Honeywell Junior A-VL Visor Helmet

  • Optimal protection
  • Wide field of view
  • Full-face protection: including front deflector and chin cup

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The Junior A-VL is part of the Honeywell light-duty air helmets range designed for use with a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), such as the PA500 and PA700 Series. A light-duty, fully transparent air hood with plastic clamps for disposable visors and a safety helmet.


  • A wide transparent visor lets in light and provides a large field of view without distortion.
  • Washable face seal: flexible and resilient, ensuring a comfortable, protective pressure around the face.
  • One clip system: with spring for disposable visors, ensures easy installation of disposable visors that protect the main visor against permanent damage.
  • Acetate components: fully transparent and provide perfect view.
  • Optional cape: to protect the top of the head and neck from dust or liquid particles.

Areas of application:

Painting, sanding, grinding, chemicals, handling, maintenance.

Compatible with:

Honeywell North PA500 and PA700 PAPR.

Order Information

A114106 Junior A-VL EN 12941 TH1 Compact Air, Compact Air 200 10 10
A160734 100 disposable visors (JA)
A160733 Five visors (JA)

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