Honeywell Touchpoint Pro Controller

Code: Touchpoint Pro
  • Small to Large scale fully integrated gas & shutdown system
  • Up To 64 Input Channels and 128 Output Channels
  • Reduces cabling required

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The Honeywell Touchpoint Pro Controller can have up to 64 input channels and 128 output channels. The Control System comprises of four components the central controller with full colour LCD touch screen; PCBs and SD card, plugin input and output modules, plugin power supply and the communication power rail. Mounted in 19″ racks either floor standing or wall mounting. The system can act as a single centralised controller, distributed or both. This modular design means it can be tailored to a customers requirements with future proof expansion capability.

The Touchpoint Pro can accept inputs for Flammable, Toxic, Oxygen and Flame detectors. Inputs from other devices for example strobes or valves can also be accepted. The central controller has a full listing of all Honeywell Analytics gas sensors containing selectable defaults assisting configuration. The menu interface gives simple forward, backward and reject options, operated by the touchscreen or by PC using the optional TPPR PC Configuration Software.

Inbuilt into the central controller is a webserver interface, configuration and calibration are excluded to prevent accidental reset of critical parameters. It provides visibility on system status around the clock, inhibit channels like alarm can be reset and event logs can be accessed.

An optional Redundant Control Centre Board (CCB) insures constant system up time, if a fault occurs on the master CCB, the system with automatically switch without delay to the redundant CCB. As an option Modbus RTU output, a dual RS485 interface can be added to the central controller.

The controller can accept a maximum of 16 input modules and 32 output modules, each individual module input and output has four channels.

• Analog Input Module 4-20 mA
• Analogue Input Module mV-Bridge
• Digital Input Module can be used with fire, gas or security
• Relay Output Module

The communication power rail 24 Vdc powers the input/output modules and can accommodate 5, 7, 9, or 10 Input/Output modules.  It contains network cables which connect to a ring coupling module providing the Ring Network, the communication vehicle between central controller and modules. It also communicates with remote Touchpoint Pro units. The network is self healing, if a module fails the direction of communication is changed identifying the fault and allowing continual transfer of data.

For controller configuration please contact Norrscope.

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