Oldham MX 43 Analogue & Digital Fixed Gas Controller

Code: WMX43
  • SIL1 certified gas detection system
  • RS485 Modbus RTU & up to 32 (4-20mA) analogue outputs
  • Scalable

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The Oldham MX 43 by Teledyne is a flexible gas detection system controller continuously monitoring, measuring and controlling gas hazards, conforming to functional safety performance level 1 standard.  The MX 43 manages both digital lines and analogue channels. Incorporating digital technology allows up to 32 detectors to be distributed on eight lines or 16 detectors across four lines.

Featuring a multi-language LCD backlit display, customisable by the user, 1 to 16 channels can be viewed simultaneously. Access to operation menus is by five smart keys, with one audible alarm accept/reset button.

An optional 4GB USB module provides two years of storage or eighteen months for a controller equipped with 32 detectors. The user can set sampling rates from 2 seconds to 15 minutes, recording in real-time all events (alarms, faults, alarm resets, calibration). The USB allows firmware updates and controller configuration.

Com 43 software enables controller programming, compatible with any MX 43 controllers already in use. Controller parameters are configured on a PC and transferred to the MX 43 using a USB cable. Full functions can be accessed:

  • Configuration of measurement channels
  • Simplified relay programming
  • Up to 5 on-board functions: OR, AND, NOR, NAND, VOTING
  • Advanced management of audible alarms with timer options (holding time, automatic acknowledgement, reactivation, evacuation)

Programming functions

  • Graphic display for easy relay programming
  • Copy-paste function saving time by preventing programming errors from one sensor to the next
  • Verification/validation feature to avoid programming errors
  • Access pre-programmed gas monitor library according to industry standards

Benefits and featuresmx43_in_action

  • Digital inputs up to eight, RS485, 9600 baud and Analogue inputs up to eight, 4 to 20 mA for measurement
  • Buzzer 77dB @ 30cm
  • Ingress protection IP55 (wall-mounted), IP31 (rack)
  • Two extra MOSFET outputs for driving the audible and visual alarms
  • Five programmable events per detector (1 to 3 alarms, underscale, overscale) and fault event
  • Front panel LEDs allows for a quick and basic overview of the installation
  • Remote modules (cost savings on wiring installation)
  • Up to 32 fully programmable relays (OR, AND, NAND, NOR, Voting functions)


  • EMC, according to EN50270
  • MED, according to directive 96/98/EC.
  • ATEX, EN50271 and metrological performances according to EN60079-29-1
  • CSA, pending
  • SIL1 certified to IEC/EN 61508 and EN 50402 functional safety standards

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Ordering Information

Configured part numbers for the controller

Choose base

WMX43M-4- MX 43 Wall mounted version, four lines
WMX43M-8- MX 43 Wall-mounted version, eight lines
WMX43R-8- MX 43 rack version, eight lines
WMX43E-4- MX 43 wall-mounted version with one four analogue input card (1)
WMX43E-8- MX 43 wall-mounted version with one eight analogue input card (1)(2)


Controller language
1 French
2 English, German, Russian, Chinese, French

Strobe colour and Horn
0 no strobe and horn
A Red Strobe and horn
B Blue Strobe and horn

0 no battery
B with battery

0 no option
1 with COM43 (including connection cable)
2 with USB datalogging capability
3 with COM43 (including connection cable) & USB datalogging capability

Digital output
0 without
1 RS-485 Modbus output

Controller Accessories

6311104 Battery for MX43 (protects from micro-breaks – runtime 5 to 60 min depending on system configuration)
6314066 Red Strobe and horn for MX43
6314114 RS485 Modbus output for MX43
6314152 Blue Strobe and horn for MX43
6314173 USB data logging capability for MX43 wall-mounted with 4Go USB stick
6314174 USB data logging capability for MX43 Rack with 4Go USB stick
WCDCOM43 COM 43 configuration software with a USB cable


6313962 4-relay module for MX43 and MX32v2
6313963 8-relay module for MX43 and MX32v2
6313964 16 logic input module for MX43 and MX32v2
6313980 4 analogue output module for MX43 and MX32v2
6314061 8 analogue input module for MX43 and MX32v2 (Configuration to be done when ordered)
6314245 Eight 4-20mA analogue input module for MX43 and MX32v2 604,00
6314246 Eight 340-370mA analogue input module for MX43 and MX32v2 (for Wheatstone bridge detectors)
6314247 Eight 150-200mA analogue input module for MX43 and MX32v2 (for Wheatstone bridge detectors)


6314180 Upgrade kit for MX43 v3.xx wall-mounted, USB module and micro card rev C v4,xx included
6314181 Upgrade kit for MX43 v3.xx Rack, USB module and micro card rev.C v4,xx included
L2M-8-24 Line monitoring module, 24Vdc, check the integrity of up to 8 lines from the relay contact to the actuator (siren, flashlight, etc.)


6314115 Cabinet for the implementation of 2 modules (delivered without the modules)
6314190 Cabinet with 75W power supply for the implementation of 1 module (delivered without the module)

Communication modules

B104914 TCP/IP over Modbus communication module, 24VDC

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