Drager X-am 3500 Gas Detector

Code: X am 3500
  • 4 Gas Monitor
  • Pumped
  • Rechargeable

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The Drager X-am 3500 is a four-gas portable detector ideal for confined space deployment; an area can be checked before entry using a powerful pump that can draw a sample through a hose of up to 45 metres in length. When not required, the pump can be switched off, extending pump and battery life.

Models detect Flammable gas using a catalytic bead sensor and electrochemical sensors for Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen,  Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide. Operation is by three buttons, with gas reading displayed on a high contrast colour display with zoom facility.

Alarms are audible at 100 dB; three red LED alerts are activated on the detection of gas above alarm thresholds. Four preset symbols can be set to indicate the source of alarm, pinpointing flammable or toxic gas. Other visual indicators include yellow for low battery; the green D-light confirms that the detector has been tested and is ok for operation.

  • Compact in Size H 179 x W 77 x D 42 mm, approximately 550 g
  • Ingress Protection IP 67
  • Operating Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
  • Data storage 12 MB
  • Pedestal option for area monitoring
  • Inductive charging
  • Compatible with Drager X-dock calibration station

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Title Size
x-am-3500 2 MB
X-am 3500 & X-am 8000 Manual 5 MB

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Xam 3500 part numbers detailed below all supplied without charging equipment, includes instrument, sensors detailed and power supply unit (8326817)

8328412 Ex, O2
8328414 Ex, O2, H2S LC1
8328416 Ex, O2, CO LC1
8328418 Ex, O2, CO LC, H2S LC1
8328419 Ex, O2, CO LC, H2S LC1
8328422 Ex, O2, CO LC1, NO2
8328424 Ex, O2, H2S LC1, SO2

Sensors & Measurement Range

6812950 CatEx 125 PR1 0-100 %
6810881 O2   0-25 vol%
6813210 CO LC1 0-2,000 ppm
6811525  H2S LC1 0-100 ppm
6810884 NO2 0-50 ppm
6810885 SO2 0-100 ppm

Charging accessories

8325825 Inductive charger for charging 1 device
8325736 Adapter for power plug
8316997 Power plug for charging 1 device
8316994 Power plug for charging 5 devices
8321849 Power plug 100-240 VAC; 1.33 A, for charging up to 5 devices (requires adapter 8325736)
8321850 Power plug 100-240 VAC; 1.33 A, for charging up to 20 devices (requires adapter 8325736)
4530057 Vehicle connector cable 12/24 V for charging 1 device
8321855 Vehicle connector cable 12/24 V DC for charging up to 5 devices (requires adapter 8325736)
8327636 Vehicle mount (requires adapter for power plug 8325736 and vehicle connector cable 12/24 V DC 8321855)

Probes and Hoses

8316530 Telescopic probe 100 Connection for filter is included in with pump (Dust/Water Filter)
8316533 Telescopic probe 150, stainless steel Connection for filter is included with pump (Dust/Water Filter)
8325705 5 m FKM hose, 3.2 mm, with adapters
8325706 10 m FKM hose, 3.2 mm, with adapters
8325707 20 m FKM hose, 3.2 mm, with adapters
8328212 45 m FKM hose, 3.2 mm, with adapters
8325831 Float probe EPP, incl. 3 m hose, 3.2 mm
8325832 Float probe EPP, incl. 10 m hose, 3.2 mm
8327654 Float probe (transparent), with adapter

Calibration accessories

8326821 calibration adapter
8321893 X-dock Module
8321894 X-dock Module + charging
8321882 X-dock with Master
8325861 Nonane Tester 8325861

Accessories for measured value acquisition and configuration

8325646 GasVision License Key
8317409 USB Dira Dongle / IR interface
8325859 Holder for USB Dira Dongle

Other accessories

8325858 Protective rubber boot, removable
8327664 Leather case
8327661 Transport case (empty)
8326828 Protective Display cover (set of three)
8326823 Shoulder strap (complete) (requires bow for shoulder strap – 8326819)
8326824 Retractable lenyard (requires connector for shoulder strap) 8323032 Holder for labels (on strap)
8327645 Adhesive labels for individual inscriptions, for holder on strap, silver (set of 5)
8325874 Pedestal for holding device upright, e.g. for area monitoring (requires connector for shoulder strap)
6559283 Transponder reader for reading the integrated RFID transponder (optional)

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