Honeywell Fenzy Oxy-Pro Chemical Self-Rescuer

  • Half mask with noise clip
  • 30 minutes air supply
  • Waist worn

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The Honeywell Fenzy Oxy-Pro is a chemical oxygen self-rescuer with a long service time as it uses potassium superoxide (KO2), which regenerates exhaled air. It is recommended for emergency escape in high-risk environments, such as water treatment and work in confined spaces.

Fool protection design with easy and quick opening and donning.

Protected by a highly durable stainless steel vacuumed case, the apparatus is designed for a lifetime of up to 10 years with low maintenance.

A vacuum gauge located on the casing of the apparatus makes it possible to check at any time that the case is airtight.

  • Weight of the apparatus alone: approximately 2.3 kg
  • Duration: 30 minutes at 35l/min
  • Life cycle of the device: Up to 10 years
  • Apparatus type-approval: EN 13794 – Classification Type K 30-S
  • Compressed oxygen reservoir starter
  • Oxygen generation KO2 (potassium superoxyde) cartridge
  • Operating temperature +10°C +35°C. Can be used from -5°C to +60°C, but chemical reaction could be slow
  • Airtightness Ensured by the vacuum of the apparatus. Monitored with integrated vacuometer
  • Mouthpiece material silicone
  • Casing material stainless steel with impact memory
  • Operation Equipment transport: Class 5.1 UN2466
  • Brand Honeywell, formerly known as Fenzy

Order Information

1919315 Oxy-Pro. without waist belt, with goggles (was 1918727)
1910565 Oxy-Pro waist belt
1918943 Return cardboard box for dangerous material (can hold up to two Oxy-Pro)
1918843 Training Oxy-Pro (refillable), without waist belt, with goggles

Training Accessories

1918486 Rubber protection for opening system
1564485-SP Sealing system / (sold by a crown of 30 sealing)
1918773 Mouthpiece kit
1918638 Assembly protection
1918755 Opening fitted cap
1918949 Oxy-Pro opening system (housing opening lever)
1911194 Collar clamp mouthpiece


1918905 Refilling system CEJN for the training set
1918907 Refilling system Staubli for the training set
1918846 Vacuum closing Kit (including pump)
1918903 Equipped Oxy-Pro vacuum pump
1564423 Rubber hose for vacuum pump
1918904 Equipped hand press
1918781 Vacuum hose tool
1740115 Hose clamp
1918767 Top holder for closure
1918786 Base holder for Oxy-Pro
1564482 Strap with pawl 5mx25mm (350 daN)

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