Drager X-node Measurement & Analysis System

  • Gas Detector
  • Also measures ambient temperature, humidity & pressure
  • Bluetooth connectivity

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The Drager X-node is a wireless system that continuously monitors gas concentrations and measures ambient temperature, humidity, and pressure. It can transfer the measured values to a database in real time via a LoRa network and to your smartphone using Bluetooth.

Flexible to use

​The causes of unwanted gas concentrations can be various: small gas leaks, vapours, decanting processes of gases and liquids or perhaps even the CO2 content of the exhaled air. This is not only about a possible health hazard; it can also be a question of avoiding damage, optimising production processes or the loss of resources. This is where the X-node can help you. With its reliable sensors, the transmitter continuously monitors the concentration of gases and simultaneously measures temperature, relative humidity and air pressure.

Features of the measuring head

​The measuring head of the X-node does not need a cable for either data transfer or power supply, allowing it to be positioned in a wide variety of locations. This applies to indoor and outdoor areas, as the transmitter has robust housing with protection class IP 65. A visible LED display always informs you about the unit’s status: operation, fault, limit value exceeded. The lithium-polymer battery supplies the X-node with power for up to 12 months and can be conveniently recharged via a micro-USB interface. With the help of a LoRa network, the X-node transmits the measured data to a corresponding software backend.

Reliable sensor technology

​The X-node detects gases using industrially proven sensors with a fast response time, high accuracy, great stability and long service life. The plug-and-play sensors can be easily inserted into the measuring head without tools. Sensors for detecting the gases Cl2, CO, CO2, H2, H2O2, H2S, NH3, NO, NO2, O2 and O3 are currently available for the X-node – others on request.

Control via app

​You can also access the X-node from your mobile phone via Bluetooth. For example, you can carry out a configuration of limit values, make an adjustment or have the current measured values displayed.

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3723669 Drager X-node Transmitter including sensor
5601008 Drager X-node Transmitter without sensor


6800482 CO2 IR 0-10,000 ppm
6809665 Cl2 0-100 ppm
6809605 CO 0-1,000 ppm
6809685 H2 0-3,000 ppm
6809675 H2O2 HC 0-7,000 ppm
6809705 H2O2 LC 0-300 ppm
6809610 H2S LC 0-100 ppm
6813735  NH3 AL 0-100 ppm
6813260 NH3 FL 0-300 ppm
6812785 MEC NO 0-200 ppm
6813205 NO2 LC 0-20 ppm
6812740 MEC O2 0-25 Vol%
6814005 O3 0-5 ppm

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Additional information

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Dräger X-node
Automation Information via app and web applications
Measuring gases Cl2, CO, CO2, H2, H2O2, H2S, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, O3
Further gases on request
Electrical data
Battery type Lithium polymer battery
Battery life Up to 12 months
Operating voltage 3.6 V
Alarm/ Display 3-colour LED
Interface BLE and LoRa
Housing material Polycarbonate
Protection class IP65
Dimension Ca. 170 x 90 mm
Weight Ca. 300 g
Environmental conditions
Temperature -20° C to +50° C
Humidity 5% to 95% r.h.
Pressure 700 hPa to 1300 hPa
CE Electrical safety

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