Honeywell MiniRAE 3000 + PGM-7320 VOC monitor

Code: PGM-7320
  • VOC Detector
  • Response time 3 seconds
  • Rugged

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The MiniRAE 3000 is a portable volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor. Ideal for oil and gas, indoor air quality, leak detection, hazmat response, construction, industrial safety and homeland security applications. The photoionisation detector has a measuring range from 0-15,000 ppm and features patented PID lamp auto-cleaning sensor technology.

Humidity and temperature compensation are built-in. Correction factors for over 200 compounds are stored within the instrument, allowing an array of ionisable chemicals to be measured, more than most PID detectors. Up to six months of data can be stored at a log rate of one-minute intervals.

The inbuilt pump draws samples up to 30 meters (100 feet) with an integrated flow rate at 500 cc/mn.  A charging cradle or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enables downloading readings using the mobile app designed for remediation engineers and industrial hygienists.

Designed for use in harsh environments, three large keys permit operation whilst wearing gloves. For enhanced readability, the four-line graphic display includes a LED backlight.

Wireless or non-wireless models are available.

  • Reflex PID Technology patented
  • 10.6 eV lamp with three-year warranty
  • Options for 11.7 eV or 9.8 eV lamps
  • Wireless options allow real-time readings to sent by Bluetooth or Mesh
  • Alarms audible 95dB & visual flashing red LED
  • Battery life 16 hours or 12 hours with alkaline
  • Tough, flexible inlet Flexi-Probe
  • Interchangeable Lithium-ion and alkaline battery packs – no tools needed
  • Integrated flashlight assists use in low light
  • Maintenance easy, access lamp without tools, auto lamp recognition
  • Ten languages supported
  • Ingress Protection IP 65 in operation and IP 67 with the unit off – without probe
  • Size 25.5 cm x 7.6 cm x 6.4 cm. Weight 738 g

MiniRAE 3000 includes data logging with ProRAE Studio, travel download charger, UV lamp, flexible probe,  protective removable yellow rubber boot, external filter. Lamp cleaning and Tool kit (not including liquid Isopropanol), alkaline battery adapter, li-Ion battery with universal AC/DC adapter and international plug kit, if specified. Soft leather carrying case,  CDROM and maintenance manual.

Optional accessories kit consists of a hard portable case, five porous metal filters and O-rings, organic vapour zeroing kit and gas outlet port adapter and tubing. A calibration kit includes a 34 litre 100ppm isobutylene gas cylinder and regulator.

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MiniRAE 3000+ Datasheet 166 KB
RAE PID Quick-Start_Guide 734 KB
RAE PID Manual User's Guide 3 MB

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Main Models

059-B116-000 MiniRAE 3000+, Non Wireless, ATEX/IECEx, PID 10.6eV, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, Universal Adapter, Monitor only

059-B11E-500 MiniRAE 3000+, ATEX/IECEx, PID 10.6 eV 1/2″, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Universal Adapter, BLE Data Transmission, Accessories Kit (no gas with regulator), EU

059-B116-400 MiniRAE 3000, Non-Wireless, ATEX, PID 10.6eV, Li-Ion Battery, Accessories and Calibration Kit (with gas and regulator), EU

059-B117-400 MiniRAE 3000, Bluetooth, ATEX, PID 10.6eV, Li-Ion, Accessories and Calibration Kit (with gas and regulator), EU

Other Configurations

059-B110-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-B110-200 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-B110-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-B111-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/UL
059-B111-200 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/UL
059-B111-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/UL
059-B116-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-B116-500 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-B117-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-B117-200 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-B117-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-B117-500 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-B118-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/W-868/ATX
059-B118-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/W-868/ATX
059-B11C-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/W-900/ATX
059-B11C-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/W-900/ATX
059-B210-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-B210-200 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-B210-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-B216-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-B216-200 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-B216-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-B216-500 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-B217-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-B217-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-B217-500 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-B310-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/UL
059-B316-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-B316-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-B316-500 MiniRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-B317-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-B317-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-B317-500 MiniRAE 3K+/PID9.8/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATX
059-B116-200 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/NO-WLS/ATX
059-B218-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/W-868/ATX
059-B11E-000 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATEX
059-B11E-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATEX
059-B11E-500 MiniRAE 3K+/PID10.6/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATEX
059-B21E-300 MiniRAE 3K+/PID11.7/RE Li-Ion/BLE/ATEX

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