Drager X-am 8000 Multi Gas Detector

Code: X-am 8000
  • Up to 7 Gases
  • Inductive Charging
  • Confined Space

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Drager X-am 8000 is a light portable gas analyser that can accommodate catalytic, infrared, PID and electrochemical sensors, allowing the measurement of one to seven gases simultaneously. Oxygen, flammable and toxic gases plus vapours can be detected. It is designed especially for the requirements of clearance measurement, enabling confined space entry and leak search.

The detector is configured around a user’s specific needs. Each instrument will consist of: X-am 8000 detector, shoulder strap, charging accessory, sensors with options for special calibrations and a pump with adaptor. The powerful pump can be used with hoses up to 45 metres. For applications not requiring a pump, the adaptor allows switching between pumped and diffusion mode.

Operation is by three function keys and the colour display with zoom function.  Included is guidance for specific applications. For example, in confined space clearance (before user entry), the smart assistant in the X-am 8000 will calculate exposure time for the detector based on the gas, temperature and length of hose. When monitoring high levels of methane, the range can be increased from 100% LEL to 0-100 vol% with the addition of an optional switch.

CSE connect allows the transfer of data from field operations to an Android app. A Bluetooth option can be purchased that automatically transfers data to the app, which has reporting capabilities.

Compatible with the Drager X-dock calibrating station (for bump tests or calibration), the associated software allows fleet management. Devices can be identified by barcodes or integrated RFID transponder.

Inductive charging as standard.

The Signal system of the Drager X-am 8000 is based on colour code, in compliance with the requirements of the EN 60079-29-1, EN 45544-1 and EN 50104:

  • Red light = gas alarm.
  • Yellow light = device-related alarm, e.g. a low battery.
  • Green light = device is ready for use.

Alarms: Acoustic multi-tone horn (100 dB), visual (3 LEDs) and vibrating.

In an impact, this is recorded in the data logger allowing device maintenance if necessary.

The detector can also pick up a range of Hydrocarbons because it can accommodate two PID sensors. The PID HC covers a measurement range of 0 to 2,000 ppm (Isobutene). The PID LC ppb covers Isobutene 0 to 10 ppm.

Benzene measurement is also covered with the addition of a pre-tube. The functionality of the detector supports the addition of built-in recognition.

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xam 8000 brochure 2 MB
X-am 3500 & X-am 8000 Manual 5 MB

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg

Ordering Information

Construction kit

8325800 Inclusive of adjustable alarm levels to country-specific standards.

Basic Diffusion

8325865 Inclusive of Li-Ion battery, shoulder strap, manufacturer certificate. Without pump, sensors, inductive power unit, power supply.

Basic Pump

8325875 Inclusive of Li-Ion battery, pump, pump adapter, shoulder strap, manufacturer certificate. Without sensors, inductive power unit, power supply.

Sensors (1-5 Sensors selectable) maximum 7 gases

6811960 Dual IR Ex/CO2
6812190 IR CO2
6812180 IR Ex
6812950 CatEx 125 PR
6813080 CatEx 125 PR Gas
6813500 PID LC ppb
6813475 PID HC

Charging Accessories

8325825 Inductive power unit (for charging of 1 device)
8315635 Power supply (worldwide) (up to 2 devices)
8316994 Power supply (worldwide) (up to 5 devices)
4530057 Car adapter 12V/24V (up to 5 devices)
8327636 Car mounting unit (for 1 Inductive power unit)


8325858 Rubber boot, removable
8327664 Leather bag (device)
8327661 X-am 8000 case, plastic, black (w/o content)
8327845 X-am 8000 case with PID accessories & tubes and ES 150 probe
8327639 Leather bag set for PID( 8327664 & 8327663)
8326828 Display protection foil (3 pcs.)
8326823 Shoulder strap, complete. (delivery content)
8323032 Side carrying strap (extractable)
8326824 Label holder for shoulder strap (delivery content)
8327645 Label for holder, silver (5 pcs.)
8325874 Base, to raise the device for Area Monitoring
6559283 RFID transponder reader

PID accessories

6813769 Pre tube holder
8103511 Pre tube Benzene (10 pcs.)
8103531 Pre tube humidity (10 pcs.)
CH24101 Pre tube carbon (10 pcs.)
6401200 Tube opener TO 7000
8319111 PID lamp cleaning set
8327663 Bag for PID Accessories & tubes

Pump accessories

8326820 Pump adapter (delivery content with pump)
8319364 Dust and water filter (delivery content with pump)
8325705 5 m FKM hose ID 3,2 mm with adapter
8325706 10 m FKM hose ID 3,2 mm with adapter
8325707 20 m FKM hose ID 3,2 mm with adapter
8325831 Float probe black EPP, incl. 3 m FKM hose ID 3,2 mm
8325832 Float probe black EPP, incl. 10 m FKM hose ID 3,2 mm
8327654 Float probe transparent with Luer adapter
8316533 Telescopic probe ES 150

Calibration accessories

8325877 Calibration adapter
8325861 Nonane checker X-am 8000

Communication Accessories

8325646 Drager GasVision7 Licence key
8325859 USB DIRA with USB cable

Spare parts

8326817 Li-Ion battery inclusive of the back cover

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