Oldham OLCT IR Fixed Gas Detector

  • Infrared Flammable or CO2 gas detection
  • Resistant to poisons & corrosion
  • Fail-safe technology

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A gas detector designed to monitor flammable gases or CO2 concentrations in the ambient air. Powered with 24 Vdc, the OLCT IR provides a standard 4-20 mA analogue output proportional to the measured concentration of gas. It features a non-intrusive calibration that enables calibration in a hazardous area without declassifying the zone.

Based on the infrared absorption principle, the OLCT IR offers significant advantages when compared to catalytic detectors. Its dual source, four-beam technology further improves the unit’s performance over other infrared detectors,  guaranteeing extreme detection accuracy.

A highly reliable infrared gas detector. SIL2 capable according to the standard EN 50402, the probability of failure on demand (PFD) of 0.0016. The mean time between failure (MTBF) is 28 years. Ideal for harsh applications such as refinery, onshore and offshore installations, LPG filling stations, compressor stations.

IR Technology

  • Fast response time
  • Operates in oxygen-deficient atmospheres

Measure without contact

  • No alteration of optical elements
  • Minimal maintenance
  • See gas concentrations at the point of detection when used with OLCT 60 or the OLCT 80 transmitters

Double sources / 4 beams

  • Compensation for dirty optics
  • No long term drift caused by source and optical detector ageing

Accurate technology

Optical detectors continuously measure the intensity of infrared light sources. The intensity is maximal in the absence of gas, so any decrease in intensity will indicate that gas is present.

Non-intrusive calibration

The OLCT IR is fitted with a non-intrusive system allowing a single operator to calibrate the transmitter without opening the housing. This allows the detector to be calibrated in an explosive area in compliance with safety rules.

Reliable, maintenance-free detection

The mirror and window are heated to prevent misting or icing of the optics and allow operation in harsh weather conditions. No sensitivity loss in case of high gas concentrations.

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NPOIRGB Detector


6313863 By-pass adaptor / Calibration cup
6313829 Bump test cup
6155651 Service magnet
6313858 Sunshield (can also be used to prevent snow from clogging the openings)
6322420 Ceiling mount (bolts not included)
6313862 Weather protection (protective cover)
6903376 Thumbscrew (M5 D40)
6313946 Mosquito guard

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