Honeywell North Primair PA700 Series Powered Air Purifying Respirator

  • Adjustable straps for a customised fit
  • Three alarms – visual, audio, and vibratory
  • Lightweight breathing tubes

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The PA700 is a belt-mounted, powered air-purifying respirator platform. During the engineering phase, Honeywell consulted Powered Air Purifying Respirator users and safety managers to understand their vision of ideal PAPR features and functionality. Feedback indicated a need for improved ergonomics, cleanability, and reliability. Honeywell responded to this feedback by developing a PAPR with a thoughtful design for superior comfort, safety, and easy operation and maintenance so users can work hard and breathe easily.

Key Features

  • All-in-one, integrated unit – battery and blower motor contained in a compact casing; delivers better safety.
  • Side-mounted battery – contained in housing on five (5) sides and locks into place to reduce accidental disconnections.
  • Ergonomic belt – distributes weight evenly and prevents slipping; adjustable nylon straps for additional support; optional comfort pad, cushions impact for all-day use.
  • Smart breathing tube connection – twist and lock the connector angles tube away from the back.
  • Efficient keypad – illuminated, easy-to-read display; large buttons for easy operation – even for workers wearing gloves; offers access to adjustable airflow with three speeds; buttons are spaced apart to prevent accidental shut down of the unit when changing airflow speed.
  • Filter connection – Locks into place with a quarter turn, assuring workers they are secure.
  • Optional filter cover – smooth design is easy to wipe clean; protects the filter from impact and during decontamination showers.

Areas of application

  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • Manufacturing (silica dust)
  • Abatement
  • Construction
  • Hospital Labs (chemotherapy drug mixing and infectious disease)


Airborne Particulates

Order Information

PA701DEU PA700 series kit – DECON – EU Assembly includes a connected blower, battery, battery charger, comfort pad, flow meter, and PVC belt.
PA701EU PA700 series kit – STANDARD – EU Assembly includes a connected blower, battery, battery charger, comfort pad, flow meter, and nylon belt.
PA701WEU PA700 series kit – WELDING – EU Assembly includes a connected blower, battery, battery charger, comfort pad, flow meter, and welding belt.

PA100 Series Head Covers and Hoods

A114110 Primair VL
PA111EU Primair Plus
PA121EU Primair Plus Coated
PA810EU Welding Helmet (without hard hat)

Compatible headpieces

GRIDEL PA710 class TH3
PRIMAIR A114110 class TH2
JUNIOR A A114106 class TH2
JUNIOR B A114400 class TH3

Tight-fit masks

Opti-fit CL2 class TM3
N7700 class TM


PA710CEU PA700 blower
PA71A1 PA700 P3 cartridge cover
PA71A2 cartridge cover med
PA720 standard battery for PA700
PA721 PA700 charger base
PA722 PA700 charger power adapter
PA723C PA700 charger power cord EU
PA723G PA700 charger power cord uk
PA724EU charger kit – EU – 1-bay charger
PA724UK charger kit – UK– 1-bay charger
PA725 4 bay charger base pa700
PA726 power adapter charger 4XPA700
PA727C power cord charger 4XPA700 EU
PA727G power cord charger 4XPA700 UK
PA728EU charger kit – EU – 4-bay charger
PA728UK charger kit – UK – 4-bay charger
PA751 PA700 standard belt
PA751D PA700 decon belt
PA751W PA700 welding belt
PA75A1 PA700 comfort pad
PA761 PA700 backpack harness
PA031 breathing tube, loose fit
PA031L breathing tube, loose fit long
PA035 breathing tube din tight fit
PA036 breathing tube, loose fit, welding
PA081 flow check
CA113 Fabric Cover for straight breathing tubes (for use with PA031 and PA031L)
PA7A2P A2P cartridge PA700 PAPR
PA7PR pre-filter PA700 series
PA7P PA700 P3 filter
PA7AB2P PA700 A2B2P3 filter

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