Honeywell Testair 4 SCBA Test Bench

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  • Breathing apparatus test bench
  • With sound detection
  • Test different pieces of equipment

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The Honeywell Testair 4 is a computerised test bench to perform the dynamic testing of and evaluate the performance of a completely assembled self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

Key Features

Test the following

  • Facepieces
  • Complete SCBA sets
  • Continuous flow devices
  • Chemical protective suits

Tests carried out

  • Facepiece leak
  • Exhalation valve opening pressure
  • Static facepiece pressure
  • Bypass flow rate
  • Low-pressure alarm activation
  • First-stage regulator performance
  • Accuracy of pressure gauge
  • Reducer safety valve test
  • Lung demand valve performance test
  • Breathing resistance at standard (40 LPM) work rate
  • Breathing resistance at maximum (100 LPM) work rate

A large number of improvements have been made to this latest version of the test bench:

  • USB connection from bench to PC
  • Automatic detection of switch-on point for audible low-pressure alarm
  • Automatic test of low-pressure alarm
  • Customisation of user access permissions
  • A new database system allows easy management of a large number of readings
  • Ability to manage additional information, such as where the SCBA is used: SCBA storage facility, global view of all SCBA assigned to a maintenance centre, etc
  • Print test report in PDF format
  • Historic brand Sperian. Replaces Posichek3 POSI3 unit


  • Dimensions 360 x 345 x 410 mm
  • Weight 15.5 kg
  • USB version USB 2.0
  • Operating system Windows 32 and 64-bit versions
  • Inlet pressure Maximum 350 bars
  • Sensor accuracy class <1,0
  • Respiratory frequency 5-60 cycles/minute
  • Current volume 0.2-4 litres
  • Respiratory volume 1-135 l/min
  • Electrical data 100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz

The TestAir 4 is delivered with the following items:

  • TestAir 4
  • Medium Pressure Manifold
  • High-pressure manifold for 200 bar
  • High-pressure manifold for 300 bar
  • CD-ROM with BA Test Software
  • Setup Guide
  • USB Cable
  • Power Cable
  • “Air-Klick” – RD40 adaptor
  • RD40 blank gasket
  • Support for F1 facepieces tests
  • Microphone

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