Labplant SD-Basic Spray Dryer

Code: SDBasic
  • Entry Level Spray Dryer
  • Small Footprint
  • Fast Assembly & Easy To Use

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The Labplant SD-Basic Spray Dryer is suitable for Aqueous solutions only, supplied without a compressor.

All controls are located on one face, at the front of the SD-Basic, directly above the glassware preventing obscuring of process viewing. The liquid pump rate is adjusted by a dial, the drying inlet temperature is adjusted by the CAL controller. Dry air volume is fixed at 70 m3 per hour. Over-temperature protection is included as standard for machine and operator safety. The exhaust outlet temperature is also visible.

The two-channel spray assembly is made from 316 stainless steel comprising of an inner tube supplying liquid to a 0.5mm jet, an outer tube provides compressed air to the nozzle generating vaporised spray. Heated air evaporates any liquid within the atomised spray in the main chamber. Solid particles are removed from the exhaust outlet by a cyclone and collected in a bottle. The 50 mm exhaust hose can be fed into an extraction system or discharged into the atmosphere.

  • Optional compressor available
  • Housing chemically resistant powder coated
  • Single person operation
  • Efficient – small amounts of sample liquid used
  • Manual operated de-blocking device included with spray assembly
  • Clamps allow for quick removal and replacement of glassware
  • Variable speed peristaltic feed pump
  • The integral air filter protects drying air from contaminants
  • Range of accessories and spares
  • An array of aqueous solutions/suspensions can be spray dried
  • Borosilicate glassware
  • Power 220-240V
  • Size 1200 x 500 x 500mm, weight 60kg

Application examples:  Beverages, flavours & colouring, dairy products, plant extracts, plastics, ceramics, detergents, bones & teeth.

Norrscope can conduct drying trials so customers can evaluate results.

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Labplant SD-Basic Spray Dryer

As standard Norrscope supply all the parts necessary for spray drying. Factory fitted blower and heater units, inlet temperature controller.
Exhaust temperature indicator, atomiser with 0.5mm jet, with manual de-blocking system.
Up to approx. 1000ml/ph

Compressor required for operation not supplied. (Air requirements: 27 litres per min at 0.5 to 3.0 bar regulated and clean air).

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