Oldham MX 32 Analogue & Digital Gas Controller

Code: MX32v2
  • Gas monitoring controller
  • Entry-level
  • Fully scalable

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The Oldham MX 32 accommodates analogue and digital inputs, covering a wide variety of applications.

The MX 32 is a compact, low-profile controller that continuously measures gases in the atmosphere accepting 4-20 mA, MODBUS RS485 signal from compatible detectors. Activates warning devices in the event of gas escape to keep personnel and assets safe.

  • 1 or 2 channels, up to 4 detectors on each, allows up to 8 detectorsMX 32 open
  • 5” LCD backlit graphic display
  • Five programmable events per detector
  • Five smart keys make embedded multi-language menus simple to use. One audible alarm accept/reset button
  • Two extra MOSFET outputs for driving the audible and visual alarms
  • Ingress protection IP55
  • Dimensions 265 x 266 x 96 mm (10.4 x 10.5 x 3.8 inches)
  • Approvals CE, SIL1 according to EN50271:10,  ATEX (2014/34/UE), CSA
  • By Teledyne

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Configurator. Choose one of each option to make your customised controller

MX 32, 1 channel (4-20mA or numeric)
MX 32, 2 lines (4-20mA or numeric)
MX 32, 2 lines for Wheatstone bridge detectors

1 powered by external 24Vdc (not included)
2 delivered with internal power 100-240Vac 50-60Hz (35W)

C – Language of MX 32 menus
1 French
2 English, German, Russian, Chinese, French

D – Strobe colour and Horn
0 no strobe and horn
1 Red Strobe and horn
2 Blue Strobe and horn

E – Digital output
0 without
1 RS-485 Modbus RTU output

F – COM 32 Software
0 without
1 with (including connection cable)


6314208 Red Strobe and horn
6314209 Blue Strobe and horn
6314210 Internal power supply
6451680 RS485 Modbus output
WCDCOM32 COM 32 configuration software with a USB cable


6313962 4-relay module
6313963 8-relay module
6313964 16 logic input module
6313980 4 analogue output module
6314061 8 analogue input module
6314245 Eight 4-20mA analogue input module
6314246 Eight 340-370mA analogue input module (for Wheatstone bridge detectors)
6314247 Eight 150-200mA analogue input module for MX43 and MX32v2 (for Wheatstone bridge detectors)


L2M-8-24 Line monitoring module, 24Vdc, check the integrity of up to 8 lines from the relay contact to the actuator (siren, flashlight, etc.)


6314115 Cabinet for the implementation of 2 modules (delivered without the modules)
6314190 Cabinet with 75W power supply for the implementation of 1 module (delivered without the module)

Communication modules

B104914 TCP/IP over Modbus communication module, 24VDC

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