Drager X-plore 8000, 8500, 8700 Powered Air-Purifying Respirators

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Automatic headset detection
  • Modular choices to meet application

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The Drager X-Plore 8000 is a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) range. There is a choice of head tops, including half-masks, hoods, helmets or full face masks and visors where eye protection is needed, for example, in welding applications. Choose from two blower units: the X-plore 8500 for use in safe areas or the X-Plore 8700, suitable for hazardous areas; zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

Other system components include a four or eight-hour rechargeable battery and filters for particles (P3), gases, vapours and odours. A prefilter addition extends the life of the filters. For donning the X-Plore 8000,  belts with an optional comfort pad and a shoulder strap carry system are available. Standard and enhanced flexibility connection hoses meet diverse applications.

The system is designed to be as comfortable as possible, so users cannot be distracted and concentrate on the job at hand whilst adequately protected. Head tops are made for the best airflow and minimum discomfort. The hose is fitted with a special connector for ease of use featuring a 360° click adaptor.

The unit uses innovative technology to automatically detect the head top connected and sets the correct flow rate, thus minimising human error potential. An optical sensor prevents use without filters and indicates particle filter saturation. Alarms are audible, visual and vibrational. The system features uniform colour codes on all exchangeable elements and an error-proof hose connector.

Maintenance is minimal; the unit is self-checks. The modular nature of the components means they can be dismantled quickly for cleaning. IP65 protection prevents ingress from dust and water jets allowing easy decontamination.

Order Information

Blower unit

R59500 Drager X-plore 8500
R59550 Drager X-plore 8700 (EX)


R59565 Standard battery
R59585 High-capacity battery
R59575 Standard battery (EX)
R59595 High-capacity battery (EX)


R59580 Standard charger
R59890 Multi-unit charger, 1 module w/o cable
R59950 Multi-unit charger, 1 module w/ EU cable
R59960 Multi-unit charger, 1 module w/ UK cable
R59970 Multi-unit charger, 1 module w/ AUS cable
R59980 Multi-unit charger, 1 module w/ USA cable

Carrying Systems

R59700 Standard belt
R59750 Belt extension for Standard belt, 35 cm
R59730 Comfort pad
R59710 Decon belt
R59760 Belt extension for Decon belt, 35 cm
R59720 Welding belt
R59740 Shoulder carrying system


Approved in accordance with EN 12941/12942

6739535 Filter P R SL
6739580 Filter A2
6739585 Filter K2
6739545 Filter A2P R SL
6739550 Filter A1B1E1P R SL
6739555 Filter A1B1E1K1 Hg P R SL
6739730 Prefilter

Head Pieces

Hoods – Protection level TH3

R59800 Standard Hood, Short (S/M)
R59810 Standard Hood, Short (L/XL)
R59820 Standard Hood, Long (S/M)
R59830 Standard Hood, Long (L/XL)
R59840 Premium Hood, Short (S/M)
R59850 Premium Hood, Short (L/XL)
R59860 Premium Hood, Long (S/M)
R59870 Premium Hood, Long (L/XL)

Helmets – Protection level TH2

R58325 Helmet with Visor, Black
R59910 Helmet with Visor, White
R59900 Protective Visor
R59920 Welding Visor (ADF 9-13)

Half Masks – Protection level TM2

R55875 1 X-plore 4740, Silicone (S/M)
R55874 X-plore 4740, Silicone (M/L)

Full Face Masks – Protection level TM3

R55800 X-plore 6300 EPDM / PMMA
R55795 X-plore 6530 EPDM / PC
R55790 X-plore 6570 Silicone / PC
R56502 FPS 7000 EPDM-S1-PC-CR
R56310 FPS 7000 EPDM-M2-PC-CR
R56503 FPS 7000 EPDM-L2-PC-CR

Breathing hoses

R59630 Standard hose (for tight-fitting headpieces) full or half masks
R59620 Standard hose (for hoods)
R59640 Standard hose (for helmets and visors)
R59610 Flexible hose (for tight-fitting headpieces) full or half masks
R59600 Flexible hose (for hoods)
R59650 Flexible hose (for helmets and visors)


R59690 Storage Box
R59670 Hose Cover, Disposable
R59660 Hose Cover, Spark Proof
R59566 Flow Measurement Tube
R59563 Plug (Hose Connection Opening)
R59564 Plug (Blower Inlet Opening)

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