Honeywell Sensepoint XCL Bluetooth Enabled

  • Rapid configuration
  • Straightforward to maintain
  • Simple to operate

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The Honeywell Sensepoint XCL is a safe area fixed point gas leak detector that is designed to meet the needs of commercial and light industrial applications. Customers can pair the gas detector with their mobile phone and then use an app to perform many installations, commissioning and maintenance tasks.

Sensepoint XCL is available as a flammable gas detector for potentially explosive gases or a toxic gas detector for detecting a range of toxic gas hazards commonly found in commercial premises.


  • Manage installation, commissioning and maintenance from the gas detector app on your smartphone
  • Aesthetic design blends into the environment
  • Simple, robust housing with our easiest ever installation and maintenance
  • Integral gassing port for hard-to-reach locations
  • Compatible with Touchpoint Plus and other industry-standard controllers

Specifications summary

  • mA loop or Modbus RTU output with optional relays
  • Multi-colour LED status indicator
  • Operating temperature −20 to 50°C, ingress protection IP65
  • Choice of toxic, oxygen or flammable sensors
  • Models without BLE are available

Application examples:  Hospitals, Cosmetic Labs, Brewing, Boiler Rooms, Loading Bays, Garages, Fuel Stations, Car Parks and High Rise Buildings.

Each Sensepoint XCL is supplied with a mounting back box, an M20 gland and a quick start guide. Sensepoint XCL is fully configurable via Bluetooth on your Android or iOS Smart Device.

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Ordering Information

Charcoal, 4-20mA, without relay

SPLCF6BAXCXNZZ LEL cat 0-100% (precalibrated CH4),BT
SPLCC1BAXCXNZZ CO 300ppm (adjustable 50-1000ppm),BT
SPLCH1BAXCXNZZ H2S(L) 50ppm (adjustable 10-50ppm),BT
SPLCH2BAXCXNZZ H2S(H) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCG1BAXCXNZZ H2 1000ppm (fixed),BT
SPLCN1BAXCXNZZ NO2 20ppm (adjustable 5-50ppm),BT
SPLCA1BAXCXNZZ NH3(L) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCB3BAXCXNZZ CO2 5000 ppm (adjustable 1000 -5000 ppm), BT
SPLCB4BAXCXNZZ CO2 5 % v/v (adjustable 1.0 % v/v -5% v/v), BT

Charcoal, 4-20mA, with relay

SPLCF6BARCXNZZ LEL cat 0-100% (precalibrated CH4),BT
SPLCC1BARCXNZZ CO 300ppm (adjustable 50-1000ppm),BT
SPLCH1BARCXNZZ H2S(L) 50ppm (adjustable 10-50ppm),BT
SPLCH2BARCXNZZ H2S(H) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCG1BARCXNZZ H2 1000ppm (fixed),BT
SPLCN1BARCXNZZ NO2 20ppm (adjustable 5-50ppm),BT
SPLCA1BARCXNZZ NH3(L) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCB3BARCXNZZ CO2 5000 ppm (adjustable 1000 -5000 ppm), BT
SPLCB4BARCXNZZ CO2 5 % v/v (adjustable 1.0 % v/v -5% v/v), BT

Charcoal, Modbus, without relay

SPLCF6BMXCXNZZ LEL cat 0-100% (precalibrated CH4),BT
SPLCC1BMXCXNZZ CO 300ppm (adjustable 50-1000ppm),BT
SPLCH1BMXCXNZZ H2S(L) 50ppm (adjustable 10-50ppm),BT
SPLCH2BMXCXNZZ H2S(H) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCG1BMXCXNZZ H2 1000ppm (fixed),BT
SPLCN1BMXCXNZZ NO2 20ppm (adjustable 5-50ppm),BT
SPLCA1BMXCXNZZ NH3(L) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCB3BMXCXNZZ CO2 5000 ppm (adjustable 1000 -5000 ppm), BT
SPLCB4BMXCXNZZ CO2 5 % v/v (adjustable 1.0 % v/v -5% v/v), BT

Charcoal, Modbus, with relay

SPLCF6BMRCXNZZ LEL cat 0-100% (precalibrated CH4),BT
SPLCC1BMRCXNZZ CO 300ppm (adjustable 50-1000ppm),BT
SPLCH1BMRCXNZZ H2S(L) 50ppm (adjustable 10-50ppm),BT
SPLCH2BMRCXNZZ H2S(H) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCG1BMRCXNZZ H2 1000ppm (fixed),BT
SPLCN1BMRCXNZZ NO2 20ppm (adjustable 5-50ppm),BT
SPLCA1BMRCXNZZ NH3(L) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCB3BMRCXNZZ CO2 5000 ppm (adjustable 1000 -5000 ppm), BT
SPLCB4BMRCXNZZ CO2 5 % v/v (adjustable 1.0 % v/v -5% v/v), BT

White, 4-20mA, without relay

SPLCF6BAXWXNZZ LEL cat 0-100% (precalibrated CH4),BT
SPLCC1BAXWXNZZ CO 300ppm (adjustable 50-1000ppm),BT
SPLCH1BAXWXNZZ H2S(L) 50ppm (adjustable 10-50ppm),BT
SPLCH2BAXWXNZZ H2S(H) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCG1BAXWXNZZ H2 1000ppm (fixed),BT
SPLCN1BAXWXNZZ NO2 20ppm (adjustable 5-50ppm),BT
SPLCA1BAXWXNZZ NH3(L) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCB3BAXWXNZZ CO2 5000 ppm (adjustable 1000 -5000 ppm), BT
SPLCB4BAXWXNZZ CO2 5 % v/v (adjustable 1.0 % v/v -5% v/v), BT

White, 4-20mA, with relay

SPLCF6BARWXNZZ LEL cat 0-100% (precalibrated CH4),BT
SPLCC1BARWXNZZ CO 300ppm (adjustable 50-1000ppm),BT
SPLCH1BARWXNZZ H2S(L) 50ppm (adjustable 10-50ppm),BT
SPLCH2BARWXNZZ H2S(H) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCG1BARWXNZZ H2 1000ppm (fixed),BT
SPLCN1BARWXNZZ NO2 20ppm (adjustable 5-50ppm),BT
SPLCA1BARWXNZZ NH3(L) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCB3BARWXNZZ CO2 5000 ppm (adjustable 1000 -5000 ppm), BT
SPLCB4BARWXNZZ CO2 5 % v/v (adjustable 1.0 % v/v -5% v/v), BT

White, Modbus, without relay

SPLCF6BMXWXNZZ LEL cat 0-100% (precalibrated CH4),BT
SPLCC1BMXWXNZZ CO 300ppm (adjustable 50-1000ppm),BT
SPLCH1BMXWXNZZ H2S(L) 50ppm (adjustable 10-50ppm),BT
SPLCH2BMXWXNZZ H2S(H) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCG1BMXWXNZZ H2 1000ppm (fixed),BT
SPLCN1BMXWXNZZ NO2 20ppm (adjustable 5-50ppm),BT
SPLCA1BMXWXNZZ NH3(L) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCB3BMXWXNZZ CO2 5000 ppm (adjustable 1000 -5000 ppm), BT
SPLCB4BMXWXNZZ CO2 5 % v/v (adjustable 1.0 % v/v -5% v/v), BT

White, Modbus, with relay

SPLCF6BMRWXNZZ LEL cat 0-100% (precalibrated CH4),BT
SPLCC1BMRWXNZZ CO 300ppm (adjustable 50-1000ppm),BT
SPLCH1BMRWXNZZ H2S(L) 50ppm (adjustable 10-50ppm),BT
SPLCH2BMRWXNZZ H2S(H) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCG1BMRWXNZZ H2 1000ppm (fixed),BT
SPLCN1BMRWXNZZ NO2 20ppm (adjustable 5-50ppm),BT
SPLCA1BMRWXNZZ NH3(L) 100ppm (adjustable 50-200ppm),BT
SPLCB3BMRWXNZZ CO2 5000 ppm (adjustable 1000 -5000 ppm), BT
SPLCB4BMRWXNZZ CO2 5 % v/v (adjustable 1.0 % v/v -5% v/v), BT

Accessories, Consumables & Spares

SPXCLCAL Sensepoint XCL Calibration/Flow Cap
SPXCLDMK Sensepoint XCL Duct Mount Kit
SPXCLRGP Sensepoint XCL Fixed Remote Gassing Port
SPXCLGLD Sensepoint XCL M20 cable glands, 10 pack
188-200-050 Rugged Android Hand-Held Smart Device with Camera
188-200-060 Rugged Android Hand-Held Smart Device without Camera
188-200-070 Rugged Hand-Held Smart Device Yellow Leather Case
188-200-080 Rugged Hand-Held Smart Device Cradle
188-200-090 Rugged Hand-Held Smart Device Clip for Case or Cradle
188-200-100 Rugged Hand-Held Smart Device Docking Station
188-200-110 Rugged Hand-Held Smart Device Charging Cable 1
188-200-120 Rugged Hand-Held Smart Device EU/UK/US/AU Charger
188-200-130 Rugged Hand-Held Smart Device Vehicle Charger

Consumables (Spare Sensors)

SPXCLZZF6SS Sensepoint XCL Replacement Sensor – Flam Catalytic
SPXCLZZO1SS Sensepoint XCL Replacement Sensor – O2
SPXCLRLC1SS Sensepoint XCL/XRL Replacement Sensor – CO
SPXCLRLH1SS Sensepoint XCL/XRL Replacement Sensor – H2S (Low and High Range)
SPXCLRLG1SS Sensepoint XCL/XRL Replacement Sensor – H2
SPXCLRLN1SS Sensepoint XCL/XRL Replacement Sensor – NO2
SPXCLRLA1SS Sensepoint XCL/XRL Replacement Sensor – NH3
SPXCLRLB3SS Sensepoint XCL/XRL Replacement Sensor – CO2 %v/v
SPXCLRLB4SS Sensepoint XCL/XRL Replacement Sensor – CO2 ppm

Spares (Miscellaneous)

SPXCLFLT Sensepoint XCL Replacement Filter – Pack of 10 ea.
SPXCLSK1 Sensepoint XCL Service Kit
SPXCLSCC Sensepoint XCL Sensor Cover – Charcoal
SPXCLSCW Sensepoint XCL Sensor Cover – White
SPXCLDCC Sensepoint XCL Decal Cover – Charcoal
SPXCLDCW Sensepoint XCL Decal Cover – White

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