Dynafluid 2000 Steam & Water Mixing Valve

  • Outstanding economy – up to 80% cost savings
  • Instantaneous hot water
  • Unrivalled operator safety

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The Dynafluid 2000 is a steam and water mixing valve, providing hot water if a steam source is available. Ideal for wash down work or any other use where hot water is needed in any industry.  There is no need for water heaters or pumps; hot water is generated as hot steam and cold water mix—energy efficient, reducing costs.

The range has four model sizes  ½”, ¾”, 1” and 1½”. To decide on the size required, find out available steam and water input pressures. Determine the hot water temperature and the flow rate needed. A wash down application is typically 50 litres per minute at a temperature of 60°C. The Dynafluid 2000 3/4 inch model is the most common size sold.

The flow rate can be reduced by turning the cold water input valve clockwise. Hot water temperature is increased by turning the control knob clockwise. The outlet of hot water allows on and off control by a water gun or ball valve. Flow controls on the inlets are not required.

Operation occurs once the outlet is opened and cold water enters the valve; changing differential pressure facilitates steam entry. Both then mix inside the valve to create hot water instantly.  When the control is turned off, a spring reinforced with static water pressure closes the valve shutting down the steam. With no cold water, steam cannot escape through the outlet, providing fail-safe operation. Steam automatically shuts off if cold water pressure drops below 1 Bar.

  • No gas or power required
  • 40 years proven in the field
  • Operating costs reduced
  • Flow rates up to 350 l/min.
  • Natural finish Bronze or Stainless Steel housing for hygienic applications
  • Low maintenance
  • Range of water guns is available

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Natural Finish

2001J 1/2″ BSP or USA code 2087J
2002J 3/4″ BSP or USA code 2088J
2003J 1″ BSP or USA code 2089J
2004J 1.5″ BSP or USA code 2090J

Dull Chrome Finish

2001B 1/2″ BSP or USA code 2087B
2002B 3/4″ BSP or USA code 2088B
2003B 1″ BSP or USA code 2089B
2004B 1.5″ BSP or USA code 2090B

Teflon Finish

2001A 1/2″ BSP or USA code 2087A
2002A 3/4″ BSP or USA code 2088A
2003A 1″ BSP or USA code 2089A
2004A 1.5″ BSP or USA code 2090A

Nickel Finish

2001N 1/2″ BSP
2003N 1″ BSP
2004N 1.5″ BSP

Stainless Steel

2002SS 3/4″ BSP

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