Honeywell Midas-M Extractive Gas Transmitter

  • Large LCD display
  • Up to 4 gases
  • Suitable for laboratories, aerospace & wastewater

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The Honeywell Midas-M is a Fixed Extractive, Single Point with a 4-in-1 Multi-Gas Detector to detect more than 30 gases – precisely, efficiently, and quickly, that draws a sample locally or from a remote point to a sensor cartridge that is located inside the detector’s chassis. A wide range of toxic, flammable, and oxygen gas sensor cartridges are available to detect gases used or generated in the Semiconductor and other manufacturing industries.

Midas provides outputs of 0-22 mA analogue or Modbus/TCP Ethernet. Midas-M transmitters operate with Midas-M sensor cartridges for use as a local gas detector. Transmitters are powered by 24VDC or via Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Integral general relays for A1, A2 and fault are included and may be configured normally open or normally closed, latching or non-latching. Transmitters include Manual, Quick Start Guide, and (1) PG16 gland fitting for power in and relays out, 1/4″ O.D.x 1/8″ I.D. Sample Inlet tubing (10′) [3m], 1/4″ O.D x 3/16″ I.D. Exhaust tubing (10′) [3m], and a sample line tubing duct adapter (1283K1090). Generation 2 features a multi-coloured backlight to indicate status.

Features & Benefits:

  • Over 33 gases are available with a two-year warranty: 17 gases at launch
  • 4-in-1 multi-smart sensor cartridge with onboard ‘e-calibration’ certificate
  • Modular design for easy use and service (front, pump, sensor cartridge, main and base)
  • Three built-in relays (Form C) for Alarm 1, 2 and Fault
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) communication
  • Keypad interface and remote web browser interface
  • Factory-calibrated sensors to reduce the need for frequent gas testing
  • Isolated 0-21 mA analogue output with fault and event reporting
  • Modbus/TCP Ethernet for easy connectivity to all control and alarm systems ports for control connectivity and service interaction
  • Robust extractive pump system (two-year lifetime) sampling up to 100 feet

Quick Specs:

  • Flow Rate: 500 mL/min
  • Transport Time: 2 to 30 seconds maximum
  • Sample Line Tubing: 0.125 in ID x 0.25 in OD

A complete system comprises:

  • Midas-M or Midas-M with LIT
  • Sensor Cartridge
  • Sample and Exhaust tubing
  • End-of-line filters

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Ordering Information

Transmitter Modules (sensor cartridge must be ordered separately)

Extractive Transmitter for Universal Gas Detection

MMT-01 Midas-M 4-20mA and TCPIP Modbus Transmitter
MMT-T01 Midas-M 4-20mA and TCPIP Modbus Transmitter w/Tube
MMT-B01 Midas-M 4-20mA and TCPIP Modbus Transmitter Bulk (6)
MMT-02 Midas-M TCPIP Modbus Transmitter
MMT-T02 Midas-M TCPIP Modbus Transmitter w/Tube
MMT-B02 Midas-M TCPIP Modbus Transmitter Bulk (6)

Extractive Transmitter with LIT

MMT-L01 Midas-M 4-20mA and TCPIP ModbusTransmitter – LIT
MMT-LT01 Midas-M 4-20mA and TCPIP Modbus Transmitter – LIT
MMT-LB01 Midas-M 4-20mA and TCPIP Modbus Transmitter w/Tube – LIT
MMT-L02 Midas-M TCPIP Modbus TransmitterTube – LIT
MMT-LT02 Midas-M TPCIP Modbus Transmitter Bulk (6) – LIT
MMT-LB02 Midas-M TCPIP Modbus Transmitter, (6)Bulk – LIT

Midas-M Sensor List

MMS-00 Midas-M Dummy Sensor
MMS-E2 Midas-M HCI/0-8ppm,2yrs
MMS-X2 Midas-M Silane (SiH4) 0 -20 ppm, 2 years
MMS-G2 Midas-M H2/0-1000ppm ,2 years
MMS-L2 Midas-M Chlorine (CI2) 0 – 2ppm, 2 years
MMS-A2 Midas-M NH3/0-100ppm, 2 years
MMS-C2 Midas-M CO/0-100ppm, 2 years
MMS-R2 Midas-M PH3/0-1200ppb, 2 years
MMS-U2 Midas-M Ozone (O3) 0 – 0.4ppm, 2 years
MMS-D2 Midas-M Oxygen (O2) 0 – 25%v/v, 3 years
MMS-S2 Midas-M SO2/0-8ppm, 2 years
MMS-Z2 Midas-M HF/0-12ppm, 2 years
MMS-ET Midas-M EthyleneOxide_ETO 0-40ppm, 2 years
MMS-VN Midas-M NitrogenDioxide_NO2 0-12ppm, 2 years
MMS-H4 Midas-M HydrogenSulfide_H2S 0-40ppm, 2 years

Midas-M Accessories / Options

MM-REL Midas-M Relay Module
MVIP3632-2A 2A 24VDC power supply in vented NEMA 4 enclosure
MVIP3632-5A 5A 24VDC power supply in vented NEMA 4 enclosure

Duct Sampling Adaptors

1283K1090 Duct Adapter for 1/4″ O.D. tubing for 4-16″ round ducts
0235-0095 Union Fitting 1/4″ tube, polypropylene

Service Items

MM-PM Midas-M Pump Module
MM-FIL Midas-M Filter Module
MM-FRT Midas-M Front Module
MM-B01 Midas-M 4-20mA Base Module
MM-B02 Midas-M Modbus TCP Base Module
MM-M01 Midas-M 4-20mA Main Module
MM-M02 Midas-M Modbus TCP Main Module
MM-CAT Midas-M Cartridge w/o Smart Cells
MM-LPM Midas-M Pump Module – LIT
MM-LIT Midas-M Check Valve – LIT

Tubing and External Sample Line Filters

780248 End of Line Particulate Filter, Disposable
1991-0147 End of Line Particulate Filter for Corrosive Gases, Disposable
0235-0095 Union Fitting – Use to connect the disposable filter to end of line
1830-0055 End of Line Particulate Filter for Corrosive Gases, Reusable
0235-1072 Replacement “Corrosive” Filter Elements (pk 100)
102599 Tubing Teflon® FEP 1/4″ OD x 1/8″ ID (Sample inlet) (Price per Foot)
1991-0136 Tubing Teflon® FEP 1/4″ OD x 1/8″ ID (Sample Inlet) (100′ continuous length)
100440 Tubing Polypropylene 1/4″ OD X 3/16″ ID (Exhaust) (Price per Foot)
1991-0137 Tubing Polypropylene 1/4″ OD X 3/16″ ID (Exhaust) (100′ continuous length)

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