Honeywell BW Solo Single Gas Detector

  • Single gas monitor
  • Yellow or Black colours
  • Wireless or non-wireless models

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Honeywell BW Solo is easy to service single-gas detector with BLE connectivity that provides real-time visibility into the status and safety of hazardous-area workers, helping companies respond faster, more knowingly and decisively to safety incidents.

Data from the detector or its IntelliDox docking station is downloadable to a PC. Honeywell’s Safety Suite software platform can be aggregated and managed to automate essential compliance tasks like regulatory records management. The range has 14 gases to choose from, covering the common and exotic gases. Standard models for Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and Oxygen gases include a long life fast responding one series sensor. The warranty of these models is three years with a sensor life expectancy of five years.

Lite versions offer an economical choice; non-wireless only, no data logging, four language options instead of eleven and five event logs instead of fifty. Equipped with a four series sensor with a shorter life expectancy, typically needing replacement after two years.

User-friendly one-button operation, lightweight convenience and ease of maintenance and serviceability can lower the long-term ownership cost of a gas monitoring system—no need to dismantle the detector to replace a sensor or battery.  The transparent sensor cover makes it easy to confirm if the filter needs replacing visually.

The IntelliFlash can be activated to provide visual compliance, flashing green for ok and red indicating bump test or calibration needed, or a visible sign of gas detected. Alarms are audible 95db and vibrating for polluted noise environments. Inbuilt data logging allows access to peak readings recorded for the past 24 hours even if concentrations were not sufficient for alarm, indicating an early sign of a potential hazard.

  • Ingress protection IP66/68
  • Operating temperature dependent on the sensor, one series -40 to +60°C
  • Fully compatible with IntelliDoX docking stations for bump tests, calibration and configuration
  • Allocate detectors to operators and locations
  • Cloud-based software option
  • Size with 1 series sensor  7.0 x 6.7 x 3.6 cm or with 4 series sensor 7.0 x 6.7 x 4.1 cm. Weight (varies with sensor choice) 0.103-0.116 kg

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BW Solo Standard models

BWS-C-Y (Yellow) or BWS-C-B (Black) Cl2
BWS-ML-Y (Yellow) or BWS-ML-B (Black) CO
BWS-V-Y (Yellow) or BWS-V-B (Black) ClO2
BWS-M2-Y (Yellow) or BWS-M2-B (Black) CO-H2 resistant
BWS-E-Y (Yellow) or BWS-E-B (Black) ETO
BWS-R-Y (Yellow) or BWS-R-B (Black) H2
BWS-HL-Y (Yellow) or BWS-HL-B (Black) H2S
BWS-H2-Y (Yellow) or BWS-H2-B (Black) H2S ext range
BWS-Z-Y (Yellow) or BWS-Z-B (Black) HCN
BWS-A-Y (Yellow) or BWS-A-B (Black) NH3
BWS-A2-Y (Yellow) or BWS-A2-B (Black) NH3 ext range
BWS-N-Y (Yellow) or BWS-N-B (Black) NO
BWS-D-Y (Yellow) or BWS-D-B (Black) NO2
BWS-XL-Y (Yellow) or BWS-XL-B (Black) O2
BWS-G-Y (Yellow) or BWS-G-B (Black) O3
BWS-P-Y (Yellow) or BWS-P-B (Black) PH3
BWS-S-Y (Yellow) or BWS-S-B (Black) SO2

BW Solo Wireless Models

BWS1-C-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-C-B (Black) Cl2
BWS1-V-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-V-B (Black) CLO
BWS1-ML-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-ML-B (Black) CO
BWS1-M2-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-M2-B (Black) CO-H2 resistant
BWS1-E-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-E-B (Black) ETO
BWS1-R-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-R-B (Black) H2
BWS1-HL-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-HL-B (Black) H2S
BWS1-H2-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-H2-B (Black) H2S ext range
BWS1-Z-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-Z-B (Black) HCN
BWS1-A-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-A-B (Black) NH3
BWS1-A2-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-A2-B (Black) NH3 ext range
BWS1-N-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-N-B (Black) NO
BWS1-D-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-D-B (Black) NO2
BWS1-XL-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-XL-B (Black) O2
BWS1-G-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-G-B (Black) O3
BWS1-P-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-P-B (Black) PH3
BWS1-S-Y (Yellow) or BWS1-S-B (Black) SO2

BW Solo Lite Models

BWS2-C-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-C-B (Black) Cl2
BWS2-V-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-V-B (Black) ClO2
BWS2-M-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-M-B (Black) CO
BWS2-M2-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-M2-B (Black) CO-H2 resistant
BWS2-E-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-E-B (Black) ETO
BWS2-R-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-R-B (Black) H2
BWS2-H-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-H-B (Black) H2S
BWS2-H2-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-H2-B (Black) H2S ext range
BWS2-Z-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-Z-B (Black) HCN
BWS2-A-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-A-B (Black) NH3
BWS2-A2-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-A2-B (Black) NH3 ext range
BWS2-N-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-N-B (Black) NO
BWS2-D-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-D-B (Black) NO2
BWS2-X-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-X-B (Black) O2
BWS2-G-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-G-B (Black) O3
BWS2-P-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-P-B (Black) PH3
BWS2-S-Y (Yellow) or BWS2-S-B (Black) SO2

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