Honeywell 705 HT Flammable Gas Detector

Code: 2430K0001
  • Low-cost disposable sensor
  • 5-year typical operating life
  • High-grade Aluminum construction

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The Honeywell model 705 high-temperature sensor detects flammable gases in high-temperature hazardous area locations. Applications include turbine enclosures and drying ovens used in solvent-based printing and coating machines.

The 705 HT incorporates a matched pair of Sieger poison-resistant flammable gas detection elements; the high-temperature sensor has a very stable baseline allowing alarm trip points to be set as low as 5% LEL across a temperature range of -25°C to +150°C (-3°F to +302°F). The gas measuring range can be configured from 0-20% LEL up to 0-100% LEL, depending on the type of controller used.

Aluminium explosion-proof assembly, fully encapsulated, designed for use in hazardous locations. Use a junction box for catalytic bridge output or with Sensepoint RFD transmitter for local display and 4-20mA output.

  • Fast speed of response T60 < 6 seconds. T90 < 10 seconds
  • Output Signal mV bridge
  • Low power consumption
  • Mounting Thread 3⁄4“ NPT
  • Weight 200g (7oz)
  • Approval UL

Order Information

2430K0001 705 High-Temperature Flammable Detector, SG16B Junction Box


2441-0022 UL/CSA Aluminium Junction Box Assembly
02000-A-1640 Weatherproof cap for use with combustible detector including remote gassing nozzle
00780-A-0035 Flow Housing (full stainless steel, for high temp applications)
00780-A-0076 Stainless steel weather housing (for use in high-temperature applications or with duct mounting kits)
02000-A-1635 Weatherproof cap for use with toxic detector, including remote gassing nozzle
02000-A-1642 Collecting cone for use with flammable detector


00705-A-1733 705 Flammable Detector- Aluminium- UL- 3/4NPT- 0-100% LEL
00705-A-1735 705 High-Temperature Flammable Detector- Aluminum- 150°C UL-3/4″NPT
00705-A-1736 705 Flammable Detector- Aluminium- INMETRO- 3/4NPT- 0-100% LEL

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