GMI Watcher Software

Code: 43630
  • Conduct effective gas leak training
  • Observe how the operator responds to gas values & alarms
  • Wireless communication range of up to 100m (300ft)

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Designed for hands-on hazardous or gas emergency training, the GMI Watcher uses a Bluetooth-enabled tablet computer to wirelessly control specially adapted portable gas detectors from GMI. Complete gas detection operation can be controlled remotely, including:

  • Gas values
  • Alarms
  • Sample faults/pump operation
  • Battery status

This invaluable accessory is simple to use and can be used for all types of training and assessment to ensure personnel respond correctly in all aspects of gas detection, including:

  • Emergency response
  • Leak detection
  • Confined space monitoring
  • Barholing / purging

Why you should use the Watcher:

  • Gas detector operates exactly as a standard field instrument
  • Ideal for use in training facilities and removes the need for using real gas
  • Training experience is more practical and realistic
  • Contributes to sustaining a safe and competent workforce

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Watcher Application Software
43630 WATCHER software application (for Android Tablets only)
43631 WATCHER additional software license
Watcher Tablets
43620AU Tablet Computer for Watcher with AU power cable *
43620EU Tablet Computer for Watcher with EU power cable *
43620UK Tablet Computer for Watcher with UK power cable *
43620US Tablet Computer for Watcher with US power cable *
* – Google Nexus 7, Android OS, 7″ Screen (or equivalent). Comes with protective cover, quick op guide and power cable.
Watcher Instruments
12212W Gascoseeker 2-500 Watcher
44512LW Leaksurveyor Watcher
42501XW Oxygas 500 Watcher
42501W Gasurveyor 11-500 Watcher
42503W Gasurveyor 3-500 Watcher
42506W Gasurveyor 6-500 Watcher
44512W Gasurveyor 512 Watcher
44521W Gasurveyor 521 Watcher
44526W Gasurveyor 526 Watcher
44533W Gasurveyor 533 Watcher
44541W Gasurveyor 541 Watcher
44542W Gasurveyor 542 Watcher
44526GW First Responder Watcher
C44526W Gasurveyor C526 Watcher (CSA)
C44534W Gasurveyor C534 Watcher (CSA)
C44542W Gasurveyor C542 Watcher (CSA)
C42506BW Gasurveyor 6B-500 Watcher (CSA)
PS500 Watcher
61700 Tablet & App installed (incl. Universal power adaptor)
61701W PS500 Watcher instrument (Single Gas)
61705W PS500 Watcher instrument (Multigas)
61720 Universal Power Adaptor

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