Oldham MX 40 Controller for BM25 Wireless Gas Detectors

  • Up to 32 gas measurements
  • Up to 16 BM 25 wireless units
  • Up to 64 programmable relays

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The MX 40 is a gas detection unit that communicates via radio to the BM 25 wireless units. This allows for the centralisation of all of the measurements recorded by the BM 25s in one location and the adjustment of settings.

The MX 40 controller can manage up to 16 wireless BM 25 units, including up to 32 measurement channels. A unit equipped with LEL, NH3 and O2 cells will occupy 3 measurement channels. Therefore, a maximum of 10 units of this type could be connected to the same MX 40.

The technology used is a mesh network. All hosts are interconnected with this type of network, forming a net-like structure. Each network node can receive, send, and relay data. This avoids the problem of sensitive points in the network, which would cut the connection to a part of the network in case of an outage. If a node is out of service, the neighbouring nodes will relay the messages via another route.

The maximum range between network nodes is 1000 meters, open-field. Because the same message can be relayed 4 times, the maximum distance between a node and an MX 40 unit can reach up to 5000 meters.

The frequency is 2.4 GHz. This frequency is the most popular because it is license-free in most places worldwide, unlike the 868 MHz and 900 MHz bandwidths. To be precise, communication is carried out on the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) radio band, which is located between 2.4 and 2.4835 GHz.

The I/O modules communicate over the MX 40’s RS485 network. They are mounted on the DIN rail on the MX 40 enclosure or may be located remotely, up to 1000 meters from the controller.

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M954-X MX40 control system in NEMA 4X Stainless Steel enclosure
AB = Sensor Power supply size N4X systems
08 Eight Wired Sensors, with power supply (dimensions WxHxD: 300x350x173mm – 11,85″x13,75″x6,79″)
32 Thirty two wired sensors, with power supply (dimensions WxHxD: 405x455x215mm – 16″x17,85″x9,5″)
C = Audio Visual Alarms mounted on enclosure (95db buzzer) (N4X units only, MUST
0 None
1 Horn only
2 Red
4 Amber
5 Green
6 Blue
7 Purple
9 Clear
A Red and Horn
C Amber and Horn
D Green and Horn
E Blue and Horn
F Purple and Horn
G Clear and Horn
Battery Backup – Option only with MX 40-954-X32 type
2 No battery backup – Stainless Steel Enclosure
3 Battery backup – Stainless Steel Enclosure
E = Number of DI-4 modules installed
F = Number of DA-4 modules installed
G = Number of AO-4 modules installed
H = Number of RL-4 modules installed
I = Wireless operations – MX40-954-X32.. versions only
4 320 series transceivers (master)
5 Two transceivers (master and slave)
J = Extended Temperature Display
8 Normal display
K = Antenna Separation options N4X
1 Antenna separation kit ( includes 7db antenna and 10m cable)
MX 40 Spare Parts
DET-975-041400-000 Model RL4 relay module
DET-975-041402-000 Model DI-4 four channel dry contact input module
DET-976-041400-000 Model DA-4 four channel 4-20 maDC input module
DET-975-041401-000 Model AO-4 four channel analog output module
DET-898-XANMNM-000 Adapter for Mounting High gain antenna to box
DET-980-NTNT40-030 10 meter Antenna cable for X40 controller
DET-976-00132D-000 Radio Module Din Rail Mount MX 40
DET-360-ML0100-024 24VDC 4.2Amp 100W Power Supply din rail mount power supply
DET-327-000000-000 Programming Magnet

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