Geotech GA5000 Landfill Analyser

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  • Landfill & Contaminated Land
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Lightweight

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The GA5000 by Geotech is a landfill analyser measuring CH4, CO2, O2, H2S and CO. Up to six gases can be measured simultaneously, with NH3 and H2 options too.

Modular and upgradable; bore gas flow, flow logging and an ATEX certified anemometer can be purchased initially or added later.

Commonly used on closed landfill sites as global policies aimed at reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill bite.  The presence of Hydrogen is more prevalent and can interfere with CO readings. A hydrogen-compensated Carbon Monoxide sensor can be added, used as an indicator of underground fires.

GA5000 is a portable detector with internal pump, compliant with environmental legislation. Powered by a rechargeable battery allowing up to 8 hours use from a full charge.  Designed to be easy to use, maintain and calibrate.  Replaces Geotechnical Instruments GA2000 model.


  • Certifications:  ATEX, IECEx, CSA, MCERTS & UKAS calibration (ISO17025)
  • Standard sensors CH4, CO2 infrared & O2 electrochemical
  • Choose H2S ranges up to 10,000ppm
  • Multi-lingual easy to use menus. Technical assistance button guides through the monitoring process
  • Measures barometric pressure & relative pressure
  • Memory 2,000 IDs & 4,000 readings
  • Calibration < 3 minutes & history viewable
  • Option Gas Analyser Manager (GAM) software for data retrieval
  • Bluetooth connection for downloading readings wirelessly
  • Standardises monitoring routines
  • Choice of user settings
  • Peak & previous readings displayed
  • CH4 & CO2 accuracy ± 0.5% after calibration
  • Firmware updates
  • Size L 220mm, W 155mm, D 60mm. Weight 1.6kg

GPS/field navigator option adds

  • GPS shows the route taken in the gas field
  • Instructions about distances of wellhead measurement points on site
  • Navigator directs you to the desired place each time for accurate recording
  • Plan gas monitoring route
  • 3-axis compass: exact latitude, longitude and altitude ensures accuracy
  • Clear display of current location & next or nearest borehole ID
  • 2000 IDs location store with multiple sites
  • Google Earth mapping system (via GAM software)

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