GMI PS500 Multi Gas Detector

Code: PS500
  • Multi-gas up to 5 gases
  • Smart sensors – interchangeable
  • Rugged

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The GMI PS500 by Teledyne detects up to five gases accepting electrochemical, catalytic, PID and infrared sensors. There is a choice of 20 plug-and-play sensors which can be swapped, providing maximum versatility. Four sensors can be installed; five gas monitoring capability is only possible with a dual toxic CO/H2S sensor fitted. There is a choice of two photo ionisation sensors for VOC detection, and IR sensors are available for combustible and CO2 gases.

Easy two-button operation, supplied with a high-impact rubber case, small, lightweight and portable. Equipped with a 95db audible alarm and visual 360°C  light bar alarm.

Diffusion or pumped models are available for pre-entry checks or remote sampling up to 30 metres. The pump can be switched off when not required preserving battery life. Datalogging is included for eight calibration logs, gas values, event and summary logs for later download.

Used for confined space work such as sewage, underground pipes or tank work.

Print your own calibration certificates with the optional automated bump test and calibration station. Can be used in three modes; standalone, PC controlled or by Ethernet. Two versions allow a single gas cylinder or up to three cylinders to be connected.

  • Typical battery life 12 hours pumped
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Ingress protection IP 65
  • LCD backlight display
  • Single gas CO2 version available part: 61371P
  • Datalogging timed: 24 hours of timed logs at 1 log per minute. Session: Minimum of 180 logs
  • Up to 4 alarms per toxic gas (including STEL/TWA calculations), 3 alarms for O2 &  2 alarms for LEL
  • Approvals  ATEX, UL, and MED
  • Two-year standard warranty
  • Size: 140 x 85 x 45mm, weight 0.4kg

PS500 monitor supplied with: High impact rubberised polycarbonate case, CD-ROM, belt clip, configuration report and calibration certificate. Pumped instruments include 3 metres of Tygon tubing.


Gas Range Resolution Sensor Type Response
LEL 0-100%LEL 1%LEL Cat-bead 15 Secs
NDIR 35 Secs
CO2 0-5% Vol 0.05% Vol NDIR 25 Secs
O2 0-25% Vol 0.1% Vol Electrochemical 10 Secs
CO 0-1000ppm 1ppm Electrochemical 35 Secs
H2S 0-100ppm 1ppm Electrochemical 25 Secs
CO/ 0-1000ppm (CO) 1ppm Electrochemical 35 Secs
H2S 0-100ppm (H2S) 25 Secs
SO2 0-30ppm 1ppm Electrochemical 10 Secs
Cl2 0-10ppm 0.1ppm Electrochemical 30 Secs
NH3 0-100ppm 1ppm Electrochemical 60 Secs
NO 0-300pm 1ppm Electrochemical 20 Secs
NO2 0-20ppm 1ppm Electrochemical 185 Secs
PH3 0-100ppm 1ppm PID 5 Secs
VOC 0-100ppm 0.1ppm PID 5 Secs
0-1000ppm 1ppm
C6H6 0-20ppm 0.1ppm PID 5 Secs

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Title Size
PS500_Datasheet 283 KB
PS500_CO2_Model Datasheet 171 KB
PS500 Quick Start Guide 162 KB
PS500 Manual 896 KB

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg

Ordering Information

Models (Add sensors)

61168 PS500 Drycell + Pump + Datalogging
61178 PS500 Drycell + Datalogging
61368 PS500 Long duration NiMH + Pump + Datalogging
61378 PS500 Long duration NiMH + Datalogging
61668 PS500 Fast Charge + Pump + Datalogging
61678 PS500 Fast Charge + Datalogging


66123 Hand Aspirator (can be used for non-reactive gases only)
66118 Sample Line per Metre
66112 Sample Line Extender (to connect 1/8″ sample line together)
66111 Sample Line Extender (to connect 1/8″ to 3/16″ sample line together)
66478 Hand Aspirator c/w 3m Sample Line
66136 3m Tygon Tubing c/w Sample Connector
66028 Neck Harness with Clip
66546 Neck and Chest Harness with Clip
66017 Probe Assembly
66349 Carrying Case
66545 Ball Float
66930 Reactive Gas Tubing Kit 3m


66140 Charger (Universal Plug)
66200 5-way Standard Charger with Universal Plug
66207 10-way Standard Charger with Universal Plug
66206 12v / 24v Vehicle Charger Lead

Fast Chargers

66513 Fast Charger Single
66516 Fast Charger 10-way master,add 66514 to make 10 (requires mains cable)
30061 UK Mains Cable
13439 US Mains Cable
31048 EU Mains Cable
12020 AUS Main Cable
66514 Fast Charger (slave, goes with 66516, up to 9 max)
66209 USB-serial Adaptor

Communication Options

61208 PS500 Datalogging Package (CD-Rom)
61445 PS500 Calibration Package
Note: The IR communications interface is included w/datalogging & cal package

Bump Test and Calibration Equipment

61502 Auto Bump/Calibration Station Air + 1 gas inlet
61504 Auto Bump/Calibration Station Air + 3 gas inlets
61504R Auto Bump/Calibration Station Air + 3 gas inlets for Reactive gases
99553 flexiCal Plus (Cal) Package for ABC stations (v1.2.0.0 or newer required)

Battery Packs

66702 Drycell Battery Pack
66701 Long Duration NiMH Battery Pack
66703 Fast Charge Battery Pack

Smart Sensor (Assembled and Calibrated)

66014 LEL enhanced filter (State Calibration Gas)
66022 LEL filtered (State Calibration Gas)
66070 LEL Carbon Cloth (Hydrogen or Methane Only)
66010 O2
66012 H2S
66013 CO
66015 CO / H2S
66007 SO2 0-30ppm
66575 Hi SO2 0-100ppm (default HiHi alarm level 25ppm)
66006 CL2
66004 NO2
66005 NH3
66003 NO
66571 PH3
66587 Benzene
66588 VOC1: 0-100 PPM
66589 VOC2: 0-1,000 PPM


66825 LEL enhanced filter
66725 LEL filtered
66625 LEL Carbon Cloth
66066 O2
65128 H2S
66285 H2S (for use with instruments calibrated on ethanol)
65127 CO
66067 CO / H2S
65377 SO2
65371 CL2
65378 NO2
65388 NH3
65385 NO
66559 PID (PH3 & VOC1 & BeNZene)
66N579 PID (VOC2: 0-1,000 PPM)
66346 IR LEL (Not UL Approved)
66319 CO2 (Not UL approved)

Smart Sensor PCB Only

66054 LEL enhanced filter
66024 LEL filtered
66000 LEL Carbon Cloth
66052 O2
66057 H2S
66053 CO
66055 CO / H2S
66050 SO2 (0-30ppm)
66574 Hi SO2 (0-100 ppm – default HiHi alarm level 25ppm)
66049 CL2
66215 NO2
66216 NH3
66214 NO
66570 PH3
66586 Benzene
66N771 VOC1: 0-100 PPM
66N772 VOC2: 0-1,000 PPM


66167 Instrument Key (T10)
66045 Sample Line Connector
66083 Sensor Hydrophobic Filter
66084 Sample Inlet Filter
66485 Hydrophobic Filter Assembly
66484 Hydrophobic Filter (for 66485)
66018 Probe End Piece
66019 Probe Extension Piece
85224 Probe Connector
66166 LD NiMH Battery allen key (2mm A/F)
66481 Secured protective cap (for 66701)
66692 Front Cover Moulding
66035 Rear Cover Assembly O-Ring
66159 Battery Pack O-Ring
66119 M3 Captive Screw for Battery Pack
24277 Flat Washer (for 66119)
66694 Belt Clip
24576 M3 Screws (2 required for 66694)
66700 Rubber Moulding Centre Chassis (including Buttons)
66704 Sensor Grille
66108 Sensor Blanking Plug
64313 Inlet Nozzle
24509 M3 Screws (2 required for 64313)
70314 Inlet Nozzle O-Ring
66577 PID Cleaning Kit (includes removal tool)
66578 PID Refurbishment Kit (for 0-100 ppm range)
61578 PID Refurbishment Kit (for 0-1,000 ppm range)
66082 LCD Module
61284 Main PCB (Datalogging, 5 Gas Version) Note: Serial Number of Instrument Required for Main PCB.
66190 Pump Kit (Pump & Tubing )
66148 Tube Adaptor
66336 Fast Charger
66512 10-way Fast Charger
66515 Power Supply for 10-way Fast Charger
66255 5 way adaptor for multiway charger
66220 10 way adaptor for multiway charger
66219 Power Supply for Multiway Charger (5 way & 10 way)
66349 Carry Case

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