Drager X-am 2800 Multi-Gas Detector

Code: X-am 2800
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Zone 0 approval
  • Ingress protection IP68

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The X-am 2800 is a multi-gas detector measuring up to four gases. It is equipped with a shock-resistant CatEx SR sensor. The Drager Gas Detection Connect software allows live monitoring and efficient fleet management. Designed for personal monitoring with a low cost of ownership.

Powerful data analysis in the cloud

Networking capability provides safety and efficiency: Transfer your recorded data directly and conveniently via Bluetooth to a smartphone and the Gas Detection Connect software. Alternatively, you can transfer the data directly to the cloud with the X-dock test station, providing secure access to your data and its analysis anytime and anywhere with access to the internet.

Comfortable Fleet Management

​Manage your fleet of equipment comfortably and efficiently with the X-am 2800. Save operating costs and time with fast tests, using the automatic test station X-dock, with low gas consumption or mechanical bump test station. Further advantages include powerful fleet management via our smart software solution, convenient firmware updates in the X-dock, an optional RFID transponder, and individual colour marking of the devices. Sensors are durable, and devices remain operational for years, with easy-to-replace spare parts, including the power supply. Drager provides a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty on the basic device and is compatible with X-am 2500 accessories.

Tailor-Made Gas Monitoring

The X-am 2800 is small and lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to use, with large buttons for operation while wearing gloves. The display clearly shows essential information, such as gas readings, alarms and time. The green D-light indicates the unit is ready for use with a simple interface. For added safety, the oxygen channel has four alarm thresholds, real pre-alarms, and main alarms for falling and rising concentrations.

Sensors: Durable and Powerful

The newly developed CatEx SR sensor calibrates within seconds and protects against shocks, measuring flammable vapours like gasoline, diesel, and nonane. The unit can also be set to measure methane, propane, hydrogen, and many other gases. The performance is complemented by Drager’s simple cross-calibration concept, in which the measurement gas, calibration gas, and bump test gas can be specified individually. The X-am 2800 calculates the necessary conversions after testing, and the sensor meets the new IEC standard 60079-29-1 (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards.

With decades of experience in sensor technology, Drager develops and produces the sensors themselves, including the powerful and durable electrochemical sensors in the XXS format, resulting in lower operating costs.

Focus on Sustainability

During the development of the X-am 2800, sustainability was a priority. The durable Drager sensors and the rechargeable power supply, which can be easily replaced with one screw, ensure a long service life. Almost all spare parts can be replaced by trained users, with the remaining parts repaired by Drager Service. In addition, the X-am 2800 is compatible with accessories from the previous series. A reduced number of instructional manuals will be supplied upon request, and saving paper and recycling of old devices will be available.

Ordering Information

Drager X-am 2800
VN00605 Drager X-am 2800 Ex, O2, CO, H2S (Settings: Factory default settings with standard alarm thresholds, unit CatEx SR: “%LEL”, with power supply (rechargeable battery), without charger, CatEx SR: methane adjustment, oxygen 0 – 25 vol.-% measuring range). (For charging, additionally, e.g. the charging set Basic is required, part number: 8320333)
3703900 Drager X-am 2800 (configurator) consists of: Basic device (with data logger), delivery with manufacturer and calibration certificate. Configurator: up to 4 sensors can be selected, and sensor configuration can be changed later in product life. Customer-specific settings (firmware) can be selected when ordering, examples: Measurement gas for the Ex sensor (factory setting: methane), alarm thresholds, alarm behaviour, quick menu options, D-light, etc. Power supply (battery) optional (factory setting: with battery), without charger
3703918 X-am 2800, Ex, O2, CO,H2S, incl. battery
3703919 X-am 2800, Ex, O2, CO, H2S + Power Set
9300307 Instruction for use included in the standard scope of delivery in the following languages: GER, EN, FR, ES, PT, IT, NL, RU, ZH, JA
3723353 Drager X-am Open GATT License (1 pc.)
3723354 Drager X-am Open GATT License (10 pc.)
3723355 Drager X-am Open GATT License (50 pc.)
6851900 CatEx SR (Shock Resistant) 1) 2) (factory setting: methane, other measuring gases selectable)
6810881 XXS O2 1) (4 alarm thresholds)
6800530 XXS O2 PR (4 alarm thresholds,
6813210 XXS CO LC 1)
6811525 XXS H2S LC 1)
6810884 XXS NO2
6810885 XXS SO2 (with KX-Filter)
Power supply units/chargers
8320333 Charging set Basic consisting of a desktop charger and power supply (worldwide)
3703889 Battery and charging set (2.0): NiMH supply unit T4 with desktop charger and power supply unit (complete set)
3703887 NiMH supply unit T4 (2.0) battery only
8326101 Charging adapter (for charging a rechargeable battery without X-am unit)
8318639 Desktop charger
8316997 Plug-in power supply (worldwide) for charging 1 unit
8316994 Plug-in power supply (worldwide) for up to 5 charging modules
8325736 Adapter for a power plug (only necessary for 8321849 and 8321850)
8321849 Power supply unit 100-240 VAC; 1.33 A for up to 5 charging modules (power supply unit adapter 8325736 additionally required)
8321850 Power supply unit 100-240 VAC; 6.25 A for up to 20 charging modules (power supply unit adapter 8325736 additionally required)
4530057 Truck charger connection cable 12 V / 24 V for charging module (straight plug)
8315675 Truck charger connection cable 230 V for charging module (straight plug, for use on 230 V sockets with the vehicle installation bracket in vehicles)
8318779 Truck charger mounting bracket for a Drager X-am 1/2/5×00 charging module (base plate and strap). (also requires part number 4530057 or 8315675).
8318788 Replacement strap for truck charger bracket
Pump Accessories
8327115 Drager X-am Pump (external pump)
8328667 GP600 Probe (plastic), with Luer connection
8316533 Telescopic probe ES 150, stainless steel (connection for filter is included in SN 8319364 (dust/water filter)).
8327654 Floating probe (transparent), with adapter
8325705 5 m (16 ft) FKM hose, 3.2 mm, with adapters
8325706 10 m (32 ft) FKM hose, 3.2 mm, with adapters
8325707 20 m (66 ft) FKM hose, 3.2 mm, with adapters
8325712 45 m (148 ft) FKM hose, 3.2 mm, with adapters
8319364 Dust and water filter for pump inlet (replacement filter)
3705997 Dust and water filter for pump inlet (replacement filter, 20 pieces)
8327117 Confined space entry kit (free measuring) with external pump and 5 m (16 ft) FKM hose
8327112 Empty case, with space for X-am 1/2/5×00, charging accessories, probe, gas cylinder, pump, 3 m (10 ft) hose and much more.
Calibration Accessories
8318752 Calibration adapter for Drager X-am 1/2/5×00
8321880 Automatic test station Drager X-dock 5300 (with master) 1/2/5×00
8321890 Drager X-dock module X-am 125
8321891 Drager X-dock module X-am 125+ (with charging function)
8319131 Drager Bump Test Station for Drager X-am 1/2/5×00 (without gas cylinder)
4594655 Test gas: CH4 2.5 vol%, O2 17 vol%, CO 100 ppm, H2S 25 ppm
8325646 Drager GasVision license key
8317409 USB DIRA with USB cable, communication adapter infrared to USB (Note: Positioning is done with the calibration cradle. Pn: 8318752).
Drager Gas Detection Connect
3719332 GDC Intro License includes access, infrastructure, connection of up to 99 X-dock stations, and 5,000 credits, valid for one year after activation.
3719809 GDC Basic License includes IT infrastructure (data storage, maintenance, automatic feature updates, troubleshooting). 24/7 support, access
3719810 GDC Asset License includes a definable number of X-dock stations, requires the Basic License
3719811 GDC Asset Lite includes: One X-dock station, non-expandable, does not require a Basic License
3719814 GDC Credits include a definable number of credits for sending live data, orderable in packages of 1000 credits.
Other Accessories
8318755 Leather carrying case (black)
6559283 Transponder reader (for reading the optionally integrated RFID transponder)
3703852 Set of stickers X-am 2800/5800 silver (10x)
3703853 Set of stickers X-am 2800/5800 red (10x)
3703854 Set of stickers X-am 2800/5800 blue (10x)
3703855 Set of stickers X-am 2800/5800 yellow (10x)
3703856 Set of stickers X-am 2800/5800 green (10x)
3703857 Set display protection cover X-am 2800/5800 (10x)
3703898 E-set Upgrade RFID transponder (5 pcs.) (with adhesive tape)
R21402 Seal ring extractor (for changing XXS sensors).

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X-am 2800 Datasheet 536 KB

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg


Dimensions (W x H x D) 130 x 48 x 44 mm (5.12 x 1.89 x 1.73 in)
Weight Typically 220 to 250 g (7.76 to 8.82 oz), depending on sensor equipment
Housing Robust 2-component housing
Dipslay Matrix display with high resolution
Ambient conditions
Temperature -20 to+50 °C (-4 to 122 F) (Measurement and storage)
-40 to+50 °C (-40 to 122 F) (Use in potentially explosive atmospheres)
Pressure 700 to 1300 mbar (Measurement)
800 to 1100 mbar (Use in potentially explosive atmospheres)
Relative humidity 10 to 95 % r.h.
5 to 95 % r.h. short term
Protection class IP68
Visual 3 LED “red” (gas alarms)
3 LED “yellow” (device alarm)
Audible Multi-tone > 90 dB at 30 cm (12 in)
Additional technical specifications
Energy supply NiMH battery (no dangerous goods: UN marking) required during transport), replaceable by user, rechargeable
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 (disabled for some countries outside the EU and outside North America, but can be retrofitted. Contact DragerService).
Operating times Approx. 12 h (Bluetooth active)
Approx. typical 100 h without Ex-sensor
Charging time < 4 h
Ready for measurement < 60 s after switch-on
Data logger Application of an optimised data compression method with high accuracy and large storage capacity. (Typically data compression >90 % compared to the traditional data logger concept with adjustable interval)
Marking Explosion protection:
ATEX I M1 Ex da ia I Ma
II 1G Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga (usable in Ex-Zone 0)
IECEx Ex da ia I Ma
Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga (usable in Ex-Zone 0)
CSA (USA & Canada) CSA approval: cCSAus
Class I, Zone 0, AEx da ia IIC T4 Ga
Class I, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D
Class II, Div 1, Gr. E, F, G
EAC Contact Drager for availability
Directives 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
2014/53/EU (RED)
2011/65/EU (RoHS)
Manufacturer’s warranty 5 years for the : XXS O2, XXS CO, and XXS H2S
4 years for the device (electronics and housing)
3 years for the CatEx SR and XXS O2 PR sensor (except NO2 (2 years) and SO2 (2 years)
2 years for the battery pack

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