GMI Oxygas 500 Portable Gas Leak Detector

Code: 42501
  • For leak detection and purging/inerting operations
  • Automatic hydrocarbon range selection
  • Can be calibrated via an IR link to GMI auto-test

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​The Oxygas 500 compliments the Gascoseeker 500 with similar performance, measuring % LEL and % volume of flammable hydrocarbons, but with the addition of oxygen for either gas/air or gas/nitrogen/air purging. The Oxygas 500 has additional features: automated zero during start-up and manually selectable purge mode.​

The P-500 variant has an additional part per million (ppm) range of methane.​​​

​​​The Oxygas 500 is easy to use with straightforward training, as its operation follows the purge cycle. Its rugged design allows it to be used in harsh environments. The instrument is also fully compatible with our calibration software and equipment range.​​


  • Combustible Gas Indicator (CGI) and Purge modes.
  • Simple 2-button operation, allowing user access to all features.
  • Audible and Visual Geiger (Ticker) in PPM range (Oxygas P-500 only).
  • Integral pump.
  • Optional Alkaline Cells or Rechargeable Battery Pack.
  • Proven track record for reliability.
  • Rugged carbon-loaded polypropylene case, sealed to IP54 rating and suitable for outdoor use.
  • LCD with backlighting displays the current gas readings (in digital and analogue format).
  • Comprehensive range of accessories.
  • ATEX approved.
  • Directly interfaces with the GMI Auto Test Calibration Units.

Order Information

42501X OXYGAS 500 (Alkaline)
42501XR OXYGAS 500 (Rechargeable)
42501P OXYGAS P-500 (Alkaline)
42501PR OXYGAS P-500 (Rechargeable)
The above instruments are supplied with:
Field Carrying Case; Shoulder Harness; 4mm Hex Driver; LR20 Batteries x 4 (if applicable); Clear Sample Line 1.5m; Plastic Probe 35cm Solid End; Probe Handle c/w Filters; Sample Line Adaptor; Cotton Particulate Filters (Box of 10) x 2; User Handbook.
13184 Standard Charger c/w Universal Power Supply
12988 12V Car Charger Lead
13100 Smart Charger & Datalogging Software c/w 240V Power Supply (UK Plug)
13440 Smart Charger & Datalogging Software c/w 220V Power Supply (Euro Plug)
13340 Smart Charger & Datalogging Software c/w 110V Power Supply (USA Plug)
12890 Smart Charger & Datalogging Software c/w 220V Power Supply (Australian Plug)
99556 FlexiCal Plus
13427 Plastic Probe – 35 cm Open End
12393 Plastic Probe – 80 cm Solid End
Accessories (Oxygas P-500 only)
13561 Probe Handle
13562 Probe Handle Adaptor Assembly (use with 13561)
42184 In-line Dust Filter Assembly (use with 13561)
42183 In-line Water Filter Assembly (use with 13561)
13563 Bellows Cup Probe (use with 13561)
12393 Swan Neck Probe c/w Shroud (use with 13561)

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Oxygas 500 Datasheet 692 KB

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg


Measuring Ranges: 0 to 25% Oxygen (O2)
0 to 100% VOL GAS
0 to 100% LEL
0 to 1000 PPM Flammable (Oxygas P-500 only)
Resolution: Oxygen (O2) 0 to 21% 0.1%
Oxygen (O2) 21% to 25% 1%
Vol Gas 0 to 100% 1%
LEL 0 to 10% 0.1%
LEL 10% to 100% 1%
PPM Flam. 0 to 1000 5 ppm
Dimensions: 180 x 95 x 105 mm / 7.1 x 3.7 x 4.1in.
Weight: 1.7 kg / 3.75 lbs
Display: LCD containing:
4-digit digital display
Analogue display
3-character range indication
Operational Flags
Humidity: 0-95% R.H. non-condensing
Temperature: -20oC to +50oC (-4oF to +122oF)
Sampling: Integral pump with flow fail sensor; sample path is protected filter and automatic pump switch-off
Battery: 4 ‘D’ size Alkaline Cells or Rechargeable Battery Pack
Battery Life: 15 hours Alkaline or 9 hours Rechargeable at 20oC (68oF)
Construction: Moulded polypropylene case
Rating: IP54 (Dust protected and splashproof)
Geiger (Ticker): Indicates gas concentration increase in PPM range via the increased rate of sounder and LED pulse (Oxygas P-500 only)
Sensor Life: Flammable 5 Years
Oxygen 2 Years
Certification: ATEX II 2 G EEx ia d IIC T4 (Ta = -20oC to +50oC)
IECEx Ex ia d IIC T4 Gb (Ta = -20oC to +50oC)
UL 913 Class I, Div 1 Groups A, B, C and D

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