Drager X-plore Bayonet Filters

Code: 6738011
  • Specially constructed air intake for easy breathing
  • Low breathing resistance thanks to the innovative construction
  • Rugged plastic casing made from only a few separate components

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Experience maximum comfort and safety with the Drager X-plore Twinfilter series, which uses modern materials and an attractive design to set the respiratory protection benchmark. For use with 33003500 half masks and 5500 full masks.

Innovative and comfortable

​The X-plore bayonet filter series is an innovative line of twin-filter respiratory protection products which combines modern design with enhanced wearer comfort. The off-centre arrangement of the bayonet connections enables a wide and unobstructed field of view.​

Many possibilities

​The gas cartridges can be upgraded to operate as combination cartridges using various pad attachments or Drager X-plore Pure with an adapter. The additional particle filters can be replaced independently from the gas cartridge. An optional course particulate prefilter prevents premature clogging of the combination cartridge with grit or spray paint.

Supporting cartridge selection

The Drager VOICE database of hazardous substances offers comprehensive support for selecting cartridges.

NIOSH Approved

​All filters and cartridges are NIOSH-approved, with a full range of half and full-face masks.

Easy and secure attachment

The filters have a secure and quick-release bayonet catch, providing easy guidance until they click into place.

Packaged in pairs

The filters are packaged in pairs, so only the required filters must be opened.

Durable plastic housing

​All gas and combination cartridges are equipped with a robust plastic housing.

Order Information

Particle filters

6738011 P3 R 22 pcs = 11 pairs 35 g/pc
6738002 Pad P2 R 20 pcs = 10 pairs 5 g/pc
6738001 Pad P1 NR 20 pcs = 10 pairs 5 g/pc
6738353 Pure P2 R 20 pcs = 10 pairs 20 g/pc
6738354 Pure P3 R 20 pcs = 10 pairs 20 g/pc
6738391 Pure Odour P3 R 20 pcs = 10 pairs 30 g/pc
6738356 Pure Adapter 10 pcs 18 g/pc
6738038 Pad cap 12 pcs 20 g/pc
6738039 Pad Plate 12 pcs 20 g/pc

Gas filters

6738872 A1 20 pcs = 10 pairs 90 g/pc
6738873 A2 20 pcs = 10 pairs 90 g/pc
6738775 A2B2 18 pcs = 9 pair 120 g/pc
6738778 A1B1E1 20 pcs = 10 pairs 110 g/pc
6738816 A1B1E1K1 20 pcs = 10 pairs 110 g/pc

Combination filters

6738874 A1 P3 R D 14 pcs = 7 pairs 120 g/pc
6738875 A2 P3 R D 14 pcs = 7 pairs 120 g/pc
6738776 A2B2 P3 R D 12 pcs = 6 pairs 150 g/pc
6738817 A1B1E1K1Hg P3 R D 14 pcs = 7 pairs 140 g/pc
6738819 A2B2E2K2Hg P3 R D* 10 pcs = 5 pairs 210 g/pc


6738038 Bayonet Pad-Retainer
6738039 Bayonet Pad-Base
6737576 Bayonet Pre-Filter-Retainer
6738356 Bayonet Pure Adapter
6738979 Fit test adaptor set

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X-plore Bayonet Filters Datasheet 3 MB

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg

Filter Colour Coding

Colour code Filter type Main application areas
Brown A Organic gases and vapours (boiling point > 65 °C)
Grey B Inorganic gases and vapours
Yellow E Sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride
Green K Ammonia
Red Hg Mercury vapour
White P Particles

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