Micronics Portaflow 222 Flow Meter

Code: PF222
  • Clamp-on flow meter
  • Portable
  • 13-1000 mm overall pipe diameter

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The Micronics Portaflow 222 is a non-invasive, simple ultrasonic flow meter that clamps onto pipes for closed pipe applications. The unit provides fast and accurate flow measurement without interrupting operations, so there is no downtime whilst the unit is installed.


  • Carry Case: Polypropylene case, with foam insert and double wall for extra strength
  • PF222A with ‘A’ Transducers: 13mm OD to 115mm OD pipes IP54 with IP68 option
  • PF222B with ‘B’ Transducers: 50mm OD to 1000mm OD pipes IP54 with IP68 option
  • Transducer Operating Temp: ‘A’& ‘B’ -20°C to +135°C
  • Turn Down Ratio: 100:1
  • 3 x Pulse Output: Pulse or Frequency. Opto-isolated MOSFET relay. Max Current: 150mA. Isolation: >100V AC/DC. Pulse for volume flow and alarms, a frequency for flow rate. The pulse outputs can be configured, including flow totals, loss of signal, low flow alarms. 4-20mA Output: 4-20mA flow proportional output, optically isolated 1500 volts, 620 ohms maximum load.
  • Volumetric mode: Pulse repetition rates: up to 50 pulses/sec (depending on pulse width)
  • Frequency mode: Max. Pulse frequency: 200Hz
  • Flow at max frequency: User selectable
  • Flow Range – 0.1m/sec to 20m/sec bi-directional
  • Display – 64 x 240 pixels graphic display
  • Set-up via 16 key control panel
  • Battery or mains operation
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Battery Life – 14 hours (2.5 hours charge time), depending on load
  • Power – 110 – 240VAC +/-10% supply via PSU
  • Four user-selectable languages, including English, German, French and Spanish
  • Accuracy Pipe ID > 75mm – ±0.5% to ±2% of flow reading for flow rate >0.2m/s
  • Accuracy Pipe ID 13-75mm – ±3% of flow reading for flow rate >0.2m/s
  • CE approved

Order Information

Part Number Model Pipe Sizes [mm OD] Battery Life [hrs] Temp. Range
770-6004 PF222 A 13-115 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6004M PF222 A Magnetic Guiderails 13-115 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6004IP68 PF222 A IP68 13-115 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6004IP68M PF222 A IP68 / Magnetic Guiderails 13-115 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6006 PF222 B 50-1000 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6006M PF222 B Magnetic Guiderails 50-1000 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6006IP68 PF222 B IP68 50-1000 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6006IP68M PF222 B IP68 / Magnetic Guiderails 50-1000 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6008 PF222 AB 13-1000 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6008M PF222 AB Magnetic Guiderails 13-1000 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6008IP68 PF222 AB IP68 13-1000 14 -20°C to +135°C
770-6008IP68M PF222 AB IP68 / Magnetic Guiderails 13-1000 14 -20°C to +135°C

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