QRAE 3 PGM-2500 & PGM-2560 Gas Detector

Code: QRAE 3
  • Monitor for 1-4 gases
  • Wireless & Non-Wireless models
  • Strong, protective, concussion-proof design

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The QRAE 3 is a range of multi-threat gas detectors that combines continuous monitoring capabilities for combustibles, oxygen, toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen cyanide and other gases.

With Man Down Alarm functionality in one highly portable instrument. QRAE 3 monitors are available in pumped and diffusion versions and offer a selection of field-replaceable electrochemical and combustible sensors to fit a wide variety of applications. The QRAE 3’s wireless capability elevates worker protection to the next level by providing safety officers real-time access to instrument readings and alarm status from any location for better visibility and faster response.

Key Features

  • All-in-one continuous monitoring capabilities for oxygen, toxic and combustible gases, for a total of up to four threats at a time
  • Wireless access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status from any location
  • Unmistakable five-way local and remote wireless notification of alarm conditions, including Man Down Alarm
  • Large graphical display with easy-to-use, icon-driven user interface operated by two-buttons
  • IP-65/67 water- and dust-resistant case
  • Simple maintenance with easily accessible sensors and pump
  • Compatible with QRAE 3 Cradle for AutoRAE 2 Automatic Test and Calibration

Each Detector includes:

  • Calibration adapter (diffusion model only)
  • T Calibration tube (pumped model only M02-3008-000)
  • Internal filters (mounted – diffusion model only)
  • External filters (one mounted plus pack of 3 – pump model only)
  • Travel charger cradle with computer cable (M02-3026-000/410-0203-000)
  • Lithium-ion battery pack (G02-3004-000)
  • Universal wall adapter (500-0036-102)
  • Two CD ROMs with ProRAE Studio II & product content
  • Quick Reference guide
  • Barrier Box (M02-3011-000)

Standard model configurations below 

QRAE 3, PGM-2500 Series (LEL / H2S / CO / O2 / SO2 / HCN / PH3 / NH3 )

M020-12111-111 QRAE3 PGM-2500 Pumped ATEX LEL / H S / CO / O – Li-ion / Non-Wireless
M020-12311-111 QRAE3 PGM-2500 Pumped ATEX LEL / H S / CO / O – Li-ion / Wireless (868MHz)
M020-22111-111 QRAE3 PGM-2500 Diffusion ATEX LEL / H S / CO / O – Li-ion / Non-Wireless
M020-22311-111 QRAE3 PGM-2500 Diffusion ATEX LEL / H S / CO / O – Li-ion / Wireless (868MHz)
M020-12311-131 QRAE3 PGM-2500 Pumped ATEX LEL / H S / O / SO – Li-ion / Wireless (868MHz)
M020-22113-101 QRAE3 PGM-2500 Diffusion ATEX LEL / SO / O – Li-ion / Non-Wireless
M020-12110-101 QRAE3 PGM-2500 Pumped ATEX LEL /O – Li-ion / Non-Wireless

QRAE 3, PGM-2560 Series (LEL / H2S / CO / O2 / SO2 / HCN / PH3 / NH3 / Cl2 / NO2 )

M026-12102-011 QRAE3 PGM-2560 Pumped ATEX NO / CO – Li-ion / Non-Wireless
M026-12111-101 QRAE3 PGM-2560 Pumped ATEX LEL / Cl / O – Li-ion / Non-Wireless
M026-12111-111 QRAE3 PGM-2560 Pumped ATEX LEL / Cl / O / CO – Li-ion / Non-Wireless
M026-12111-151 QRAE3 PGM-2560 Pumped ATEX LEL / Cl / O / PH – Li-ion / Non-Wireless
M026-22102-011 QRAE3 PGM-2560 Diffusion ATEX NO / CO – Li-ion / Non-Wireless
M026-22102-111 QRAE3 PGM-2560 Diffusion ATEX NO / O / CO – Li-ion / Non-Wireless
M026-12311-111 QRAE3 PGM-2560 Pumped ATEX LEL / Cl / O / CO – Li-ion / Wireless (868MHz)

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M020-2H111-130 QR3/DIF/CU/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/SO2/KIT
M026-22110-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/KIT
M020-12102-101 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/O2/KIT
M020-12116-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/NH3/KIT
M020-11102-031 QR3/PMP/CSA/NO-WLSS/CO/SO2/KIT
M020-11110-101 QR3/PMP/CSA/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/KIT
M020-11111-111 QR3/PMP/CSA/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/CO/KIT
M020-11112-131 QR3/PMP/CSA/NO-WLSS/LEL/CO/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-11202-041 QR3/PMP/CSA/W-900/CO/HCN/KIT
M020-11211-111 QR3/PMP/CSA/W-900/LEL/H2S/O2/CO/KIT
M020-12100-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/KIT
M020-12100-011 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/KIT
M020-12100-101 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/O2/KIT
M020-12100-111 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/O2/CO/KIT
M020-12100-121 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/O2/H2S/KIT
M020-12100-131 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-12100-151 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/O2/PH3/KIT
M020-12100-161 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/O2/NH3/KIT
M020-12101-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/KIT
M020-12101-011 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/CO/KIT
M020-12101-031 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/SO2/KIT
M020-12101-101 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/O2/KIT
M020-12101-111 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/O2/CO/KIT
M020-12101-121 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/O2/H2S/KIT
M020-12101-131 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-12102-031 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/SO2/KIT
M020-12102-061 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/NH3/KIT
M020-12102-131 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-12102-141 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/O2/HCN/KIT
M020-12103-021 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/SO2/H2S/KIT
M020-12104-051 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/HCN/PH3/KIT
M020-12104-061 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/HCN/NH3/KIT
M020-12110-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/KIT
M020-12110-021 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/KIT
M020-12110-031 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/SO2/KIT
M020-12110-061 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/NH3/KIT
M020-12110-110 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/CO/KIT
M020-12110-111 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/CO/KIT
M020-12110-131 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-12110-161 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/NH3/KIT
M020-12111-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/KIT
M020-12111-101 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/KIT
M020-12111-131 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-12111-151 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/PH3/KIT
M020-12112-131 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/CO/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-12112-151 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/CO/O2/PH3/KIT
M020-12112-161 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/CO/O2/NH3/KIT
M020-12113-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/SO2/KIT
M020-12113-101 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/SO2/O2/KIT
M020-12211-111 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-900/LEL/H2S/O2/CO/KIT
M020-12212-141 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-900/LEL/CO/O2/HCN/KIT
M020-12300-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/KIT
M020-12300-011 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/CO/KIT
M020-12300-101 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/O2/KIT
M020-12300-111 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/O2/CO/KIT
M020-12300-141 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/O2/HCN/KIT
M020-12301-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/H2S/KIT
M020-12301-011 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/H2S/CO/KIT
M020-12301-101 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/H2S/O2/KIT
M020-12301-111 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/H2S/O2/CO/KIT
M020-12304-011 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/HCN/CO/KIT
M020-12310-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/LEL/KIT
M020-12310-011 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/LEL/CO/KIT
M020-12310-101 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/LEL/O2/KIT
M020-12310-111 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/LEL/O2/CO/KIT
M020-12311-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/LEL/H2S/KIT
M020-12311-011 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/LEL/H2S/CO/KIT
M020-12311-101 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/LEL/H2S/O2/KIT
M020-12312-131 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/LEL/CO/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-12312-141 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-868/LEL/CO/O2/HCN/KIT
M020-21111-111 QR3/DIF/CSA/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/CO/KIT
M020-21211-111 QR3/DIF/CSA/W-900/LEL/H2S/O2/CO/KIT
M020-22100-001 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/KIT
M020-22100-011 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/KIT
M020-22100-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/O2/KIT
M020-22100-111 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/O2/CO/KIT
M020-22100-161 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/O2/NH3/KIT
M020-22101-001 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/KIT
M020-22101-011 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/CO/KIT
M020-22101-021 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/H2S/KIT
M020-22101-031 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/SO2/KIT
M020-22101-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/O2/KIT
M020-22101-111 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/O2/CO/KIT
M020-22102-031 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/SO2/KIT
M020-22102-131 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-22102-161 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/O2/NH3/KIT
M020-22110-001 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/KIT
M020-22110-100 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/KIT
M020-22110-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/KIT
M020-22110-111 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/CO/KIT
M020-22110-131 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-22111-001 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/KIT
M020-22111-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/KIT
M020-22111-121 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/H2S/KIT
M020-22111-131 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-22112-131 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/CO/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-22112-161 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/CO/O2/NH3/KIT
M020-22116-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/NH3/O2/KIT
M020-22211-111 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-900/LEL/H2S/O2/CO/KIT
M020-22211-131 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-900/LEL/H2S/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-22212-141 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-900/LEL/CO/O2/HCN/KIT
M020-22300-001 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/KIT
M020-22300-011 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/CO/KIT
M020-22300-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/O2/KIT
M020-22300-111 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/O2/CO/KIT
M020-22301-001 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/H2S/KIT
M020-22301-011 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/H2S/CO/KIT
M020-22301-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/H2S/O2/KIT
M020-22301-111 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/H2S/O2/CO/KIT
M020-22304-011 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/HCN/CO/KIT
M020-22310-001 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/LEL/KIT
M020-22310-011 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/LEL/CO/KIT
M020-22310-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/LEL/O2/KIT
M020-22310-111 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/LEL/O2/CO/KIT
M020-22311-001 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/LEL/H2S/KIT
M020-22311-011 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/LEL/H2S/CO/KIT
M020-22311-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/LEL/H2S/O2/KIT
M020-22311-131 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/LEL/H2S/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-22314-011 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/LEL/HCN/CO/KIT
M020-2H111-130 QR3/DIF/CU/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/SO2/KIT
M026-11111-121 QR3/PMP/CSA/NO-WLSS/LEL/Cl2/O2/H2S/KIT
M026-12101-061 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/Cl2/NH3/KIT
M026-12110-021 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/KIT
M026-12110-161 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/O2/NH3/KIT
M026-12111-001 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/Cl2/KIT
M026-12111-121 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/Cl2/O2/H2S/KIT
M026-12112-111 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/NO2/O2/CO/KIT
M026-12112-131 QR3/PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/NO2/O2/SO2/KIT
M026-12B11-111 QR3/PMP/ATX/W-INDIA/LEL/Cl2/O2/CO/KIT
M026-21102-111 QR3/DIF/CSA/NO-WLSS/NO2/O2/CO/KIT
M026-22101-021 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/Cl2/H2S/KIT
M026-22101-061 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/Cl2/NH3/KIT
M026-22111-101 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/Cl2/O2/KIT
M026-22111-111 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/Cl2/O2/CO/KIT
M026-22111-121 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/Cl2/O2/H2S/KIT
M026-22111-131 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/Cl2/O2/SO2/KIT
M026-22311-161 QR3/DIF/ATX/W-868/LEL/Cl2/O2/NH3/KIT
M026-2HA02-111 QR3/DIF/CU/W-869/NO2/O2/CO/KIT
M026-22112-111 QR3/DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/NO2/O2/CO/KIT
M020-11100-130 QR3PMP/CSA/NO-WLSS/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-12102-161 QR3PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/O2/NH3/KIT
M020-12111-161 QR3PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/H2S/O2/NH3/KIT
M020-12115-161 QR3PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/LEL/PH3/O2/NH3/KIT
M020-1HA12-161 QR3PMP/CU/W-869/LEL/CO/O2/NH3/KIT
M020-22101-131 QR3DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/H2S/O2/SO2/KIT
M020-22102-061 QR3DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/NH3/KIT
M020-22102-101 QR3DIF/ATX/NO-WLSS/CO/O2/KIT
M020-2HA12-141 QR3DIF/CU/W-869/LEL/CO/O2/HCN/KIT
M026-12102-031 QR3PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/NO2/SO2/KIT
M026-12102-111 QR3PMP/ATX/NO-WLSS/NO2/O2/CO/KIT
M026-12312-121 QR3PMP/ATX/W-868/LEL/NO2/O2/H2S/KIT
M026-12B11-131 QR3PMP/ATX/W-INDIA/LEL/Cl2/O2/SO2/KIT

QRAE 3 Accessories, Sensors, and Replacement Parts


M02-3026-000 Travel charger for ATEX certified model
M02-3011-000 Barrier Box for ATEX certified model
M02-0303-000 Truck Mount Charging Cradle For QRAE 3 (needs 003-3004-000)
003-3004-000 Automotive charging adapter 12 VDC
500-0036-102 AC adapter with international prong kit (for single-unit charging and PC comm’s cradle)
020-2480-000 One-to-five Power Cable
M02-3025-000 External Charger for Battery (ToxiRAE Pro and QRAE 3)
410-0203-000 PC communications cable (USB 2.0 Type A (Male) To Mini-B (Male) 1 meter Black
M02-2041-000 QRAE 3 holster case
M02-3024-000 QRAE 3 holster case with shoulder strap
M02-2042-000 Shoulder strap for QRAE 3 holster case

Replacement parts

G02-3004-000 Rechargeable Li-ion battery
M02-3019-000 Battery Cover
M02-2034-020 Dust Filter for Diffusion model (pack of 20)
M02-2034-100 Dust Filter for Diffusion model (pack of 100)
008-3022-010 External Water trap filter 25mm without Adapter (pack of 10) for pumped model
M02-3028-000 External filter tubing extension (pack of 1)
M02-3028-010 External filter tubing extension (pack of 10)
M02-2033-010 Mesh filter (pumped model -pack of 10)
020-3603-000-FRU Pump assembly
M02-3003-100 Gas plate assembly with sensor sealing for pumped model
M02-3006-001 Sensor Cover Assy for the diffusion model
M02-3015-000 Front cover Assy QRAE 3 (PGM-2500/D – PGM-2560/D)
G01-2005-010-FRU Alligator clip assembly (with screw and washers) (Pack of 10)
M02-3027-000 Swivel Belt Clip (with screw and sasher)
M02-3021-000 O-rings kit for pumped model
M02-4008-000 Product CD

Replacement Sensors

032-0200-003 Carbon Monoxide sensor (0 to 500 ppm, 1ppm res.)
032-0202-003 Hydrogen Sulfide sensor (0 to 100 ppm, 0.1ppm res.)
032-0204-000 Sulfur Dioxide sensor (0 to 20 ppm, 0.1ppm res.)
032-0127-000 Hydrogen Cyanide sensor (4R format) (0 to 50 ppm, 0.2 ppm res.)
032-0205-000 Hydrogen Cyanide sensor (3R format) (0 to 50 ppm, 0.2 ppm res.)
014-0215-000 %LEL combustibles sensor (0 to 100% LEL, 1% LEL res.)
022-0902-000 Oxygen sensor (0 to 30.0%, 0.1% res.)
032-0207-000 Ammonia sensor (100 ppm, 1 ppm res.)
032-0206-000 Phosphine sensor (20 ppm, 0.01 ppm res.)
032-0208-000 Chlorine sensor (0 to 50 ppm, 0.05 ppm res.)
032-0209-000 Nitrogen Dioxide sensor (0 to 50 ppm, 0.1 ppm res.)
046-3013-005 Dummy sensor 3R (e.g. QRAE3, QRAE II LEL, H S, and CO sensors) (Pack of 5)
046-3012-005 Dummy sensor 4R format (pack of 5)

Calibration Gas and Confined Space Kits

4GA18X25W10H50-58 Disposable Gas 4 Gas 50ppm-CO 10ppm-H S 2.5%-CH 18%-O in-N,12 months,58l
GasHCN-10-N2-58 Disposable Gas 1 Gas 10ppm-HCN in-N,6 months,58l
GasSO2-10-N2-58 Disposable Gas 1 Gas 10ppm-SO in-N, 12 months,58l
GasCO-50-Air-58 Disposable Gas 1 Gas 50ppm-CO in-air,60 months,58l
Reg-0.50 Manual regulator for disposable bottles 0.5 LPM (Liter per Minute)
M02-3008-000 T calibration tube for pump model
M02-3009-100 Calibration cap with tubing for the diffusion model
020-0040-010 Confined Space Kit CSK1 (does not include monitor) includes:
• Hard transport case with pre-cut foam
• Tool Kit
• Hand pump
• 10″ stiff aluminium Sample probe with replaceable filter
• 6 feet (2 meters) Tygon® tubing
• External filter (pack of 3)(008-3022-003)

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