Kidde AirSense Stratos Micra 10 Single Pipe Aspirating Smoke Detector

Code: 9-30725
  • Laser light scattering mass detection & particle evaluation
  • Particle range 0.003μ to 10μ
  • Indoor use

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Kidde AirSense Stratos Micra 10, part of the ASD range by UTC Fire & Security.

A Single pipe aspirating smoke detector with a sensitivity scale ranging 0.3 – 25% obs/m. Classifire 3D Artificial Intelligence allows it to adjust the sensitivity with no external input automatically. This means the product will configure itself to provide high sensitivity in a computer room or reduced sensitivity in a smoky area.

Laser Dust Discrimination (LDDTM) makes this product suitable for a wide range of environments. Status indicators provided for ‘OK’, ‘FIRE’ and ‘Fault’. Fire and Fault relay outputs for interfacing to other fire control equipment. Non-networkable. Requires external 24vdc supply. Provided with two installed metal cable glands. Maximum pipework length: 50m (25m in high airflow). Number of Sample holes: Class A – 2 Sampling holes, Class B – 4 Sampling holes, C – 10 Sampling holes. Dimensions mm: 140w x 200h x 85d (including cable glands).  Net weight 1.7 kg, colour cream, cable entries 2 x M20.

The AirSense Stratos Micra 10 is designed to provide very high sensitivity smoke detection in a small package. The detector is designed to fit into a Docking Station. All sampling pipes and cables are connected to the Docking Station as a first fix operation leaving the detector to be fitted during the final commissioning phase if required, ensuring that detectors are less likely to be damaged during the installation.

Upgradable volt-free Fire and Fault relay outputs are available for remote monitoring by local fire detection or BMS systems.

Part number 9-30725 is the EN54 version, and  9-30725-ULF is the UL version which is also branded under the Air Intelligence name.


  • High sensitivity provided by laser-based forward light scatter for reliable early warning
  • Single sampling pipe up to 50m in length (still air), overall diameter 27mm
  • Unique ClassiFire  Perceptive Artificial Intelligence system that dynamically adjusts the detector’s operating parameters, allowing for day to day changes in the protected environment and dust separation system contamination
  • Unwanted alarms from dust are avoided using patented Dual Technology LDD 3D3 Laser Dust Discrimination and elimination system
  • CPR approved

Typical Applications

  • Data storage units
  • Prison cells
  • Plant rooms
  • Air conditioning units
  • Equipment racks
  • Computer rooms
  • Air duct protection
  • Heritage property protection
  • Critical equipment
  • Anti-smoking enforcement
  • Motor rooms

Options Available

  • Addressable Protocol Interface Cards APIC
  • Relay expansion card

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