Linesense H8069 Digital LHD Cable

Code: 51100-176
  • 180°C, 356°F nominal
  • Ordered by the metre
  • Historic brand Kidde

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H8069 Linesense digital Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable. Alarm temperature 180˚C, maximum ambient 105˚C. Red PVC outer sheath. FM Approved.

The simple and proven technology of digital Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable makes it a product of choice for demanding and challenging applications where other technologies struggle to work.

With its ease of installation and low maintenance, it also provides a cost-effective solution where project expenditure requires to be kept at a minimum.

The sensing cable is formed from a pair of twisted steel conductors, each with temperature-sensitive insulation and then an overall PVC outer sleeve. When the temperature-sensitive insulation reaches its predetermined alarm temperature, the two conductors short together, providing the digital or switched signal.

The cable can be connected to any unit capable of monitoring a switched signal, i.e. Conventional fire panel, addressable switch monitor unit or PLC.

The PVC outer sleeve of the H8069 offers good UV resistance allowing it to be deployed in external applications.

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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg


Alarm temperature: 180°C 356°F
Max amb temperature: 105°C 221°F
Min operating temperature: -40°C -40°F
Min installation temperature: 0°C 32°F


Resistance: 100 ohms / Km @ 20°C
Capacitance: 45 pF/m to 130 pF/m
Inductance: 0.74 ųH/m to 1.3 ųH/m
Voltage rating: 110vdc 1 amp
Time to detect a small flame: 20 secs (flame touching)


Cable diameter: 4.25mm ±0.1mm
Sheath colour: Red
Number of cores: 2
Core colours: Black and Black/White
Core diameters: 1.5mm ±0.03mm
Conductor diameter: 1/0.9mm Tinned Copper Clad Steel (TCCS)
Minimum bend radius: 50mm (Cold store 100mm)
Weight: 21.Kg/Km on the reel (weight of reel typically 2Kg)

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