Radiodetection RD7000 Cable & Pipe Locator

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  • Precision Locator
  • Sector Specific
  • Easy Use

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Radiodetection RD7000 obsolete replacement RD7100.

A combined underground cable and pipe detector for preventing accidental damage, with models for individual industry sectors. The RD7000 and RD7000 Plus range builds on the capabilities of the traditional RD4000 series. The locator uses patented Centros technology which utilises algorithms, fast processor speed and software to deliver repeatable high accuracy readings.

Featuring Peak and Null mode indicate interference factors from either the ground or other utilities in a graphical form giving locating conditions.

Available with a choice of different transmitters to cover a multitude of requirements, 1, 3 and 10-watt versions. Featuring SideStepauto, the transmitter determines the best frequency considering ground impedance, which improves accuracy and battery life.


  • Simple screen menus
  • LCD backlight display
  • Housing ABS IP54
  • Weight Tx  2.84kg including batteries and Rx: 1.87kg including batteries
  • Batteries NiMH or alkaline LR20 batteries (D-Cells)
  • Sensitivity 6E-15 Tesla, 5µA at 1 meter (33kHz)
  • Maximum Depth Line 6m (20ft), Sonde 15m (50ft)
  • Headphone connection
  • Housing ABS IP54

With this range of underground cable locator equipment, users benefit from have menu options and performance tailored to their industry type, providing ease of use.


RD7000SL: Construction Industry. A broad range of standard active frequencies and rugged construction, reliable and versatile.
RD7000DL: Water Industry. For contract technicians working in pipe location & inspection, from sewers to marine boilers, to petrochemical plants.
RD7000PL: Power Industry. Identifies the target cable reliably, even in areas of large-scale, trunked cable deployment of complex electrical networks.
RD7000TL: Telecom Industry. Large bundled pairs of cables require specialised location equipment to find a selected signal.

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RD7000+ Cable, Pipe and Marker Locators

10/7KSL+M-UK: RD7000+ SLM
10/7KDL+M-UK: RD7000+ DLM
10/7KPL+M-LOG-UK: RD7000+ PLM, logging enabled
10/7KTL+M-LOG-UK: RD7000+ TLM, logging enabled

Li-Ion rechargeable battery, mains charger and automotive charger included

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