Honeywell UltraRAE 3000+ PGM-7360 VOC monitor

Code: PGM-7360
  • VOCs from 0.01 to 10,000 ppm
  • Measure Benzene
  • Rugged

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Measuring Benzene from 10 ppb or 0.01ppm to 200 ppm and other VOCs to an extended range of 10,000ppm. The UltraRae 3000+ is an advanced VOC monitor. Supplied with a 9.8 eV photoionisation sensor, alternatively choose a 10.6 eV or 11.7 eV sensor lamp.

There are two modes of operation, VOC or compound-specific mode. Response time is three seconds for VOCs and sixty seconds in a compound-specific mode.  Typical applications include confined space entry, refinery use, plant shut down & turn around, hazmat response and leak detection.

Benzene or Butadiene measurement is possible when fitted with a 9.8 eV light and used with RAESep separation tubes. For operator exposure, a 60-second snapshot can be produced or a 15-minute STEL measurement.

Designed for use in harsh environments, the UltraRae 3000 has a self-cleaning lamp and sensor. Included is a library of 350 correction factors for specific compound measurement and inbuilt humidity compensation. The pump can draw a sample up to 30 metres/100 feet, horizontally or vertically, with an integrated flow rate of 400 cc/min. A four-line graphic display shows the gas type, concentration and correction factor.


  • Mesh Radio for ConneXt compatibility
  • BLE Module
  • Integrated Bluetooth transmitter that transmits real-time data up to 2 miles with RAELink3 wireless router
  • Monitor with Accessories Kit: Includes hard case, charging/download cradle (instead of travel charger), filters and O-rings, gas outlet with tubing & organic vapour zeroing kit
  • Calibration Kit includes cylinder and regulator

Monitor only versions include

  • Travel download charger
  • PID lamp and RAE-Separation Tube
  • Flex-I-Probe and short probe
  • External filter
  • Red rubber boot
  • Alkaline battery adapter
  • Lamp cleaning and Tool kit  (Note: Isopropanol cleaning fluid not included).
  • Li-Ion Battery with universal AC/DC adapter and international plug kit, if specified
  • Soft leather carrying case

Ingress Protection IP65. Size 25.5 x 7.6 x 6.4 cm. Weight 738 g

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UltraRAE 3000+ Datasheet 141 KB
RAE PID Quick-Start_Guide 734 KB
RAE PID Manual User's Guide 3 MB
RAE pid handbook 1 MB

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Weight 0.190 kg

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Main Models

059-D316-000 : UltraRAE 3000, Non-Wireless, ATEX, PID 9.8eV + 10 Benzene Tubes, Li-Ion Battery, Monitor only

059-D316-500: UltraRAE 3000, Non-Wireless, ATEX, PID 9.8eV + 10 Benzene Tubes, Li-Ion, Accessories and Benzene Calibration Kit (with gas and regulator)

059-D31E-300 UltraRAE 3000+, ATEX/IECEx, PID 9.8 eV lamp 1/2″ with 10 RAE-Sep™ Tubes for Benzene , BLE Data Transmission, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Accessories Kit

059-D317-500: UltraRAE 3000, Bluetooth, ATEX, PID 9.8eV + 10 Benzene Tubes, Li-Ion Battery, Accessories and Benzene Calibration Kit (with gas and regulator)

Other Configurations

059-D110-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-D116-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-D116-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-D117-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-D117-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-D210-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-D216-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-D216-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-D217-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-D217-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-D310-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-D310-200 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-D310-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-D311-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/UL
059-D316-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-D317-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-D317-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-D318-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/W-868/ATX
059-D31C-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/W-900/ATX
059-D31C-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/W-900/ATX
059-D410-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-D410-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-D416-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-D416-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-D417-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-D417-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-D111-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/UL
059-D311-200 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/UL
059-D110-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-D31E-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATEX
059-D11E-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATEX
059-D11E-000 UltraRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATEX
059-D31E-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATEX
059-D31E-300 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATEX
059-D416-100 UltraRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX

Accessories and Spares

012-2502-005: VOC Tubes for UltraRAE Monitor (5 tubes/box)
012-3022-010: RAE-Sep Benzene Separation Tubes for UltraRAE Series Monitor (requires 9.8 eV lamp) (10 tubes/box)
012-3023-010: RAE-Sep Halocarbon Separation Tubes for UltraRAE Series Monitor (10 tubes/box) (requires 11.7 eV lamp)
012-3024-010: RAE-Sep Butadiene Separation Tubes for UltraRAE Series Monitor (10 tubes/box) (requires 9.8 eV lamp)
059-3015-000 Tube adapter Assembly, replacement for UltraRAE 3000
059-3008-600-FRU Tube adapter maintenance Kit for UltraRAE 3000 – does not include the Tube adapter
050-0001-000: 11.7 eV Interchangeable 1/2″ PID lamp MiniRAE 3000, UltraRAE 3000
059-2083-001: Slim Rubber Boot (Red), ATEX

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