wired with two 5J xenon lights and a 110dB horn
  • Operation mode (select on order): Remote/Router, Host, RAEGuard 2 PID, Flame Detection


  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Worker exposure monitoring
  • Fenceline monitoring

Order Information

F08-0001-000 RAEPoint, ATEX/IECEX, Remote, 2.4GHz, Standard Kit – Europe
F08-0011-000 RAEPoint, CSA, Remote, 2.4GHz, Standard Kit – USA
F08-0005-000 RAEPoint ,RRA2000, ATEX/IECEX For Flame Detector Remote, RM2400A, 2.4GHz
F08-0015-000 RAEPoint ,RRA2000, CSA For Flame Detector Remote, RM2400A, 2.4GHz
F08-0004-000 RAEPoint, RRA2000, ATEX/IECEX For RAEGuard 2 PID, REMOTE, RM2400A, 2.4GHz
F08-0014-000 RAEPoint ,RRA2000, CSA For RAEGuard 2 PID, Remote, RM2400A, 2.4GHz
F08-0002-000 RAEPoint, ATEX/IECEX, Host, 2.4GHz, Standard Kit – Europe
F08-00H1-000 RAEPoint, CU, Remote/Router, 2.4GHz, Standard Kit – Russia
F08-00H2-000 RAEPoint, CU, Host, 2.4GHz, Standard Kit – Russia
F08-0012-000 RAEPoint, CSA, Host, 2.4GHz, Standard Kit – USA
F08-00H4-000 RAEPoint, CU for RAEGuard 2 PID, 2.4GHz, Standard Kit – Russia
F08-00H5-000 RAEPoint, CU for Flame Detector, 2.4GHz, Standard Kit – Russia
550-7024-000 Antenna,rubberized, 5dBi,SMA Connector(standard on detector and controller)
D01-3005-000 Antenna, Fiberglass, Outdoor, 8 dbi, pole mount, 10m/30ft extension cable
F08-2005-000 Replacement steel antenna base cover (for standard antenna)

Wireless Alarm Bars

The wireless alarm bars Wirelessly trigger alarm notifications in hazardous environments

All Wireless Alarm Bar units include:

  • RAEPoint Fixed Wireless Relay (with five internal relays)
  • Red xenon light
  • Yellow xenon light
  • 112dBA horn
  • Mounting plate
  • Antenna removal tool
  • Housing cover removal tool

F08-E001-010 DC Wireless Alarm bar, ATEX/IECEX, 2.4GHz
F08-E011-010 DC Wireless Alarm bar, CSA C1D2, 2.4GHz
F08-E002-0C0 WA100 DC Wireless Alarm bar, safe Area truck mount, 2.4 GHz ATEX RAEPoint
F08-E012-0C0 WA100 DC Wireless Alarm bar, safe Area truck mount, 2.4 GHz CSA RAEPoint
F08-E300-000 FTB 100 battery solar panel version (Including the solar panel, battery pack C1D2, enclosure and connectors)
F05-E030-024 FA-324 Alarm Bar with 4 Visible and One Audio Alarm 24 Volt DC for use with TPPLW

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