Radiodetection CAT 4 & Genny 4 Cable Avoidance Tools

Code: CAT4 & Genny4
  • Cable Avoidance Tool
  • Check an intended excavation area
  • Pinpoint located utilities

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Using a Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) reduces the risk of property damage, death, or severe injury, which may result if buried pipes and cables are not correctly located before digging.

The Radiodetection C.A.T4 and Genny4 products provide a comprehensive range of Cable Avoidance Tools, helping professionals drive best-locating practice, reduce the number of cable strikes, and dig more safely.

The CAT4 detector can be used in four modes

  • Avoidance Mode (A): detects all locate signals simultaneously, including Genny, Power and Radio signals. The sensitivity control adjusts the Power, Radio and Genny signal levels simultaneously.
  • Genny Mode (G): detects the locate signals produced by the Genny4.  Using a Genny is the most reliable way to detect a pipe or cable. The C.A.T4 and Genny4 feature new locate signals that make the combination more sensitive to small core cables (e.g. telecoms & street lighting).
  • Power Mode (P): detects signals originating from power transmission networks. These signals may be found on any pipe or cable, not just power cables. Some power cables do not radiate detectable power signals. Power signals may not be found on power cables that are switched off (e.g. a street light cable during daylight hours). Always use a Genny before excavating.
  • Radio Mode (R): detects radio signals originating from distant radio transmitters as they travel along underground pipes and cables.


  • StrikeAlert Warning: Warns of shallow buried utilities.
  • SWING Warning: Warns operators of incorrect usage to promote best working practices. (eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 models only).

Connecting the Genny

  • Signal induction an easy and quick way of applying the Genny4. Suitable where access does not permit the use of Direct Connection or Signal Clamping.  A signal is induced into the pipe or cable, allowing other cables in the vicinity to emit the signal so they can be located.
  • Signal Clamps can be used to apply the Genny4 locate signal safely to a pipe or cable up to 215mm in diameter without interrupting the supply. This is particularly useful where a direct connection is not possible, or on live cables.
  • Direct Connection is an effective way to apply the Genny4 locate signal to a specific cable or pipe network to be traced from above ground. Connections can be made to any metallic part of the pipe or cable such as valves, meters, junction boxes, street lights, pipeline markers or other access points.  Live Plug connections and Live cable connectors plus magnets for are available.

For non-metallic utilities, a mouse self-contained watertight signal transmitter (“Sonde”) is available, which is inserted into the duct or drain and the C.A.T4 will receive the signal. FlexiTrace is a 50m (164′) or 80m (260′) flexible conductive rod with a built-in mouse that can be inserted into non-metallic pipes and ducts to allow them to be located at depths of up to 3m (10′).


The C.A.T4 is the standard model of the range. Using it with the Genny4 transmitter, experienced operators will find more buried utilities, faster.

This model is equipped with an automatic recording system which stores up to 2 years’ worth of usage data in its internal memory. Data can be later retrieved and analysed using a USB lead and a PC.

This model adds GPS position to the usage data recorded. Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless transfer of usage data to the C.A.T Manager Online cloud-based system for near real-time monitoring of operators’ performance.

Genny4’s patented simultaneous dual-frequency signal output facilitates small diameter cables such as telecoms and street lighting, including spurs. All C.A.T4 locator models have patented technology to detect both signals simultaneously. The power boost function in Genny4 enables the locate signal to travel further and deeper, and couple onto utilities more easily.

C.A.T Manager
C.A.T Manager is a software suite designed to offer an online or local analysis of usage behaviours, explore surveyed locations using Google Maps, and produce surveys and usage reports. Data can be exported and shared as KML or CSV files.

The PC version offers the ability to keep fleets up-to-date with the latest firmware and in calibration.
Near-real time monitor of gC.A.T4 and Genny4 fleets is possible using the Android or iOS app and the cloud-based C.A.T Manager Online.

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CAT4 brochure 1 MB
gCAT4 Salessheet 237 KB
CAT4-User Guide 511 KB
cat-accessories 223 KB
genny4-technical-spec 77 KB
c.a.t4_declaration_of_conformity 456 KB
ec.a.t4_declaration_of_conformity 563 KB
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genny4_declaration_of_conformity 416 KB

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C.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool (50Hz mains regions)

C.A.T4 10/CAT4EN09
C.A.T4, StrikeAlert 10/CAT4EN29

C.A.T4+ with depth

C.A.T4+, Metric 10/CAT4+EN11
C.A.T4+, Metric, StrikeAlert 10/CAT4+EN31
C.A.T4+, Imperial 10/CAT4+EN12
C.A.T4+, Imperial, StrikeAlert 10/CAT4+EN32

eC.A.T4 with Data logging and SWING

eC.A.T4, Data, SWING 10/ECAT4EN39
eC.A.T4, Data, SWING, CALSafe 10/ECAT4EN69
eC.A.T4, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert 10/ECAT4EN59
eC.A.T4, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert, CALSafe 10/ECAT4EN89

eC.A.T4+ with depth, Data logging and SWING

eC.A.T4+, Metric, Data, SWING 10/ECAT4+EN41
eC.A.T4+, Metric, Data, SWING, CALSafe 10/ECAT4+EN71
eC.A.T4+, Metric, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert 10/ECAT4+EN61
eC.A.T4+, Metric, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert, CALSafe 10/ECAT4+EN91
eC.A.T4+, Imperial, Data, SWING 10/ECAT4+EN42
eC.A.T4+, Imperial, Data, SWING, CALSafe 10/ECAT4+EN72
eC.A.T4+, Imperial, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert 10/ECAT4+EN62
eC.A.T4+, Imperial, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert, CALSafe 10/ECAT4+EN92

gC.A.T4 with Data logging, SWING and GPS

gC.A.T4, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert, CALSafe, GPS 10/GCAT4EN18

gC.A.T4+ with depth, Data logging, SWING and GPS

gC.A.T4+, Metric, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert, CALSafe, GPS 10/GCAT4+EN03
gC.A.T4+, Imperial, Data, SWING, StrikeAlert, CALSafe, GPS 10/GCAT4+EN07

Genny4 Signal Generator

GENNY4 10/GENNY4EN includes direct connection leads and earth stake


Calibration Certificate reprint 97/CALCERT
eCert credit, for Remote Calibration Validation 10/ECERT


CAT Manager support software CD and USB lead 97/CATMANAGER
CAT Manager Online Monthly 1x PRO Account User License (1x user) (UK) 10/CAT-MAN-ONLINE-M-PRO
CAT Manager Online Yearly 1x PRO Account User License (1x user) 10/CAT-MAN-ONLINE-Y-PRO

C.A.T4 & Genny4 Cable Avoidance Tools Accessory Packs (No CAT included choose from above)

Electricians Accessory Pack – UK 10/ELECPACK4-UK
Contains Genny4 (English labels), Live Plug Connector (UK plug), 100mm (4″) Clamp, Soft Carry Bag

Maxi Accessory Pack – UK 10/MAXIPACK4-UK
Contains Genny4, Standard Sonde 33kHz, Live Plug Connector (UK plug), 100mm (4″) Clamp, Soft Carry Bag, M10 Spring Coupling, M10 Cane Connector, Clamp Extension Rod

Builders Accessory Pack 10/BUILDPACK4-EN
Contains Genny4, Standard Sonde 33kHz, M10 Spring,100mm (4″) Clamp, Soft Carry Bag

Mouse Accessory Pack 10/MOUSEPACK4-EN
Contains Standard Sonde 33kHz, M10 Cane Connector, Soft Carry Bag

Plumber’s Accessory Pack – UK 10/PLUMBPACK4-UK
Genny4, Standard Sonde 33kHz, M10 Spring, Soft Carry Bag

C.A.T4 & Genny4 Accessories

Genny4 and Bag Pack – UK 10/BAGPACK4-UK
Earth Lead 10m and Magnet 10/TX-EARTHLEAD-KIT
Earth Lead 10m 10/TX-EARTHLEAD
Hi-strength Magnet with M4 Eyebolt 10/TX-MAGNET
Genny Earth Stake 10/GENNY-EARTHSTAKE
Genny Connection Kit 10/GENNY-KIT
Genny Direct Connection Lead 10/GENNY-DC-LEAD
Live Plug Connector (3 wire) – UK plug 10/GENNY-LPC-UK
Live Plug Connector (3 wire) – European plug 10/GENNY-LPC-EU
Live Cable Connector 10/GENNY-LCC
Genny Clamp 2″ (50mm) 10/GENNY-CLAMP-50
Genny Clamp 4″ (100mm) 10/GENNY-CLAMP-100
Genny Clamp 5″ (130mm) 10/GENNY-CLAMP-130
Genny Clamp 8.5″ (215mm) 10/GENNY-CLAMP-215
Signal Clamp Extension Rod 10/TX-CLAMP-EXTROD
Standard Sonde 33kHz, depth up to 5m 10/SONDE-STD-33
Sewer Sonde 33kHz, depth up to 8m 10/SONDE-SEWER-33
Super Sonde 33kHz, depth up to 15m 10/SONDE-SUPER-33
4.5″ (115mm) Diameter Floats/Pair for Sewer and Super Sondes 10/SONDE-FLOATS
S6 Microsonde Kit, incl. battery and case 10/SONDE-MICRO-33
Pack of 10 × Batteries for S6 Microsonde 10/SONDE-MICRO-BATPACK
S9 MiniSonde, incl. battery and case 10/SONDE-MINI-33
Pack of 10 × batteries for S9 MiniSonde 10/SONDE-MINI-BATPACK
S13 Sonde Kit (includes two end caps, two batteries and case) 10/SONDE-S13-33
Pack of ten spare batteries for S13 Sonde 10/SONDE-S13-BATPACK
S18A Sonde 33kHz Kit with M10 Stud and Plain End Caps and two D1/3N Batteries 10/S18-33-KIT
S18A Sonde 33kHz with M10 Stud End Cap and one D1/3N battery 10/SONDE-S18A-33
S18A M10 Stud End Cap with one D1/3N Battery 10/S18-M10-ENDCAP
S18A Extended Plain Cap with one D1/3N Battery 10/S18-PLAINENDCAP
S18A Pack of 5 D1/3N Batteries 10/S18-BATTERY PACK
S18B Sonde 33kHz with Extended Aluminium End Cap for two AA Batteries (batteries included) 10/SONDE-S18B-33
S18B Sonde Aluminium AA Batteries End Cap (batteries included) 10/S18-AA-ENDCAP

Power accessories and spares

D Cell batteries Alkaline Battery (D-Cell, LR20, MN1300) 10/1DCELL-ALK
Set of two rechargeable NiMH batteries (D-Cell, LR20, MN1300) 10/2DCELL-R-NIMH
Universal charger (AAA to D-cell) 26/UNICHARGER
Spring Coupling M10 Male 10/SU0335
Sonde coupling M10F – M12F 02/SU1421N1
Pulling Eye 02/FR0819
BT Adaptor; Duct Rods 1 and 2 02/SU0401
BT Adaptor; Duct Rod 5 02/SU0403
Plastic or Cane Rod Connector, Male 02/SU0339
M6 to M10 adapter to interface 6.7mm rod with RD M10 thread 10/6-10FLEXRODADAPTOR
M12 to M10 adapter to interface 12mm rod with RD M10 thread 10/10-12FLEXRODADAPTOR
Wards Rod Connector, 3/4″ (19mm) x 10 BSW, Female 02/SU0341
Wards Rod Connector, 1/2″ (13mm) x 12 BSW, Female 02/SU0342
Lockfast Connector, 3/4″ (19mm) x 10 BSW 02/SU0676
FlexiTrace 50m (Genny powered pushrod transmitter) 10/TRACE50-GB
FlexiTrace 80m (Genny powered pushrod transmitter) 10/TRACE80-GB
4.5mm 50m Flexrod 10/FLEXRODF50-4.5
4.5mm 80m Flexrod 10/FLEXRODF80-4.5
6.7mm 50m Flexrod 10/FLEXRODF50-7
6.7mm 100m Flexrod 10/FLEXRODF100-7
6.7mm 150m Flexrod 10/FLEXRODF150-7
9mm 60m Flexrod 10/FLEXRODF60-9
9mm 120m Flexrod 10/FLEXRODF120-9
USB-A to MINI-B cable for CAT4 1m 10/USB-A-MINIB-1M
C.A.T4/Genny4 Soft Carry Bag 10/CAT-GENNY-BAG

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