Kane EGA-5 Exhaust Gas Analyser

Code: EGA-5
  • 5 gas exhaust analyser
  • Diagnose engine/exhaust/catalytic converter faults quickly
  • Identify fuel flow, misfire & EVAP problems

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Kane EGA-5 Battery Powered Exhaust Gas Analyser with Graphic Display

  • Unique Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensors designed to meet official test standards
  • Pre-compliance & roadside emissions tester – local laws may apply
  • Measure Lambda & AFR to improve engine efficiency & fuel consumption
  • Test vehicles under real-world driving conditions
  • Take EGA to the vehicle, not the vehicle to the analyser
  • Test vehicle A/C & refrigeration systems


  • Large graphic display
  • Unique NDIR sensors for accurate measurements with fast warm-up
  • Connect to KANE LIVE & 3rd party Apps
  • Add optional KANE LINK devices
  • Store over 200 tests
  • Rechargeable battery with minimum 4-hour life
  • Rugged & portable with protective rubber sleeve
  • Document test results with optional KANE-IRP3 printer
  • Ten-year warranty when serviced & recertified by KANE
  • Backed by KANE CARE – We promise never to let you down or your money back


  • Real-time vehicle/engine testing in the workshop & road
  • Instant engine, exhaust system & catalytic converter tests
  • Vehicle smog checks, tune-ups & diagnostics
  • Check repair work with before & after test
  • Maintain engines to manufacturer specification
  • A/C & refrigeration performance & efficiency


  • CO 0-10%
  • O2 0-21%
  • CO2 0-20%
  • NO 0-1500ppm
  • HC 0-5000ppm
  • ACR pressure & temp


  • Lambda/AFR 0.8-1.2
  • NOx 0-1500ppm optional
  • ACR sub cool & superheat

Fuel Types

  • Petrol / Gasoline
  • LPG or CNG
  • Diesel
  • Most refrigerants

Order Information

KANE-EGA5 5 Gas Exhaust Analyser with Kane Link, NDIR Infra-red & Electrochemical sensors, CO 0-10%, CO2 0-20%, HC 0-5000ppm, O2 0-21% and NO(x) 0-1500ppm. Calculates heat pump, A/C & refrigeration system superheat & subcool supplied with EP1 exhaust probe, CL5 USB Lead, CU12VDC2A21 charger, CA10733/4 12V Charger & 14102/2 large carry bag
EP1 350mm insertion depth stainless steel exhaust probe with 4M neoprene tubing – max temp 1250°C. Replaces EPAUTO1, 2, 3, 4 & 7
EP2 300mm insertion depth stainless steel exhaust probe with 6M neoprene tubing & in-line 17702 70 micron particle filter – max temp 1250°C. Replaces EPAUTO5 & 9
EP3 230mm insertion depth stainless steel motorcycle exhaust probe with 1.5M tubing – max temp 1250°C. Replaces EPAUTO8
EP4 As EP3 with thermocouple to measure exhaust temperature – max temp 1250°C. Replaces EPAUTO6
EP5 In-cab heater probe Replaces SM14053
KANE-WPP22 x 2 x Kane Link, pass through pressure probes for heat pump, A/C & refrigeration system pressure tests
KANE-WPP1 x 2 x Kane Link, pass through pressure probes for heat pump, A/C & refrigeration system pressure tests
KANE-WPCP2 2 x Kane Link, wireless pipe clamp probes 0 to +80°C
KANE-WPCP 1 x Kane Link, wireless pipe 1 x clamp probe 0 to +80°C
3407 4M black probe hose for EP1, 2 & EPAUTO5 & 9
SM11533 Reinforced rubber probe & brass fittings for EPAUTO1
SM11103 Black pressure hose connector for KANE-EGA1/2/3
SM14980 Red gas probe connector for KANE-EGA1/2/3 & new shape KANE-EGA4/5
17516 RPM clamp for OIML analysers
MSC00117 Protective pouch for KANE-EGA4/5
14102/2 Large carry case
SM12516 Hard plastic case for old shape KANE-EGA4/5, OIML & MID analysers
20106 Backpack
CU12VDCA21 100-240V charger for KANE AUTO4-1/5-1, OIML, MID & KANE-EGA4 & 5
CA107334/4 100-240v charger for AUTO4-1/5-1, OIML, MID, old & new shape KANE-EGA4/5
19278 Charger for KMIRP-2 Printer
USB1 USB charger cable & UK plug for KANE-EGA1/2/3 & KANE-IRP3 from 2021
CC13795-BLK Protective black handset cover for AUTO4-1/5-1, OIML, MID & old shape EGA4/5
CL3 PC interface lead for AUTO4-1/5-1, OIML & MID analysers
CL5 USB lead for new shape KANE-EGA4/5
18222 Serial lead for AUTO4-1/5-1, OIML & MID analysers
SM11284 Oil temperature probe for AUTO4-1/5-1, OIML, MID & KANE-EGA4/5 analysers
SM51061 Hanging hook for new shape KANE-EGA4/5
SM50932 Boiler magnet for new shape KANE-EGA4/5
17702 In-hose filter for EPAUTO3
PF2/10 10 x PF2 particle filters for AUTO & EGA analysers
SM11529 HC residue check filter for OIML & MID analysers
SM10464 Watertrap for AUTO & old shape EGA4 & 5 analysers
SM50515 Watertrap for KANE-EGA1/2/3 analysers
SM50675 Watertrap for new shape KANE-EGA4/5 analysers
TP5 5 x Thermal Paper Rolls for KANE-IRP Printer
WN8 Filter for AUTO4-3 & AUTO5-3 ANALYSERS

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