Labplant SD-06 Spray Dryer

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  • Redesigned suitable for solvent and aqueous based products
  • Replaces other model variants (one model does all)
  • Ideal for research & pre production trials

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The Labplant SD-06 Spray Dryer is now suitable for Aqueous and Solvent based solutions; previously, separate models were necessary.  Following re-engineering, the SD-06 offers a combined spray dryer for both. The addition of a rear plate allows purging with nitrogen for Solvent use, remove it, and Aqueous solutions can be used. Designed to be compact in comparison to alternative machines and easy to use by a single operator.

The SD-06 is housed in brushed chemically resistant stainless steel and can be bench mounted, or an optional floor standard is available. Easy removal of glassware is possible by the supplied clamps and fittings.  At the back, an inlet filter removes 99.99% of air laden particles to prevent contamination of drying air.

PLC controlled operation is by an LCD touch screen, inlet temperature can be adjusted for delicate products, airflow, de-blocker frequency, and pump speed can also be set.

The process works as sample liquid from a container is fed into the main chamber through a stainless steel standard 0.5 mm jet by a self-priming peristaltic pump. Air is simultaneously pumped into the outer jet tube by the integrated compressor producing a fine spray within the air heated drying chamber. Liquid content then evaporates from the atomised spray. Solid particles typically in a free-flowing state remain separated from the exhaust airflow and are deposited in the sample collection bottle.

Automatic de-blocking activated by the compressor assists when particles may solidify or large suspended particles inhibit the jet.

Other drying methods such as ovens may require additional work like grinding; spray drying produces fast results from a small amount of liquid with a sphere finish.

  • Adjustable for dual cyclone high yield use
  • Range of spares & accessories
  • Different jet nozzles sizes available & other fittings
  • Power supply, single-phase 220-240V (other choices available)
  • Size  H 1110 x W 825 x D 600 mm, 80kg

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Ordering Information

SD-06 Spray Dryer includes the parts necessary for spray drying (excluding sample). Factory fitted blower and heater units; all the main functions are touchscreen controlled. Inlet and exhaust temperature indicators, atomiser with 0.5mm jet assembly, built-in compressor, auto de-blocking system. Up to approx. 1500ml/ph

Spares & accessories


SDS2017 Glassware kit includes a cyclone, chamber, tube & bottle

SDS2032 Accessories kit includes 2x double screw connectors, 2x PTFE seals, 2mtr silicone tubing, pack of O-rings, 1.0mm de-blocking needle, 0.5mm de-blocking needle, 1.0mm nozzle

Individual parts

SDS2018 Standard main chamber 500mm
SDS2020 Long main chamber 800mm
SDS2022 Cyclone
SDS2006 500ml Sample collection bottle
SDS2021 1000ml Sample collection bottle
SDS2010 Waste collection tube
SDS2046 Atomiser fitted with 0.5mm nozzle (State manual or automatic when ordering)
SDS1004 0.5mm nozzle assembly inner and outer
SDS1005 0.7mm nozzle assembly inner and outer
SDS1006 1.0mm nozzle assembly inner and outer
SDS1007 1.5mm nozzle assembly inner and outer
SDS1008 2.0mm nozzle assembly inner and outer
SDS1010 Custom size nozzle assembly available on request
SDS2040 Plunger and spring for de-blocking needle
SDS2041 1.0mm de-blocking needle
SDS2042 0.5mm de-blocking needle
SDS2003 Small clamp for glassware connection (new design)
SDS2011 Double screw connectors for the sample bottle and the waste tube
SDS2012 PTFE seals for SDS2011
SDS2033 Pack of assorted O-rings for atomiser
SDS2031 2mtr length of silicon tubing for SD-Basic
SDS2034 2mtr length of silicon tubing for SD-06
SDS2056 4mm nylon tubing for SD-06 atomiser (de-blocking line)
SDS2057 6mm nylon tubing for atomiser compressed airline
SDS2002 2mtr length of exhaust tubing for both models of spray dryer
SDS2007 Stand for SD-06 (For additional height)
SDS2024 Chimney extension for use with the long main chamber
SDS2027 Cyclone connector for dual cyclone system only
SDS2061 Wet scrubber unit for SD-06 only (Cannot be used in conjunction with SDS2054)
SDS2054 Filter unit for SD-06

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