Drager X-plore 1720 FFP2

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Drager X-plore 1720, box quantity 20. Protection mid-level FFP2, valve or non-valve versions. N95 equivalent USA. Suitable for Coronavirus shielding.

The aim is to make breathing easy and with no inconvenience. Masks are composed of CoolSAFE filter material built to produce low breathing resistance and high filtration performance. An exhalation valve version is also available which releases exhaled warm air out for added comfort, helping with breathing and cooling under the mask. Mask is designed to be comfortable, worn once then disposed of.

The Drager X-plore 1720 half mask series was developed with input from sphere industry spheres. CoolSAFE P2 filter material protects against fine dust, also solid and liquid particles. The  X-plore 1700 range has different protection levels for various applications making it cost-effective. Customers can choose between the recognised EN protection classes, namely  FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3, and valve models. Odour stopping versions, which have an activated carbon layer, are ideal for customers dealing with unpleasant odours. All versions meet the increased requirements of the new EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard.

Technical information

  • FFP2 workplace exposure limit 10. Micron 2 – 5. Filters at least 94% of airborne particles. Hazards Toxic dust, metal fumes and water/oil-based mists/aerosols. Inward leakage <8%
  • Filter material CoolSAFE for protection against solid and liquid non-volatile particles
  • Odour versions protect against nuisance organic odours
  • Approvals; All versions meet the conditions of the EU guideline 89/686/EWG and are permitted as particle filtering half masks in accordance with the increased requirements of the revision of EN 149:2001+A1:2009 (test of filter performance for aerosol exposure with 120 mg paraffin oil). Australian Standard AS/NZS 1716:2003 certified (SAI Global)
  • Marking D. Successfully passed the dolomite dust test against clogging
  • Marking NR. The mask can only be used for a maximum of one work shift
  • Replaces Piccola P2 range

Part number 3951083 X-plore 1720 FFP2 NR D,  box 20
Part number 3951084 X-plore 1720 FFP2-V, box 10
Part number 3951085 X-plore 1720 Odour FFP2-V, box 10
Part number 3951384 X-plore 1720+ V FFP2 NR D with CoolMax exhalation valve, box 10

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