Kidde WHDR Wet Chemical Suppression System

Code: WHDR
  • Fire suppression for Commercial cooking
  • Automatic & manual actuation
  • Not toxic

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The Kidde Wet Chemical Fire Discharge System provides fire protection for commercial kitchen applications such as appliances and ventilation.

The system uses a liquid chemical called Aqueous Potassium Carbonate (APC) as its agent. APC, a solution of potassium carbonate in water, suppresses fires through a process of:

  • Saponification of surface grease (turning it into combustion-resistant foam/soap).
  • Cooling effects of water vaporisation,
  • Inerting effects of resultant steam formation, and
  • Interruption of the chemical chain reaction of combustion.

Hazards and equipment that can be protected using wet chemical extinguishing systems are

  • Restaurant, commercial, and institutional hoods
  • Plenums, ducts, and filters with their associated cooking appliances
  • Special grease removal devices

The wet chemicals used in the Kidde WHDR Wet Chemical System are stable at both low and high temperatures. The upper storage temperature limit for the system is 120°F (49°C). The lower temperature limit is 0°F (-18°C).

APC wet chemical agent is applied in a concentrated liquid spray to a burning surface, reacting quickly with the hot grease or oil to produce a foam blanketing the surface. The layer acts to smother a fire and with the cooling effect of the APC wet chemical agent, also reduces the possibility of fire reflash.

Hazardous material information,  HMIS rating for APC wet chemical is as follows:

  • Health (H) = 2
  • Flammability (F) = 0
  • Reactivity (R) = 0

Upon system alarm notification, all personnel must evacuate the protected space. Failure to do so may result in temporary respiratory difficulties, disorientation, or personal injury.

Wet chemical fire extinguishing agent is considered nontoxic, but is classified as a skin/eye irritant, and may cause temporary irritation to the eyes, skin, or respiratory system. Avoid unnecessary exposure.

No unusual cleanup procedure is required. After the appliances have completely cooled, the residue from the discharge may be cleaned up with a wet cloth or sponge. Wear rubber gloves while cleaning. If skin or eyes come in contact with the agent, flush thoroughly with water.

APC wet agent is electrically conductive. To avoid electric shock, de-energise all electric circuits to appliances, outlets, and wiring by disconnecting or turning off the electric power at the main fuse or circuit breaker box. Do not clean up APC wet agent or touch electric appliances, outlets, power cords, or other wiring with electrical power on.

The Wet Chemical system holds UL and ULC listings as a pre-engineered system.

The classification of fire is defined as the following:

  • Class A: Surface Type Fires; wood or other cellulose-type material (ordinary combustibles)
  • Class B: Flammable liquids
  • Class C: Energised electrical equipment
  • Class D: Combustible metals (such as magnesium, sodium, zirconium, potassium, and titanium)
  • Class K: Combustible cooking media (vegetable or animal oils and fats)

Note: Kidde Wet Chemical system is suited for Class K type of fire.

The system utilises stored pressure agent gas cylinders, powder-coated, welded mild-steel shell conforming to DOT/TC specification 4BW/4BA construction and NFPA standards. The valve is forged brass with nickel plating. The plating and cylinder coating makes it corrosion resistant.

The system can be activated mechanically from manual release, thermo-bulb links, and fusible links. The system can be activated electrically with a 24 Vdc compatible alarm control panel that is tested and listed with the Kidde XV Control System. Both automatic detection and manual release devices are used on control panels.

Other actuations are available, such as mechanical gas valve closure or dry contacts for annunciation and electrical shutdowns.

Upon actuation, the wet chemical is discharged through agent distribution piping and specially designed nozzles positioned throughout the protected area.


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Ordering Information

1-87-125002-001 10L  (2.5 gal) c/w burst disc TPED
1-87-125006-001 15L  (4.0 gal) c/w burst disc TPED
1-87-125005-001 23L  (6.0 gal) c/w burst disc TPED
1-87-120001-001 WHDR 125 cylinder and valve assy
1-87-120002-001 WHDR 260 cylinder and valve assy
1-87-120006-001 WHDR 400M cylinder and valve assy
1-87-120005-001 WHDR 600 cylinder and valve assy
1-60-9197430-000 WHDR 125 mounting bracket
1-60-9197263-000 WHDR 260/10 mounting bracket
1-60-9197414-000 WHDR 400/15 mounting bracket
1-87-100013-001 WHDR  600/23 mounting bracket
1-844908 Discharge adaptor kit
Design (Inc 1 x Flow calc and Drawings per protected space)
1-87-120099-402 XV Control System
Includes the following:
1-87-120042-001 System Valve Actuator
1-87-120044-001 Test Cartridge
1-87-120043-001 System Cartridge
1-87-120058-001 EMT Connector Kit
1-87-120010-001 Control Box KRS-50
1-60-9197228-000 DPDT Microswitch for KRS-50 only
1-87-120039-001 Microswitch SPDT Solid colour tails
1-87-120045-001 High-Pressure Hose (required for cylinder mounted Control System)
1-87-120042-001 System Valve Actuator
1-83-100034-001 Electric Actuator Kit, 24 VDC for 87-120099-001
1-87-120039-001 Microswitch SPDT Solid colour tails
1-87-120058-001 EMT Connector & O-ring kit, 3 sets (Required for Industrial Systems. No substitutes)
1-87-120043-001 Nitrogen Cartridge for Kidde XV Control System
1-87-120044-001 Test Cartridge for Kidde XV Control System
1-60-9197108-000 Keeper Pin (XV Control System)
1-87-120046-002 XV Valve Rebuild Kit; including Puncture Pin, Label, Gasket, O Ring & E Ring
Note: All nozzles are sold in packs of 10
1-87-120016-001 ADP nozzle pack
1-87-120017-001 F nozzle pack
1-87-120018-001 GRW nozzle pack
1-87-120019-001 R nozzle pack
1-87-120020-001 DM nozzle pack
1-87-120023-001 LPF nozzle pack
1-87-120025-001 LPR nozzle pack
1-87-120021-001 3/8 swivel adaptor for nozzles
1-60-9197054-000 Replacement nozzle seals
1-60-9197290-000 Disc Cap
1-87-120026-001 Disc Cap for LPR only
1-87-120110-001 End of line remote manual release NEW
1-87-120053-001 Inline kit for remote manual release
1-87-120050-001 End – of – line remote manual release (recessed)
1-87-120110-001 REMOTE MAN. RELEASE (NEW)
1-875572 Pull to trip manual release
1-60-9197227-000 SPDT microswitch [KRS-50 only]
1-60-9197228-000 DPDT microswitch for [KRS-50 only]
1-87-120064-001 Fusible Link Housing Kit (KRS-50 & Mechanical Control Head)
Includes: 1 bracket,  2 “S” Hooks,  2 Cable Crimp Sleeves
1-87-120060-001 Fusible Link for [KRS-50 & Mechanical Control Head] 360oF
Other link temperatures available on request
1-87-120091-212 Thermo bubl link 100°C                        Pack of 5 pcs.
1-87-120091-286 Thermo bubl link 141°C                        Pack of 5 pcs.
1-87-120091-360 Thermo bubl link 182°C                        Pack of 5 pcs.
1-87-120091-500 Thermo bubl link 260°C                        Pack of 5 pcs.
1-804548 Fusible Link Housing Kit (For use only with mechanical control head)
Includes:  1 bracket, 2 1/2″ EMT Connector, 1 “S” Hook, 4 Cable Crimp Sleeve
1-282661 Fusible Link 165oF (74°c) – Yellow
1-282662 Fusible Link 212oF (100°c) – White
1-282664 Fusible Link 360oF (182°c) – Unpainted
1-282666 Fusible Link 500oF (260°c) – Orange
1-875572 Mechanical Remote Manual Release
1-1593-0002 Quartzoid Bulb Link 400oF
1-1593-0002 Quartzoid Bulb Link 500oF
1-844648 Corner Pulley
1-843791 Tee Pulley
1-60-9197286-000 3 Way Pulley – For inline remote only (10 pack)
1-219649 Cable. 1/16″ x 500ft. Long
1-843837 EMT Adapter, 1/2″ EMT x 3/8″ NPT
1-214951 Cable Crimp Sleeve – 50 pieces
1-87-9189413-000 S Hook – 50 pieces
1-60-9196984-000 Vent plug. One to be used in each set of piping.
1-87-120045-002 FLEX HOSE/FITTING ASSY 24-INCH
1-87-100001-001 3/4″ NPT
1-87-100001-002 1″ NPT
1-60-9197017-000 1/2″ NPT Electronic Solenoid Gas Shutoff Valve
1-60-9197018-000 3/4″ NPT Electronic Solenoid Gas Shutoff Valve
1-60-9197019-000 1″ NPT Electronic Solenoid Gas Shutoff Valve
1-60-9197020-000 1 1/4″ NPT Electronic Solenoid Gas Shutoff Valve
1-60-9197021-000 1 1/2″ NPT Electric Solenoid Gas Shutoff Valve
1-60-9197022-000 2″ NPT Electronic Solenoid Gas Shutoff Valve
1-60-9197444-000 2 1/2″ NPT Electonic Solenoid Gas Shutoff Valve
1-60-9197445-000 3″ NPT Electronic Solenoid Gas Shutoff Valve
1-60-9101735-000 Manual Reset Relay (Required)
1-26504601 Compression-Seal Adapter – 3/8″ Tubing
1-26504602 Compression-Seal Adapter – 1/2″ Tubing / 1/4″ Pipe
1-26504603 Compression-Seal Adapter – 5/8″ Tubing / 3/8″ Pipe
1-26504605 Compression-Seal Adapter – 3/4″ Tubing / 1/2″ Pipe
1-26504604 Compression-Seal Adapter – 1/2″ EMT
1-26499301 Quik-SealTM Adapter – 3/8″ NPT Female
1-26499302 Quik-SealTM Adapter – 1/2″ NPT Female
1-26499303 Quik-SealTM Adapter – 3/4″ NPT Female
1-87-120009-001 Valve Assembly
1-06-118031-001 Replacement Gauge
1-87-120067-001 Valve Rebuild kit
1-877343 Valve Stem Assembly
1-217768 Valve Spring
1-253299 Spring Retainer
1-18490004 Retaining Ring Check – Minimum 10 pieces (each price)
1-257754 Fusible Plug – each
1-56610327 0-Ring – Valve to Cylinder – Minimum 10 Pieces (each price)
1-64350006 0-Ring – Valve Stem – Minimum 10 Pieces (each price)
1-60-9197210-000 Valve Body Assembly, KRS-50
1-60-9197220-000 Cable Tensioning Block, KRS-50
1-60-1419239-000 0-Ring, Puncture Stern, KRS-50
1-60-9197213-000 Flat Gasket, Valve Body, KRS-50
1-WK-263303-000 Check Valve for Pneumatic Actuator
1-15262 Seal Wire
1-277088 Back Plate (for P/N 875572 Manual Release)
1-255096 Protection Plate (for Valve Top)
1-255681 Valve Outlet Anti-Recoil Plate
1-108019-000 0-Ring (for Elbow Bracket and Recharge Adapter) – Minimum 10 Pieces
1-899996 Nameplate & Handle Ass’y (for Mech., Elec. and Pneumatic Control Heads)
1-294614 Nameplate (for P/N 899082 Tandem Control Heads)
1-64490024 Fuse (for P/N 899175 Electric Control Heads
1-253538 Positive Action Crimp Tool
1-281578 Control Head Test Fixture
1-279262 Recharge Adapter
1-878453 Hydrostatic Test Adapter
1-06-235557-001 CO2 Cartridge for KRS-50
1-87-120030-000 1.25 Gallon “APCTM” Wet Chemical Recharge Container
1-87-120031-001 2.66 Gallon “APCTM” Wet Chemical Recharge Container
1-87-120032-001 4.00 Gallon “APCTM” Wet Chemical Recharge Container
1-87-120033-001 6.00 Gallon “APCTM” Wet Chemical Recharge Container
1-60-9197086-000 Inlet Flushing Adapter WHDR
1-60-9197091-000 Outlet Flushing Adapter, 1/2 WHDR
1-60-9197088-000 Outlet Flushing Adapter, 1/8 WHDR
1-60-9197089-000 Outlet Flushing Adapter, 1/4 WHDR
1-60-9197090-000 Outlet Flushing Adapter, 3/8 WHDR
1-87-122000-001 Wet Chemical System Instruction Manual
1-87-120040-001 Wet Chemical System Owners Manual (APC)

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